Chronicles of subversive units. Start date

It was still cozy, it was still a charm, it was still a charm.

Actually, those who are nice to remember. Those who don’t have to read.

Day 1.
We’re learning how to do it. Until the end of the training And if someone disagree, then write him a report. He will be shot out of turn.

Day 2
The sergeant came. He said that he will be engaged in our training. It doesn’t need to know about it. As a demonstration of the trainer and his helmet. Everyone was shocked.

Day 3
It turned out that the colonel was joking about the shooting. Nothing, we meet – also joking. Pole will climb.

Day 5
We jump and jump over them. By the end of the day, everyone learned to jump eight-meter pits.

Day 7
The barbed wire pulls up to 15 meters.

Day 9
Learned to jump fences. With a two-meter problem has arisen. Barb wrench
learned to jump over three-meter fences.
At the AWOL, jumping over the fence.

Day 10
I am unable to jump as much as I could. Under the guidance of wise sergeant, and with nails, they learned to jump five-meter fences.
At the AWOL. If you can’t fly over the fence, then he can fly it. With a powder accelerator.

Day 11
Learning to crawl on the walls. It turns out badly. Hen’t be able to stimulate us.

Day 12
We crawl well, but often we fall down. Planes with nails at the bottom. The first fell Ivanov. Nails bent, Ivanov almost did not hurt.

Day 13
Confidently crawling on the walls. He begins to vomit. But does not fall, because the sergeant promised to kick his ass.

Day 14
The unit commander arrived. I asked to make a graph of samovolok. Because of the heat, it is not necessary for ninja. However, it is a little competent saboteur. Then, however, he relented and muttered: “He’s freaked out.

Day 15
The sergeant came in with a green mug. I made a little surprise for me, making it my own surprise. All day tormented by speculation – how will the sergeant flog yourself? But the spectacle. Unfortunately, they did not wait.

At night, they tried to find out all the trap surprises. Found not only them. The number of trophies included: 6 anti-tank mines, 4 submachine guns, 3 underwater firing pistols, 7 strings and 2 ticks and a box of cartridges for ShKAS). The trophies were buried in the most interesting places. What was the rest of the night?

Day 16
Freshly painted chameleon. We learned to throw forks and spoons. Because the sergeant said that the knives “every fool can throw.” Tomorrow we will throw umbrellas.

Day 17
Metal umbrellas. Well thrown umbrella pierces plywood in 5 mm from 20 meters. The sergeant, in turn, showed this focus from 100 meters. But his hand is full.

According to the sergeant, it’s not a plywood, but it’s also a break through the brickwork.
It was a dug up during the night. Went down to the hen house.

Day 18
The commander has been challenged at one grandfather at night. I pierced the wall and three chickens. Carcass still not found. Feathers grandfather. We assured that he was entrusted to him.

Day 19
The enemy has been Crashed in pairs. The arbitrator was a sergeant, at times singing out a personal kick. Losers flew about ten meters.

Day 20
They were trained not only to be tied with bells. It turns out that it’sa person who has wondered out. We found out that while we were doing this. The sergeant was in the Ninja language. For two hours we honestly outlined his speech. It’s necessary to ensure that the enemy is in danger of being affected. At the end of the speech

Day 21
To reinforce the skills of ingeal. They continue to learn invisibility and inaudibility, but quickly stopped. As it turned out, the device hows out loudly and is triggered by any flying flies. In addition, it could be said that the cattle were located here.

Day 22
We have been trained on shooting targets for flying targets. A jamb of geese flew by. We decided to try shurikens on them. Then I put so much meat. He bought it up according to the Ninja. Let them stew down.

Day 23
Found that the powder accelerators are not so much, and they should be saved. Sidorov suggested using a fire hose instead of a pole. Why didn’t we guess before?

Day 24
We were making a checkout. Firstly, to replenish acquired knowledge, and secondly, to acquired knowledge. It’s just like imperceptibly. The combat mission completed successfully and even exceeded.

Day 25
He received a statement on how to make a commanding speech. It was a demonic power. There is no trace, and you can’t see anything. Strange, why not? It wasn’t much time for you to die.

Day 26
Again came to the commander. Shakes the whole. In the garden of the garden of the garden – 12 meter pine. Five watchmen with automatic berdank The commander promised assistance and, if necessary, allocate a few piranha-type chickens for a modest reward.

It was dragged down by the enemy.

Day 27
Today, the sergeant praised us. He said that even idiots like us still learned some useful little things. Although not trained in ordinary flies, it was not trained in Ninjav art. Therefore, he crawled and otkovyrivali them.

Chronicles of subversive units. Start date

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