City underground communications, dangers and safety prevention.

Each of us more than once or twice noticed and walked on the streets of the open entrances to the city’s underground utilities, sewer and other wells. And some, less fortunate, did not notice and did not go around and then had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their internal structure and contents in more detail. 

Urban Underground Communications, Hazards and Safety Prevention.

One of my friends, who went to classes at the institute in early spring, decided to go on a shallow puddle and suddenly in the middle of her disappeared from sight. After 10 seconds, she surfaced. It turns out that the puddle hid an unclosed sewer well flooded with meltwater. It got off very easily, with full mud bathing and spoiled clothes. Sometimes such stories have a tragic ending.

into gas wells, etc. pipelines, as well as in communication wells and sewer wells when you smell propane.

Burning alive is no better than suffocating. It is much more difficult to avoid accidents caused by falling into ravines resulting from water breakthrough in urban pipelines. If a poorly closed sewer well can be seen and bypassed in time, then it is very difficult to notice a void under the asphalt. Water bursting under high pressure leaches the ground, and gradually under the sidewalk a void may form, covered on top of a thin membrane of asphalt. Stepped on such and instantly fall into a deep hole.

Any sign of a breakthrough in water or heat pipes should alert a person walking past. It can be murmuring and buzzing sounds coming from under the ground, slight vibration of the soil underfoot, water running from under the ground, puddles with whirlpools boiling in the middle, steam escaping from the ground, subsidence or swelling of asphalt. In no case do not approach such places. Remember, the real breakthrough of water can be much broader than the observed.

In which direction the soil leaching occurred, one can only guess. Use extreme caution when noticing near steam. It may indicate a breakthrough in a heating plant or hot water pipe. Falling into a pit with cold water is unpleasant, unprofitable in the sense of damage to clothes, but not fatal. Falling into hot water can cause painful death. Noticing signs of a water breakthrough, do not engage in amateur activity, do not try to perform additional reconnaissance, especially repair. Immediately inform the heating network or the nearest administrative authorities about what happened. Do you want to participate in a good deed, enclose a dangerous place and wait for the repair team.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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