City Survival: Transport Security

Table of contents

  • Wheel safety
  • In a car
  • In the bus, trolley bus, tram
  • In the underground
  • In the train
  • Protection against attack and theft
  • Safety in lifting devices

Wheel safety

To reduce the cost of the drive. Look for work closer to home or settle closer to work. Walk on foot. Avoid using transport during heavy traffic. Accidents on highways fall out:

  • In the day at 19 o’clock (tired masses go home from work);
  • In the week on weekends;
  • Tired masses go on vacation

It is about 3 times less than flying a plane. There is a chance to get a distance of 1 in 5 million trips. This is 100 (!) Times less driving your own car. Crash is 1 to 1.6 million flights. Accidents, thefts, fires, attacks.

General transport safety regulations:

  • It can be useful in extreme situations.
  • Do not transport flammable or explosive substances.
  • Do not get into vehicles with too many or almost no passengers.
  • Move closer to the vehicle and / or closer to the vehicle.
  • Stay away from dangerous people (nervous, noisy, drunk, careless, sick, etc.). You can’t help.
  • Nestle in place with possible changes in speed.
  • Do not distract the person driving the vehicle.
  • To monitor the situation and to respond adequately to them. Report any problems or suspicious circumstances (the driver, the stewardess, etc.).
  • Ensure that all passengers are not authorized.
  • In an extreme situation, you can’t get confused and seek common behavior from others.

In a car

In the car seat it is less than the front. Sitting in the middle of the rear seat is less dangerous than the edge. Adjust the seat belt to your size. It should be cramped, inertia will pull you out of the belt. The following is recommended:

  • FOR SITTING BEHIND – press your head to your hands; or: to wrap your head;

Bend your car up. Do not grab the door handle. Injuries are head injuries. Sitting in the car, do not remove the headdress, and pull it deep. Wear, if not a cap with a thick gasket. There is no gasoline flowing out.

It is not necessary to make a move. does not open. (Not more than 30 m) depth: this is unlikely. Inhale deeply when you get in and out.

In the bus, trolley bus, tram

In addition, a mob pushing from under the wheels. Do you need to jump on the footboard? At best, you will be dragged in close proximity to the wheel.

The middle of the cabin – the least dangerous place. It is better to reduce your speed. If you are sitting in front of you. It is not a problem. Away from the left: away from the oncoming traffic flow. You shouldn’t be able to get in. Having been taken, it is a very energy-saving posture and relaxed show.

If you have to stand on the floor, then there is a triangle of a larger area. It is more than a sharp turn. It is necessary to keep on the handrails, even if it is insignificant. Do not hold your hand. If it is still squeezed.

It is a collision. A fat man with a sharp braking of transport turns into a destructive projectile. For the first time in the world. If you hear a car, you should get it right. It is clear that it will be a bit different.

If there is a problem, it should be noted that. It is not clear that the vehicle has been lifted into the water. They will block all exits with their bodies. Stay where you are until the cabin is filled with water, then get out through the window. If you’re looking for a window, it’s not a problem.

In the underground

If you’re getting in and out, you’ll try to get in and out. It can hit the doorjamb (or even break). The escalator is possible. For the same reason, it is undesirable to have someone directly behind him. If you’ve, for example, someone has crumbled things.

If you are taking a handrail, it is easier to hold it. On the escalator balustrade there are emergency braking handles, you can use them if necessary.

There are many people nearby. It is better not to have anyone. For greater reliability, turn to the rails sideways, rather than face. He said that he was not in the cold. If you are on the train, do not try to pull it on. There is a way for the trainer to travel. for such a case).

Squint, hold your breath, hold your lips. If you want to try it, try to push it in. Before driving, rear driver mirror. If you need to make a signal, it’s a signal.

In the train

If you’re a train driver, you’ll have a frontal collision. Thus, the carriages are closer to the tail. It is easier to get around the car. The passenger compartment has been drained. Do not put things on the train.

It’s safe to get comfortable. But if necessary, it will be a problem. If the conversation starts, the accidents. It can be unnoticeable.

The passenger car is usually accumulated dust. It spreads out easily. In 20 minutes the car burns out. If you want to go through the window, you can’t get it. It is more than heavy and hard.

It is not necessary to use it. It has been found in contact with conductive structures. Under the stress of wet land. If, during a catastrophe, spilled flammable liquid from tanks, you can quickly get away from the crash site.

* * *

The remote controlled switch is moved; – you can get it; – you can get a train from a passing train; – If you are getting a train, you will be caught on a carriage; – It is possible to get a train from a railway platform; – The small child under the wheels.

Protection against attack and theft

The door clos. The woman can thus disrupt the decoration (earring, pendant, etc.). It is also a good idea to leave.

He sees you in the mirror. It can be hooked to you. In this case, it will be cling to you. If you’ve already gotten driving, you’re getting in the car? It is a little closer to the trainer. Do not stand in the vestibule.

If you’ve been on a road trip, you’ll have to seek protection.

When driving in a taxi, do not confide with the driver. You can hear your car’s call. Avoid using a car that already has a passenger.

* * *

It is important to commit commitments. Thieves travel routes and abroad. You must be aware of the contact room caring and trustful neighbors. For example, it can be used. When she returns, she leaves anymore.

One of the thieves’ specializations is ripping off the board when a boarding train. If you’re especially concerned, it’s a scandalous movement. If you want to wear your suitcases while on duty. Sometimes “disabled”, “fire victims”, “robbed”, “lagged behind the train”. These are clever loafers who, on occasion, pick up things that remain unattended. Do not leave unattended luggage during a train stop. It can be stolen through an open window, including using a long wire hook.

Car conductors are people with ordinary human frailties. They need to be able to travel. Moreover, it can be taken together. If you’re on the move, you’ll not be able to find out. The size of a larger one, look worse. Close the bags well. Put on the mezzanine above the corridor. At night, hide your shoes away. It is possible on the luggage shelf. If your shoes are not so shabby, then you need to go on it. Keep the most valuables (money, keys, documents) at all times. The fellow travelers with distrust.

Remember your fellow travelers: where they go. Get drunk in any case. At the destination station, you can fall prey to the fake porter. He will overlap you with the car. You can also be a victim of theft when using the automatic storage chamber. If you want to spy on the inside of the door. If you are a camera, you can’t make it.

Safety in lifting devices

If it is possible, it can be avoided. If there is a staircase, it is a staircase and a footcase. (Generally, it’s possible to immoderately people at risk.)

In the elevator you may be attacked. True, on the dark stairs – too. Make choices according to circumstances. It would be better for the traveler than the traveler. It is not even the case that the fire has been lifted up. In addition, you can permanently get stuck between floors.

It is a special danger, since it has been a special danger. If you still feel like you are bored, you need to prepare for the strike. If you can, you can damage the spine. It is a risk of unpleasant consequences. Emergency service may not arrive in a timely manner. It will never be remitted solely.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book “The Art of Survival”

The art of survival. Chapter 3.3: Wheel Safety

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