Choosing a method of skinning for making a stuffed animal and carpet from skins, preserving prey before skinning.

There are many options for skinning. The choice of a particular one depends on the type of animal. And from what you plan to do later with the skin removed. If, for example, you are the prey of a large predator (bear) and do not know whether a carpet or a stuffed animal will be made of it, then the option of shooting the skin with a carpet is suitable. If you want to make a stuffed animal standing on its hind legs, then the option of shooting the skin from the back is more suitable. For other types of stuffed bear, both options are suitable.. 

Choosing a method of skinning for making a stuffed animal and carpet from skins, preserving prey before skinning.

If you got a medium-sized predator (wolf, lynx), then to make a carpet you need to skin the carpet. And for making a stuffed animal, shooting with a carpet, and from the back, and a stocking is suitable. For skinning small predators (fox, raccoon, badger, wolverine, polecat, marten, etc.), as well as for shooting rodent skins (baibak, squirrel, beaver, hare), it is better to use the stocking option as the most universal.

Choosing a method of skinning for making a stuffed animal and carpet from skins, preserving prey before skinning.

The sooner you start shooting the skin after prey, the more likely it is to keep the skin in perfect condition. When shooting an animal during or immediately after feeding, the skin begins to deteriorate after a few hours. In the axillary and inguinal areas, when the animal is lying on its side, its body cools very slowly, and the skin begins to sing.

Due to the ongoing fermentation process, heat and gases are released in the stomach and intestines of the animal. As a result, the stomach swells and the skin on the stomach turns green. In such places, the fur almost always comes out when dressing the skin. In some cases, even before dressing.

Choosing a method of skinning from ungulates.

For hoofed animals, the main options for skinning four.

Skinning for making a trophy head.
From the back. To make a whole stuffed animal from small and medium ungulates.
Carpet. For making stuffed boar.
Combined skinning option. For a whole stuffed animal from large ungulates.

Preservation of prey before skinning.

If you do not have the opportunity to remove the skin immediately after the extraction of the trophy, try to protect your booty as much as possible from the effects of heat and moisture. Do not leave the animal in the sun. Do not lay it on cellophane film. Without oxygen, the skin will begin to churn. Not to mention that the shelter will not allow the carcass to cool. You can put the trophy on any natural surface. Ground (but not wet), dry grass, planks (except pine – the resin stains fur very much), hay or several layers of cotton fabric, matting or canvas.

The main thing is that the surface on which your trophy lies is as clean as possible, dry and not heated. It is better if the animal lies in a cool, well-ventilated, shaded area. During the hunt, most likely, it will not be possible to comply with these conditions, and then everything will depend on how quickly you can process the trophy.

To avoid damage to the axillary and inguinal areas before skinning, you need to fix the paws of the animal at a distance from the body and from each other. For example, stretching them on the rope. Even better if the whole animal is suspended in the air. It is also important to locate the limbs and the head of the trophy obtained not pressed to the body for the reason that it is rather difficult to extend the limbs when rigor mortis occurs.

Muscles can stiffen so much that often the bones of the limbs break. As a result, you can not only perforate the skin with the sharp edges of a broken bone, but also injure yourself. But even if you take all of the above measures, skinning is best to start as soon as possible..

Based on the materials of the book “Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Production and repair “.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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