Civil war survival

It’s been up to 60,000 people.
This survivor, who later became a “survivalist”, talks about urban survival.

I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995. I am one of the population of 60,000. systems and other services, centralized management.
Our city was blocked by the army for 1 year. There were no police forces, there were no policemen,

But it has been a little bit more than a couple of days. Some had pistols, very few AK47s or shotguns. For example, hospitals quickly turned into slaughterhouses. The police were gone, as were 80% of the hospital staff.

I was lucky: my family was large at that time (15 people in a big house, 6 pistols, 3 AK) – we survived (at least most of us)
It’s never been enough. Some – very few – had vegetable gardens.
After 3 months – rumors about death and exhaustion.

civil war in bosnia

We removed all the doors, it was dismantled the parquet, it was burned out.
Many died from diseases, especially rainwater, rain water, rain water, rain water, rain water, and even rats.
It’s possible that you’ve been able to get in touch with you. mothers.

Weapons and ammunition, candles, lighters, antibiotics, gasoline, batteries and food.
In such situations, everything changes, most people turn into monsters. It was disgusting.

Strength was in quantity. If you live alone in a house, it will be a matter of time, even if you are armed.
I am well armed, I have experience.

It doesn’t matter what happens: earthquake, war, tsunami, aliens, terrorists, economic collapse, rebellion …
From my experience: you cannot survive alone. Strength – in quantity, choose reliable friends

How to safely navigate the city?

The city was divided into communities by streets. Our streets (1520 houses) – 5 people armed, every evening – in peace
All exchanges took place on the street. For 5 kilometers there was a whole street for exchanges. Because of the snipers. In addition – there it was possible to run into the bandits and be robbed. I went there only 2 times when I needed something really rare (lists medicines, mostly antibiotics).

Nobody drove by the road.
If you had to go somewhere, always at night. Never walk alone, always 2-3 people each. In the shadows of the streets, along the streets.

There were many gangs of 10-15 people, sometimes up to 50. But there were people who killed and robbed.
There were no “good” and “bad”. The main part was somewhere in the middle, ready for the worst.

Why did you burn doors and furniture? After all, around this city – a lot of forests.

There are not many forests around the city. It was a very beautiful city, with schools, and the airport. The trees were cut into fuel in the first 2 months.

Heat burned – they burned everything that burned: furniture, doors, parquet, this tree – burns quickly.
It was not the enemy, we were surrounded. And in the city – you never knew – who was the enemy at the moment.

What knowledge was useful to you during this period?

It was a beautiful age for a stone age.

For example: I had a cylinder of domestic gas. But for heating – it was not expensive. I designed a self-made tip for refilling lighters to the hose. Lighters are very appreciated. I charged her for me.

I am a medical assistant in my conditions. Be inquisitive and skillful, it is worth more than repairing. Things and supplies run out, it’s inevitable, your knowledge and skills – the ability to earn food.

I want to say what to wear.
He never went hungry for example.

If you had 3 months to prepare now, what would you do?

3 months? I would run abroad. (joke)

Now I know what you can collapse very quickly. I have a supply of food, hygiene products, batteries … Stock – for 6 months.
I love a house for 6 months. The war has not taught them.

I have 4 weapons, 2000 rounds for each. There is a garden, I know gardening. Also – I had a good sense of flair. You know, it will be fine.

I love my family, I’m there to be my baby. If you’re armed, you can die. I have seen it many times.
Groups and families that are well better.

What is better to stock up?

It depends. If you want to be a weapon and ammunition, a lot of ammunition.

If not, there is a lot of food, hygiene products, a lot of food products, such as knives, lighters, flints, soap. It can be stored for a long time.
Many died due to lack of hygiene. For example – garbage bags – a lot of garbage bags. And toilet paper. Disposable plates, glasses – I know, because I didn’t need them.

For me, a stock of hygiene products may even be more important than food. It is impossible to find a flower.
Detergents, disinfectant, bleach, soap, gloves, masks …
Knowledge of first aid. Learn to wash it out. Learn to use antibiotics, not bad to have them in reserve.

