Choosing The Best Power Bank Charger: Charge UP!

Choosing The Best Power Bank Charger: Charge UP!

The first form of portable power bank charger came out in 2001 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas when a student put together a circuit that will control the tracking of the electric current through several AA-size rechargeable batteries.

The development of the external mobile battery slowed down after this due to the lack of demand and the absence of a market that benefits from having a portable energy storage. Most of the electronic consumers of then relied on the built-in battery of their devices that have proved to last longer compared to the batteries used.

This was the story for all potential manufacturers of power bank chargers, until 2007. This year marked the introduction of the iPhone and the subsequent launches of multi-touch smartphones. This event revolutionized the way we communicate and manage our business. Its impact on humanity is transcendental, but it had one major drawback: the newer, lighter and faster smartphones meant sacrificing the battery life.

Choosing The Best Power Bank Charger: Charge UP!

When the iPhone was introduced, the duration of its battery was 4 hours, this was less than half of what cell phones of that time may contain, and some of them were also smaller. But in exchange for the bad battery life, smartphones added several capabilities to the usual mobile phone, which contributes to the rapid loss of energy.

The portable energy industry benefited greatly from these technological marvels. The short battery life meant that there is now a demand for portable cell phone chargers and this demand resulted in a rapid increase in power bank charger technology from bulky prototypes with a minimum amperage capacity per hour (mAh) to the recently released 150000 mAh.

Benefits of having the best power bank charger.

The characteristics and benefits of having a power bank make up a short list, but its impact on the use of the mobile phone should not be short. In addition to prolonging the fun you have with your mobile device, external battery packs also have the following benefits:

  1. Portability – Most modern energy banks are lightweight and thin, and recent technological development has also increased their mAh capacity, with more power and more extra time for users of electronic devices.
  2. Adaptability – Power banks not only adapt to mobile phones, now they can charge almost any electronic device that has a USB port. The power bank chargers also have no preference when it comes to the brand of the device that will be charged as long as you have the USB cable that will connect the power storage unit to your device, it is ready.
  3. Value – Having a high demand also means that manufacturers are constantly developing technology and mass producing it for consumption. This also means that what used to cost a hundred dollars before would not cost a fraction of that and with more mAh capacity to boot.
  4. Capacity – The capacity of the external battery packs is measured in milliamp hours or mAh as you would see in the packages that come. This measure describes the charge of energy that a battery can and can maintain for a period of time. Modern power bank chargers can contain a minimum of 5200 mAh to a maximum of 150,000 mAh. A 5200 mAh can charge an iPhone approximately 3x (from 0% -100%) when it has a full charge.
  5. Independence – One of the biggest problems you will encounter when traveling is having to resort to the good nature of a homeowner or hotel owner to allow them to use their facilities to charge the juice of their device. Having a power bank exempts you from this task and you can follow your path without having to stop to recharge your devices.
  6. Peace of mind – Having a portable power pack with you at all times allows you to have the comfortable idea of ​​knowing you have it and not have to fear that overuse of your device will shorten the fun part of your trip.

Choosing your plug-in

Knowing what you can get from a mobile charger can be related to knowing how you can choose the best power bank charger for your lifestyle.

Know what your consumption will be. This depends on the type of lifestyle you lead. Are you an avid outdoors person? Do you stay at home most of the time and go out to eat and what not? Do you like to go to places with extreme temperatures? Are you a fan of extreme sports? These are some of the questions you will have to ask yourself to find out how much mAh is enough for you.

A typical 5200 mAh power bank can fully charge the latest smartphone at least three times before it runs out and, depending on usage, this can last a weekend hiker about 2 days before it runs out. If you plan to remove your battery for more than two days, you can choose to choose a model that has more capacity.

Choosing The Best Power Bank Charger: Charge UP!

How many can charge at the same time? This is a question you should ask the seller or Google, the answer will also depend on the number of devices you carry during your trips. If you plan on transporting more devices each time you exit, you will have to choose a power bank charger with higher mAh capacity to make sure you have all the devices covered. The cable must also be available and must correspond to the number of output slots you can use.

Know the brand and the brand! Sometimes it is not enough to know that one brand is reliable, while another is not, it is also important to investigate how manufacturers made the power bank charger and if it could withstand the wear and tear of their usual activities.

Some brands offer a greater capacity for a low cost, but end up being fake or made of low quality materials that end up paying more instead of saving a couple of dollars. It is a standard practice to always go for the highest price brands, as they tend to guarantee quality work and provide after-sales support for their customers.

And do not forget the bonus features. Again, this depends on your preference, but some back-up power packs offer features that are not available in others. Some would have an automatic cutoff so they do not overload, others would have an emergency light while some have a built-in transistor radio.

Best options for external battery pack

By doing a quick search, here are some of the best-selling power bank chargers on the market at this time. They were selected for this article based on their brand, capacity and comments from existing users.

Anker 2nd generation Astro E3 Ultra Compact 10000mAh

Anker boasts of the next generation of Astro for its slim and intelligent design similar to a phone that boasts of a high mAh capacity and fast charging time. This particular model also has the 4 LED power meter to let you know how much juice you have left and automatically turns off once the charge is made.

Choosing The Best Power Bank Charger: Charge UP!

