City after BP: Patrol and territory control

When you try survive after BP In the case of a group of people, it’s not a problem.

If you made your decisions base camp in the city, you need to create a secure perimeter. Structures inside the perimeter should not be “cleaned up”, and only after that can they be considered safe. Otherwise, you really behind the wall. Therefore, building stripping training should not be a priority in your group of survivors.

Patrol territory

Intelligence patrols sent to collect information, for example, about the number and intentions of the enemy. In the case of group of survivors (or survivors, they are also survivors, survivors, from the English. survivalists, Preppers – ed.) “harmless.” Such patrols Usually shipped further than guard patrols. In fact, it’s a city of the world.

Guard patrols may be aimed at base camp or at headquarters. Watchdog patrol You can prepare for them.

Watchdog patrol For a few days, it’s possible to control transport routes.

An important consideration city ​​patrols become buildings that are beautiful shelter, and especially for snipers. Watchdog patrols It is clear that within the limits of the rules and regulations in the area.

Watchdog patrol, for the most part, is in charge of cleaning of buildings, while reconnaissance patrol keeps track of buildings of interest.

It can be a matter of course if you want to meet your needs.

Capture and sweep the building

Act offensively, not defensively. You hardly want to be trapped in any the building, when his storming. You need to act aggressively clean buildings, It is a fight against the forces and forces.

Former military or security officials.

Features when planning an assault:

  1. Isolate the building. If there is a power generator, it should be neutralized.
  2. Do you have firepower and combat skills door opening? For this, shotguns, rams or even explosives can be used. Apply appropriate training in order to apply them safely and effectively.
  3. Make sure you get building stripping skills – a corridor beyond a corridor, a room after a room, a ladder after a room?
  4. Finally do you have a plan folding operation and waste if things go wrong as planned?

As a rule, the use of the organization fire groups, consisting of four people. As well as fire groups assigned support groups, providing fire suppression to fire group I couldn’t get to fire.

Support group in our case survivalists, perhaps only one or two. Subsequently shorten ammunition, careful planning is crucial. You can also use the equipment that has been used to make it possible.

It should be remembered that at least in most cases. If you need to find out. you can’t get it. However, the building should be entered, always assuming a threat inside.

Opening the door

Usually for the “ballistic” opening a calf rifle. The order of the movement of the fighters fire group get numbers two, three and four.

However, after the door has been opened, it has been shown that the shooter retreats. It is a condition that it is always armed.

“Ballistic” opening the door for surwivalist there is no access to explosives. However, the order of advancement varies greatly.

There is also a method called mechanical opening the door, It was up to you to find out how to use it.

It’s clear that it’s up to you based in the city. The number of forces opposes you.

City after BP: Patrol and territory control

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