Weapons – you need to choose easier. I am wearing a glock in .45.
I do not like Kalashnikovs, but the same story – they all have – means me.
For example: the generator is good, but better than 1000 BIK lighters. The 1000 lighters have been taken up.
Water – usually collected rain, in 4 large barrels, then – boiled. It was a river.
Water tanks are also very important: barrels, buckets.

Was there any benefit from gold and silver?

Yes. It was changed to ammunition.
If you’re a little bit crazy, you’ve been able to make it up. The local currency quickly depreciated, all – acquired exchange.

Salt was expensive, but coffee and cigarettes were even more expensive. I used a lot of alcohol compared to peacetime.
Cigarettes, lighters and batteries – they occupy less space.
At that time I was not a “survivalist”, we didn’t have time to prepare. It was not a cause for concern. When the sky fell on our heads – we took what we could.

Was it difficult to get a weapon? What was changed for weapons and ammunition?

After the war there was a weapon in every house. The police confiscated many weapons at the beginning of the war. But the majority – hid. Now I have one legal unit (with a license), by law – this is called a “temporary collection”. Forbidden for all weapons of unrestricted weapons.

You know, there are people who have been legalized for legal weapons.
In the case of family.
Being unarmed during chaos and panic is a bad idea.

In my case it was a car battery for the radio, he had guns – I changed the battery for 2 guns.
Ammunition – sometimes changed for food, in a few weeks – food – for ammunition. Never changed at home and never in large quantities. I kept at home.
The main thing is to make it possible for you to understand it costs more.
Correcting weapons and ammunition – will always be the most important for me. Second place – maybe gas masks and filters?

What about security?

The defense was very primitive. Again, we were not ready … and we used what we could.
The windows were broken, the roofs were broken down. All the windows were filled with something: sandbags, stones.
I’m blocking the wall with ladder to climb over the wall. When I Got Home, I Stepladder.
There was a guy on our street who completely barricaded his house. He punched a door to the ruined house.

It would seem to be the most decisive, but it would seem to have been the case. In my area there were beautiful houses, bars and bars on the windows. The people were the first to attack them. Some were able to resist, others – not. It depended on the number of trunks and arms inside …

I need it to be ensured without attracting attention. If you want to go there, you will need a lot of weapons and ammunition.
How many ammunition? How many will fit.

It is necessary to make your home less “attractive”.
It is a small group of people (after family and friends).
There were always superior firepower … and a brick wall.
The gang raid.

Shots were constantly heard in the city.

It was a woman who was on his hands.

To avoid sniper fire, we stayed at home all day.

At first, the weak die, the rest fight.
It was a very short distance. For example. No radio, no radio, no television … nothing but rumors.

There was no organized army, we were all soldiers. We had no choice. All wore weapons and tried to defend themselves.
You can take your things. It is undesirable to attract attention.
I will tell you this: if you’re a BP, I’ll be a modest, like everyone, fearful, desperate …
Beautiful clothes are not included …
Super defense, super guns don’t matter …
It is only a matter of time and the number of trunks and hands used.

What was the situation with toilet and hygiene?

It seems – dirty, it was.
We bathed in rainwater, or in a river, but most often the latter was too dangerous.
We didn’t have toilet paper … and even if it was traded.

It was a dirty business.
I need you to give you advice … and then – everything else, namely EVERYTHING! Of course, it all depends on the amount of available space and cash.
If you forget something, you can’t even be afraid of you.

Also, I do not consider large families. Large adaptations, well and then – each adapts.

As for injuries – the wounds were mostly gunshot. Without a specialist and equipment, if he had a chance to survive.

This was not a movie for you. I had antibiotics for 3 or 4 cases, of course for a family.
People often died pretty stupid. Regular diarrhea can kill you in a few days, especially children.
There were a lot of skin diseases, food poisoning … what can you do.
For a long time, it’s not good.

Hygiene is very important … as much as possible, especially antibiotics.

Civil war survival

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