Several advantages that users have identified include: a. small but juicy, b. Excellent value for money and c. good construction Some users also commented that it has different connectors for different devices that serve as a great advantage for this product.

On the downside, users have said that the construction of the cable that is included in the package is quite cheap and will wear out before most products. One even suggested that the power bank charger should have a compartment to store the charging cables to prevent loss and damage.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

KMASHI 10000mAh MP816 (2.1Amp + 1Amp Output)

Another 10000 mAh battery pack, KMASHI’s extended battery pack boasts of its intelligent power management IC that provides overload and short-circuit protection. The ultra-high density battery pack also makes this external battery pack compact and its varnish-like finish helps with overall aesthetics.

Choosing The Best Power Bank Charger: Charge UP!

Satisfied users gave the impression that this particular unit is worth every penny, since they use it every day. Its small and attractive finish also adds some points for current users and even praised the smart IC for the overload and protection against short circuits.

Although, more than a few users have commented that the intelligent IC in this model is not so smart, since it shuts down when used with a low drain device. Several users have also expressed dissatisfaction with this unit for not having a fast loading time (entry) and even if it has a large capacity; You can only fully charge your device once and then half the next time you try to do it.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Poweradd ™ Pilot X7 20000mAh portable charger

Probably one of the models with the highest capacity due to its price, the Poweradd Pilot X7 power bank charger not only offers its large mAh output capacity, but also has an automatic detection technology that immediately identifies the required current for your devices. Because of its capacity, the Pilot X7 also boasts of its fast loading time (entry) which is almost the same as those with half of what it can extract.

Choosing The Best Power Bank Charger: Charge UP!

Several users have praised its high capacity in relation to its low cost, as well as its loading speed and design. Others also liked the LED battery level indicators that help them determine the current load capacity. Some have also commented that they like the LED flashlight that is included in the design of the product.

A few unsatisfied users have provided testimonials indicating that the product was not delivered as they were told and that it did not last more than a month of use. However, when reading the comments, you will notice that there may have been a user problem before the device became defective.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

ZILU Smart Battery 13000mAh portable charger

Zilu’s smart battery is at the beginner level when it comes to capacity, but boasts of internal mechanisms that include Samsung battery cells and a Texas Instruments IC module that, as they say, is 10% more efficient than any product available.

The most consistent negative response for this product is that it only seems to last a month and then goes off. Most users who referred to the manual also found that the website referred to there did not exist and that they had to call the 1-800 number to replace their units.

Choosing The Best Power Bank Charger: Charge UP!

Satisfied customers, on the other hand, have commented that they love the size and feel of this external battery pack, to the point of saying it fits in their pockets. Several users who gave this product five stars also commented that it lasted only about a month, but were very happy that Zilu’s customer service gave them a new unit that lasted longer than the original unit they bought.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Samsung Universal 9500mAh

Samsung is probably the best known brand on this list, as it is known as one of the leading manufacturers of cell phones and tablets, as well as other electronic devices such as televisions, radios, DVD players and washing machines.

The Samsung universal power bank charger seems to come from its line of mobile phones due to its elegant design and feel. This particular model boasts of its ability to charge most smartphones and portability. It also has LED light indicators to let you know if it still has juice or not.

Choosing The Best Power Bank Charger: Charge UP!

Almost all users of this power bank charger are praised for its excellent quality and portability. Some have commented that the brand does not disappoint.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Caring for your external charger

Once you have chosen the external battery pack that best suits your lifestyle, you will know how to take care of it and this is the most important part.

While most power bank chargers on the market are rugged and designed to withstand shock and wear, you still need to learn some tips and tricks to make them last longer.

  • Power banks are not as resistant to shock, even if manufacturers claim they are. While some support a fall of approximately 6-10 feet, this does not mean that the internal wiring and battery configuration are not affected. If a power bank charger falls several times, the wiring is likely to loosen or the acid to escape and what it will have is a power bank charger that would not charge and discharge properly or worse, it may explode .
  • Like most batteries, you should always keep your units away from heat or cold. It must be in an environment as close as possible to the ambient temperature. Place it in a hot or heated place and the power bank will overheat and will not charge your device properly; There is also the possibility that some of the internal mechanisms will melt if exposed to a sufficiently high heat. Its use in a cold environment can cause a short circuit, since the humidity accumulates internally as a result of the heat coming from the batteries and the cold air of the environment.
  • Never use the power bank charger while it is charging. Not only does it void the purpose of charging your power unit, so it can serve as your backup, but it also increases the time it takes to have it ready for packaging and consistent use while you are away. This will also affect the internal mechanism since constant entry and exit of electricity will cause the cable housings to burn or melt.
  • In addition to not using it while it is charging, never overload your power banks as this will result in overheating which, as mentioned above, will cause you some long-term problems. Most of today’s external power supplies offer an automatic shutdown function where the unit stops charging once the batteries are full.
  • Unless you are a highly trained technician or electronics enthusiast, never disassemble the charger from your power bank out of curiosity or in an effort to repair it. If you do not know what you are doing, you risk doing more harm than good to your power bank unit. Leave repairs to a certified technician.


Modern electronic activity has generated many demands in the market and one of them is the category of mobile power.

Choosing The Best Power Bank Charger: Charge UP!

Knowing what external power source to choose and how to take care of it is always beneficial and will save you money, especially if you have purchased the best power bank charger in the market.


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