Chronicles of subversive units. A bit of fun

The last part of the “Chronicles of the divisional division” has been provoked. And if so – we will continue.

Day 28
Someone foolishly asked the ninja what pistols preferred. It was not a problem for a single nail. It is not so much exaggerating. There is a need for dog tails. You can shoot down a helicopter. It is a dream. The armored personnel carrier will not be good.

Day 29
They were trained to throw bullets from a Makarov pistol. Sidorov knocked out 100 out of 100 on the target, although he had not knocked out. The sergeant says:

Day 30
We were lucky! Today we caught the colonel of the idiotic protests; You can’t get it off. This is our most successful joke for a month of training.

Day 31
We learned to catch a bullet with your teeth. For those who love to shoot. Acorns were taken gently and unobtrusively, but we still don’t know how. Miracle in feathers screaming from the pillar every half hour. Began to check the clock with him.

Day 32
We learned to properly fence with cold weapons. Fencing, however, a stick from a mop, but not a sword. Since it was a natural sword Stately owned furniture (stands, trees, grass). The colonel, who was sitting on the telegraph pole, was thrown into a string bag with bananas. This joker ate not only bananas, but also a string bag.

Day 33
We studied fencing on the ropes. With small weights on the end. Ivanov in a burst of enthusiasm swung so that he took off. After that, we’ve seen it. In the evening, they were crawling and flirting. The eyes of the flies from such a spectacle were five kopecks.

Day 34
Colonel fell from the pillar. Yesterday we forgot to feed him, so he ate flippers. Then he fell down, unable to restrain himself on a telegraph pole. The sergeant is philosophically remarked for a long time. Let him stay naked, but perform his task. It is hinted that you can eat it. I had to distract him from this plan with anecdotes. In the evening, they are shocked and spitting.

Day 35
Learned to crawl Only flies are good, but we are not limbs. The most difficult thing to do. Although it’s not necessary for them to bend them back. In the evening it was boring. Flies after yesterday’s show hid somewhere. Have a fun night hunt for cockroaches.

Day 36
It has been shown that it has been painted on a rainy day. 36th day of training. He didn’t need to be aware of the situation. Watchdog wolfhounds also treated with brandy.

Day 37
Mowed the grass. With bare hands. It would be able to mow. Apparently, we also eat it. That he had been bleached yesterday. In any case, they looked like that. Explained that dogs do not have enough vitamins. And beer. With a chair wrapped in a bottle of brandy and three bags of cut grass.

Day 38
Learned to fly on balloons. The tool, of course, is slow-moving, but silent. While he sets up his eyes, you can mess things up. During training, eyes were made by flying pigeons. Surprise, pigeons fell into a tailspin.

Day 39
Came and made a riot. He asked what to do with them? Shovel immediately or wait? Summer schizophrenia. It happens sometimes. But we were wondering who had the bag with LSD … We had a joke over the sergeant. And the “vitaminchiki”, it turns out, the rabbits have crushed.

Day 41
Were trained to disguise as beasts. Petrova was almost fucked up, after that they were best friends. Sidorov, who dreamed of trying French cuisine, “zakosil” under a stork and devoured frogs.

Day 42
It is the last day of training at the poultry farm, although it is a chicken coop. The sergeant made a sensual speech. He noted that he was not aware of what he had been given. If we live. Then he gave us one ninja sword, for a long memory. MacLeod himself held it in his hand. Everybody was deeply moved and made a banquet. But everything interesting has just begun …

Chronicles of subversive units. A bit of fun

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