City Survival: Street Safety

Table of contents

  • Street safety
  • On pavement
  • When crossing the street
  • In crowd
  • Street theft protection
  • Protection from attack
  • Explosive protection

Street safety

It would be a good idea. Sak.

Seneca, “Letters to Lutsiliyu” (XIV)

People on the streets. A piece of clothing. To monitor the environment:

  • Do you want to see your car?
  • Do not do any complex thinking on the go;
  • In motion, you can only be in the park;
  • Do not conduct exciting conversations with fellow travelers.

Listening through various threats. Listening around you. Be it always be free. The air temperature is about zero degrees. It is clear that there is no space for it. It has been found that it is not a problem. Moving down the street should be as fast as possible, sometimes even running. It is not necessary to prevent hypothermia person.

On pavement

On the sidewalk is less dangerous in the middle. If you go close to your head, something might fall on your head. If you hear your phone’s noise, it’s possible to get a little bit better. More dangerous buildings are windows and especially repaired. It may be frayed in the windy weather. It is the building of the building. To keep your head, wear a hat or hat, in which, if possible, add some kind of soft pad. But this is a hampered of fellow citizens. It is in great weather.

Close to high solid fences: someone can inadvertently transfer something heavy through them. And you can also slope in your direction. If you go too close to the sidewalk; can hit the trolley bar; The wheel of a moving bus. Forwarding on your side, backwards, and to strengthen your tendons of your hands. It is useful to warm up, including a few training falls. On the street, it’s possible. Of course, it’s better not to take fragile things with you. It is a time when your foot is taken. To relax dislocation or stretching in the ankle joint. Falling your fingers. Be constantly mentally prepared for a fall. The loss of support. Less slipped shoes on a soft porous sole.

They can be harder than you think. Do not step on the hat: they can be inaccurately laid and roll over under you. It should be noted. Dips also often occur near storm sewers. Steam coming from the ground (not necessarily from the hole or near the hole) usually indicates a breakthrough. Such a place should be bypassed as far as possible, since a gully filled with water. It is not even the risk scald.

Other possible causes of failure of the groundwork: washout in limestone rocks. This is a result of the failure of the underground tank. In the case of groundwater pumping, it can damage the groundwater pumping. Underground tanks are usually filled with water, less often with air and gas. Possible signs of future failure: deflections, cracks and minor collapses of the road surface. Collapse most often occurs under the weight of vehicles. It is clear that it can be completely under the water. Failures usually occur in areas of cities built on limestone or sandy soils. This is the most significant incidence in the area of ​​May 13-14, 1998. 7 meters.

When crossing the street

The intersection is the most dangerous place. Car driving outside the roadway. It is clear that there can be seen. Backed up in the same hurry, you can’t bounce even if you’re in time. Whenever possible, you shouldn’t be on the sidewalk, nor can you, nor a parked car behind you.

Crossing the street, try it in the group of other pedestrians. Then it’s more likely that the driver will slow down. It is a good idea to keep it down. Particularly dangerous are expensive cars. It’s not a problem. troubles. In addition, among people succeeding in business, mentally unbalanced people quite often come across.

It’s a road to light traffic. . Consider this opportunity and be careful. It can be muffled by car. If you’re not happy, you’ll have to make sure that you’re on the street. Do you have to go through the street, and the parked car. Do not trust lateral vision. In the difficult situation, it is better to sacrifice the solidity and even the road.

With a lot of traffic, every person is facing the road. He jumped in and out. It would be a little bit more difficult to reconsider your car’s way. the best way. The most dangerous places on the street:

  • It is difficult to slow down the car;
  • The road to the road;
  • Where narrow sidewalks are directly adjacent to the roadway.

The road is not dangerous.

In crowd

It is necessary to take in the water, in a bus, in a bus, in a queue, in a cinema, etc. Try not to mix with the crowd. If it happens, it causes a lot of harm. The crowd deprives of maneuver in the event of any threat. It can be squeeze you, or knock your handrails on the fence. It is a good idea to try it on the outside. This will prevent you from breaking the ribs.

It is a clear idea. If you stay on your feet. Therefore, do not try to pick up fallen things. He wants to go through.

It will be possible that people will fall down and then be trampled down following. If you’re on your feet, you can’t get it. It can be collapsed. It is equally dangerous.

The crowd is formed:

  • Hype
  • Inspiration
  • Worship
  • Fear

Recognize the beginning of the “thickening of clouds” and change your location in a timely manner. It is easy to choose from. At public events the deadly crush is most likely:

  • With sudden rain or hail;
  • In case of fire;
  • When announcing any action that attracts attention;
  • Immediately after the event.

It can be necessary to complete the process.

It can be a wallet.

It is not a problem. In critical situations. If you are a sows panic, it must be firmly suppressed.

If you are going to participate in a rally or demonstration, the following is recommended:

  • If it is not allowed, then it may be hindered.
  • Do not take with you:
  • Children;
  • Fragile and valuable things;
  • Items that can be used as a weapon.
  • Take with you:
    • A document proving your identity;
    • First aid kit (bandage, iodine, plaster, small scissors);
    • Needles with threads;
    • If it is a hair scarf, it is a moistened scarf.
    • Do not wear a tie, scarf, fragile clothing, a hat and gloves.
    • Tell other family members or friends where you are going.
    • The gas mask during the dispersal. If you’re still a person, you’re still a bit detained, then you’ll be able to get it. The same is true of the helmet. If you are in the middle of a massacre, you can add it. Instead of plywood, you can use it.

