City Survival: Home Safety

Table of contents

  • Home selection
  • Thief protection
  • Protection from attack
  • Preparation for lack of water
  • Preparing to turn off central heating
  • Safe use of gas appliances
  • Preparing for the move
  • Protection against other household hazards
  • Thief protection
  • Sleep safety
  • Preparing for the absence of electrical voltage in the network
  • Safety in the kitchen
  • Preparing to turn off the gas
  • Key security
  • Decreased dependence on civilization

Choosing a home

If you are not in the ground?

  • Rivers (there are possible rainwater and landslides);
  • Railway stations, markets (tramps accumulate there);
  • Freeways (there are inevitable noise, dust, exhaust gases);
  • Metro (vibrations are possible there);
  • Railways (there is noisy night noise);
  • Hospitals (there is likely to spread infection);
  • Industrial enterprises, thermal power plants (there are usually emissions).

The preferred part of the city, which is located on the side of the prevailing wind. In temperate latitudes. It is not a good idea to make it (including through windows) or water supply system.

Thief protection

It is not the case that it’s not worth it. It is not clear that there has been a pattern of movement. of crime “). Apartment thieves are well aware that they are most often used:

  • Basket of dirty laundry;
  • Wardrobe, mattress;
  • Bedside table, locker in the bathroom;
  • Shoe cabinet;
  • Fridge;
  • Washer;
  • Oven;
  • Bank with cereals or sugar;
  • Bottom of the drawer, tabletop, chair;
  • The book is cut out in pages capacity;
  • Space under the plinth;
  • Bin;
  • Toilet bowl;
  • Children’s stuffed toy.

Money and documents should be put in tightly closed metal containers. For example, for example, for example, It’s better to use it. A thief will hardly have any package to deploy each package. Where the money went. It is better if it is possible to make a difference.

Do not store your valuables in one place!

The door is simpler: without skin, without bronze, without a “DOCTOR OF SCIENCES” sign. You can use it. It is a great deal of frighten off petty offspring and robbers.

It’s necessary to make it to the house. well as at night. This is a hackneyed technique. Strengthening the door and the door. The second two breaks. Two different types of lockers. If you are in the middle of a building? Equip a locked door on the landing.

You should not advertise your absence. If you leave the apartment for a long time It is not a problem. You can leave the lights on in one of the rooms. You can make sure that every time you see it, it’s a button. The siren is useful, among other things, in the case of robbery. It is secretly located in the area of ​​the home. It has been the case since it’s been a defense.

Do not lock cabinets with a key. It is necessary to observe the curtain. It makes it possible to find out about it. Place the lights on the curtains. Do not leave notes on the door like: “I will be at such an hour.” If you give it away, you will have to increase it. If you’re waiting for the call. Do not include your business address. I am not at home “, and” I can not answer the phone. ” Most burglaries occur between 9 and 14 hours. Particularly high in the world.

If you’re not taking anything Experienced thieves can be inexperienced or overly aggressive.

For some cases, it should be noted. These can be stickers, engravings, additional holes, etc. You also need to rewrite the expensive number of expensive devices used.

Protection from attack

It is harder to knock on the outside. Make a peephole in the door. If you have been making any kind of action, you can’t make it. It is difficult to remove the door. Do not use it for quick snacking. Throughout the door. Moreover, they should not be allowed.

If you really need to call, you can call instead. Do you need to look out for the door? A gasoline maker, a telephone operator, an electrician, an investigator, a postman with an urgent package, etc. Look at the document without removing the chain from the door. If you have been sent to you. It’s not always a problem. If the visitor becomes angry, you’ll be angry.

There are a number of ways to make it possible to order (amongst other things, the leather repair, an TV, a phone, etc.). Generally speaking, it will be very difficult to implement these recommendations. It is necessary to listen to you, and it’s not. You must always suspect everyone. If you still want to go back to your home. If there are any people who have been asked for this

Criminals can be used to infiltrate your home. Do not go to search. Ask for a search warrant and official ID. The warrant is a signed form. Make sure you witnessed them. Demand that your neighbors be used as witnesses. You can work there. Do not rush to raise the alarm. It may be better to pretend to the end.

If you can’t be on the road, you can’t go ahead, imitate your door. For example, it is a deminer shovel. If it is a criminals barricade To do this, you should pre-place in the hallway some furniture. The criminals are gone.

In the apartment in the apartment, it can be used for various types of weapons, a large screwdriver, a large screwdriver, a hatchet, a saw, etc. It is a fact that you need it. They are excited.

It is an easy way to find out what the apartment is. (If you’ve found your apartment, you’ll need to take additional measures against unwanted visits.) If you are on the door for a minute, you need to lock the door. If you suspect that you will be able to go through your door.

After you get out of the way Children should be taken away by phone. It’s not “Is it you, Dad?” Or “Is it you, Aunt Zoya?” (If you didn’t want it?), But only “Who is this?”, But to the question “Who am I talking to?” To answer “Who do you need?”.

If you are building your own house Your home should be your castle. Do not use combustible materials. Install outdoor blinds on the windows. Narrowly protect these windows together with grating. It is difficult to tear it up. Eliminate the wall of the second floor. Store valuables.

One of the upper of the upper floor provide increased protection. This may be a secret room with a disguised door. Make emergency exits to the roof and basement. Build a hidden bomb shelter under the house. Dig a well in it. Break through the secret passage. Door from inside the house. On the site objects are undesirable In addition, it is necessary to ensure its sufficiently bright lighting. Before going into the house, the criminals usually follow him for a while. Therefore, it should be noted that it is suspicious.

Sleep safety

Lock at night. If you’re trying to make it, then you can’t open the door. It is a fact that you can stretch your neck. If you have any eyes, you can’t see your way to the room.

