Chronicles of sabotage division: Country of iron horses

Chronicles of subversive units. Third chapter. Short, but no less cheerful.

Day 1. We slept before lunch. But some lieutenant came and started waking us up. He added that he could not understand the situation. For some reason, the lieutenant was offended. So that he didn’t like how it was during the haymaking, they poured him 500 grams. How to lieutenant drank Then everyone woke up with the lieutenant. Along the way. That’s what the lieutenant told us. It was decided that the authorities decided to conduct training. Therefore, for us the training session comes again.

Day 2 With the inscription “Chickens”. Loaded and went. It became boring … It was a couple of years later. Upon arrival, he synchronized snoring.

Day 3 Came here. To which he was one-eyed. But I’ve been embarrassed, but I’m not sure what the sound was. The wings of the aircraft were needed to be tested. The sound of the right to the highway. We almost burst into tears. The bird was sorry. In the sense of – the plane.

Day 4 The instructors came and handed us the motorcycles. For some reason, there are three kinds of motorcycles. Three-wheeled and one-wheeled for the professionals. Well, yes, how … One-legged foot soldiers run faster and better. I rode with pleasure, however, the instructors shouted that they had to be driven around.

Day 5 The instructors started pulling But we were not confused and had a snack on the fly. We’ve been shouting the trainer. It is not necessary to make sure that we’ve been using it. For some reason, the instructors looked like idiots.

Day 6 Learned to “take the barrier.” Ivanov was worried and drove through the barrier (brick wall). The rest just jumped her, grabbing the bike in his arms. The instructors wept. In the evening, Ivanov, Petrov and Sidorov went to the exercise. Did not like the rockers. However, the rockers to them – too. Our bit rocker technique, to the “eight”. Then they kicked some more to the nine. I wonder how the rockers will ride the “nine”?

Day 7 Instructors spat on us. In that sense. since it didn’t work, then it will work with light. The helicopters. Ivanov tried the antenna on the tooth. Bit off, but the instructors didn’t notice. Sidorov had a dispute with instructors, which ended up being called an “earthworm” by Sidorov. In retaliation, Sidorov tied the propeller blades into a knot. Instructors swore for a long time.

Day 8 Susanin ditched two helicopters. He was getting out of the trainer – a big shock. In vain they said they will send us new ones.

Day 9 It’s been up to the shooting range.

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Chronicles of subversive units. Country of iron horses

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