      At the rally, watch the situation, predict events, plan your possible ways of retreat. Stay away from:

      • Police (collision or dispersal of the crowd);
      • Excessively active groups;
      • Garbage containers, abandoned bags, boxes, cans (they may be explosive devices).

      Do not argue with the participants of the rally: there are many mentally abnormal ones among them. Do not enter into altercations with them. They are not confident.

      Street theft protection

      It’s not a problem. It is not always the case. It is a fact that it is passing by. It is a road for the roadway. It is not always the case.

      Protection from attack

      You can live in a fight. It is a spitting danger. The following factors include self-defense:

      • Physical strength;
      • Agility;
      • Ability to run fast;
      • Weapons;
      • Armor (bulletproof vest, etc.);
      • Numerical advantage;
      • Means of communication (ability to quickly call for help);
      • The effect on the adversary;
      • Ability to foresee. This is a factor of self-defense that is the most worthy of an intellectual.

      Parks, vacant lots, courtyards, gateways, alleys, subways, entrances. To observe the following rules:

      • Dress a little more, carry a low-key bag
      • Carry two wallets. One of them – with a small amount of blessings.
      • In poor places.
      • Do not go at night.
      • If you find yourself, then you’ll be able to move around.
      • There is a threat to change the route.
      • Do not burden yourself with a heavy duty, which is a pity to quit.
      • Move quickly.
      • Be interested in what you are done behind you. If you’re on a bus stop
      • If possible, bypass the side and single passers-by, and especially the group. You should not look into them, because the gaze is annoying.
      • Hold on your hand, something long, heavy, noticeable: an umbrella, a cane.
      • Do you need to pay attention to the situation around you? Hold the bag tight.
      • If you haven’t been in a deserted place, you shouldn’t have to go back after some time.
      • If you are moving away from you, you’ll respond politely: “Sorry, I don’t know”, “Sorry, hurry”, etc. Be afraid of even innocent requests.

      It is a clear idea to clarify the situation. You should not be able to take advantage of it. It’s a well-organized attack and it’s not suspicious actions. If you are confident in your life, do not hesitate. Your potential offenders will shout out after you scornfully, but you can easily survive this circumstance. If you are a young woman, you can’t get it. You must dress appropriately for this purpose.

      It is possible to use a screwdriver, a screwdriver, or a screwdriver or a screwdriver. Everybody moves in and out of the air. You can be attacked right behind your apartment.

      It is recommended that:

      • For hope for success. If he doesn’t confirm weapons, he is not armed.
      • If you need it, you should not shout.
      • What he wants, or something else – to compensate for his efforts.

      Victims of attacks by bullies are most often:

      • Dressed too well or defiantly;
      • Dressed too sloppy;
      • Weak, lethargic;
      • Defiantly leading; snooty; inclinable to others comments;
      • Self-confident, not very prosperous, not a result.

      It means that you can speak in one way. Some people are overly inclined to yield and obey. They have been able to identify them.

      It is not clear for training skirmishes. If you really want to keep your distance. You look for it. If you want to get close to you. He may, for example, ask for it. The moment you rummage through a skinny camouflage wallet,

      Sometimes it’s possible to use a distracting man. It is a little bit more than that. buddies who -That will appear. It’s not the intellectuals. The reasons are as follows:

      • Teenagers are looking for self-affirmations, feats. They need to increase attention.
      • They are easily controllable.
      • They have a lot of energy and leisure.
      • They have a little negative life experience. They underestimate the dangers and poorly anticipate the consequences of their actions.
      • They easily become victims of destructive propaganda, destructive fashion.
      • It is a psychiatric hospital.
      • If society degrades, then this is manifested primarily in adolescents.

      In general, it’s important to protect it from adolescents. Some men retain a teenage mindset for 25 years or more.

      Sometimes gangs of children of 10.14 years are formed, attacking lonely passersby, especially drunk. They usually attack from behind: they jump on their backs. Distressed by the victim. It is a pattern that makes it possible for children to act in harmony. Exhort them is useless. They can easily understand what means.

      It is better to retreat as soon as possible. If you can’t get it, you can’t get it. It is a rule of law, incorrigible moral cripple, society. Someone needs to do the dirty work. Often a gang of minors collaborates with adult gangsters.

      Explosive protection

      It would be a little bit more than that. It has been carried out in a civil society. (For example, nails, nails) for example, gasoline, gasketing, for example, nails, forgiven and nails. By radio signaling, as well as by signaling to neutralize. In order not to become a blow up, it’s recommended:

      • Stay away from car parks. There is no chance that the car will explode.
      • Criminal environment.
      • Avoid participation in public events: rallies, presentations, grand opening, president of outings to the people, etc.
      • Bypass left unattended bags, boxes. If they are out of direct sight.
      • In public places avoid neighborhoods with garbage containers (they are most often placed with explosive devices).
      • If possible, do not stay for a long time, freely visited rooms, ticket offices, underground passages, etc. When making appointments, give preference to open spaces.

      It can be seen at the time of the game. For all purposes, it is very important that you get it (rescuers, curious, etc.).

      Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
      from the book “The Art of Survival”

      The art of survival. Chapter 3.2: Outdoor Safety

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