Preparation for lack of water

3 liters per person. Explain it with fresh one. Do not allow it to clean up, because it can stop working at any time. It is a skin lotion. Dish napkin paper with napkin. Partially can be used instead of dishes paper. You can keep some stock of disposable tableware. Water for “technical purposes” can be stored in compactly composed or folded plastic bottles. In case of a bathtub, it is possible to take care of it.

Preparing for the absence of electrical voltage in the network

You need to find in the dark. For batteries for storage of expires. It is a critical moment. Keep it in the refrigerator: they will last longer. For spare, have bulbs. You will find. If possible, you can always get stuck between the floors. Do not rely entirely on mains powered electrical signaling. If you haven’t been able to eat or preserve it within 24 hours.

Preparing to turn off central heating

Keep a compact camp stove in the pantry. For the firewood. Do not throw away old newspapers. Buy books. Keep an electric stove in reserve. Heating up the bed. Elementary electric stove – heating coil (iron and so on), wrapped around a brick. It is not necessary to make it in advance, but it is not necessary. Any work electrical appliance – a TV, a fridge, a desk lamp, a lamp, a heat sink, and more than 90%.

Safety in the kitchen

Pans, pots, etc. should not be hung over its edge. Otherwise, you can hook them up by yourself. If you’re looking at the kitchen table. If you’re on the phone, you’ll make a long conversation.

Safe use of gas appliances

It is a combustible gas used in dwellings. If electrical appliances do not have to be turned on or off, since electrical heating equipment should not be turned on or off. It is necessary to shut off the pipeline and ventilate the room. If you’re aware of the gas pipeline, you should be able to call the gasman and, if possible, evacuate it. It should be noted. Gas workers are looking for a gas leak. You can do it yourself. It is unattended that it will not be allowed to leave it.

Do not use the gas stove with the vents closed. If the kitchen outlet is blocked or blocked, then carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) should be fatal poisoning. Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning: weakness, dizziness, nausea, chest pain, sometimes dry cough, tinnitus and tears. It is not clear that there has been a process of It was less contaminated by the air. Do not use a gas stove to heat the room. If you still need to do this, then there should be a heat source. When gas is burned, a lot of water vapor is formed. Therefore, to dry the gas stove is a dangerous nonsense.

If you live, you are especially vulnerable. The gas cylinder is heated up. If you want to go on the ball, you can’t make it. If you are using a gas pump, you can’t get it. your kitchen. It is necessary to note that it is not necessary to use it. underground. If the cylinder has been placed, it will not be very great.

Preparing to turn off the gas

If you have a gas stove, buy an electric stove in addition to it. Stock up on tourist primus and gas for him. Or purchase dry alcohol. It can be bought or made. Gasoline quickly evaporates from loosely closed dishes, as well as through micropores plastic dishes. A small amount of gasoline is best stored in a glass bottle with a tight stopper. Keep gasoline away from home whenever possible. The gasoline vapors are small and empty. If gasoline gets completely lost, it is completely evaporated. Unburned, extinguished, dry alcohol. Therefore, it is for the example, with a mug.

Preparing for the move

It is better to get ready to move. Technical catastrophe, etc. can force a change of residence. They say: two moves are equivalent to a single fire. Although there is some exaggeration in this, it is not overgrow with bulky property. Equipment (refrigerator, TV, etc.) is preferable to small-sized, furniture – collapsible or even inflatable. It is better to acquire such things that you can’t be aggravated by this very much. It has been used for its sticking.

Key security

But not under the mat. Trinkets: if you lose, it is easier to search. If possible, do not keep your keys in the bag. You can wear it in your pants pocket. If the key is missing, change the lock without delay. A spare lock must always be in place. In the case of the key is turned. Do not leave it in the keyhole, especially from the outside of the door. The keys should be 2-3 fixed places. When making a lock, make sure that the key is in the “neutral” position after its removal. Otherwise, you can turn it around with a coin or a knife.

You have been taken the key

Even if someone stays at home. It is a time to calculate the key. Reduce safety to simple habits. An automatic lock is dangerous because you can take it. It is better to have a key in it: Do not take them at home. It can be a bit dangerous.

If you’re liking this, you can’t make it. It can cost you your life. Therefore, heel on the joint.

Protection against other household hazards

Do not hang up the bookshelf. Do not drive nails into or under human height. It is always possible to come across. If there is a fire in a stove or fireplace, carbon monoxide. It is formed from ember with a prematurely closed chimney. Do you want to go to bed? If it gets you at least one large drop of water. The fragmentation of the fragments is small, but they can get into the eyes. It is usually when turned on.

Decreased dependence on civilization

If this is the case, it is a question of crisis or catastrophe. To reduce dependence on society in the following ways:

  • Reducing your needs;
  • Stockpiling;
  • Establishing its own production;
  • Improving your household.

It is located on the land plot of land. You can do the following:

  • Create a garden, vegetable garden, breed animals, grow mushrooms.
  • Dig up the rain and melt water. Water to the fire. In the pool you can breed fish.
  • Make a thermally insulated glacier in the basement. It has been placed in the winter season.
  • Paint the windows on the south side. It will make it easier to use the house in winter.
  • Water from the sun. For this you need a cumulative tank of black color, installed in a sunny place.
  • Methane released in a gas stove. Take care of the gas.
  • The waste generated in the kitchen, thereby heating the dwelling.
  • Air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning. Plants just need carbon dioxide.
  • A gasoline engine, a wind turbine.
  • Build a secret refuge bombs.

If you’re not a problem, do you really need to use it? For example, harder to call for help. Moreover, it is more costly, it requires more transport costs.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book “The Art of Survival”

The art of survival. Chapter 3.1: Home Safety

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