Civilian firearms: weapon culture

It happens that people who are against something, start to justify their fear or hostility to seek and select any arguments. To admit is a shame, first of all for yourself. But to defend yourself with “weighty” words is not a problem. For example, supporters of rainbow flags and homosexuality, I’m sorry, have invented a very convenient theory of “latent homosexuality.” It infuriates you – so you are covertly like that. Are you out of your mind, say … snakes with dark, mottled skin? So you are definitely yourself! Brad, in short. That’s hoplofoby they also put forward a curious argument to justify their rejection of weapons: the population simply does not have weapon culture, so why do they need guns at home? This is allowed only to the elect. Or people with crusts. And the rest are still unworthy, the coefficient OK (hereinafter – weapons culture) does not reach the norm. It is worth figuring out what kind of culture it is.

Hoplofobiya – pathological fear of weapons. Neologism is used to describe the “irrational rejection of firearms,” ​​in other words, it is the “fear of possession of weapons.” Hoplofoby – opponents of arms liberalization, and, accordingly, supporters of all sorts of toughening of weapon legislation, up to a total ban on civilian weapons.

How to determine the level of OK? Is it an indication that a person is able to distinguish between different types of weapons or is it worth knowing how to recognize a model of a weapon using an indirect description of the fuse (including two-handed swords and spears)? Or is it all about firearms? After all, if you can, you can kill as you like. Starting from bare hands, ending with a butcher knife. By the way, knives are a separate topic. Nowadays, a knife in the kitchen of some housewife would consider it pride to carry an ancient warrior as his best weapon. And kill. And now there are several kitchen knives in each apartment; they are easily accessible even for children.

Well, there are injuries due to carelessness. Tied up, put a bandage and everything is in order. In more sad cases – a household scandal is drunk, a fight. Perhaps even resuscitation and a corpse. But compared to the billions of people on the globe, to whom an ordinary kitchen knife is available, this is a drop in the ocean. So does this mean that all these people without exception are “weapon-cultivated”? It is not difficult to guess that the knife is sharp, and it can easily and painfully make a knife at people. And somehow reflexively everyone knows how to give a knife: with the handle forward. If suddenly someone does not know, he will be corrected. And, being an adequate person, the next time he will give the knife correctly. Yes, and when raising children, the phrase “Don’t play with a knife, you can cut yourself!” Sounds. Does this mean weapon culture? And in fact, fewer people died from a firearm, an hour from a melee weapon. From knives – in particular.

But there will be those who will refute. He will say that this is not enough to pick up even a toothpick, so as not to become dangerous. Good. Pay attention to other weapons. More formidable, as remote. Bow and arrows. The kids, playing in the Indians, often made their own bows. Of course, this does not reach the French combat bow, of course, the ten-year-old boy will not pin the rider at full gallop to the tree. But to get into the eye or neck – can easily. And it is almost always tragic.

And after all, the boys were crazy not to shoot each other. And no one taught. There was a case when the father of one of the Maltsi, seeing how he was making another masterpiece, said one thing: “Look there, be careful. Don’t be killed. ”To which I received a solid answer from a 10-year-old boy:“ We are small, are we? We understand … “

Does this mean that all the boys from an early age are already so gun-cultivated that they can be recorded in the personal guard of the leader of the White Stork? And, therefore, is also not a good example. This means that the true weapon culture is “mined” only by using firearms. Let’s say. There are a nice thing for yard hooligans. It is called “pojig“. The real firearm, rechargeable from the barrel. Now, against the manufacture of such crafts, you can get into the office to the investigator. And in Soviet times – no problem.

Even in the circles of “crazy hands” all together did, and put up for competitions. And nothing that this device can easily make a hole in the skull. Let’s guess how you disprove this statement. The fact that “OK” points are gained only using factory firearms.

Let’s imagine our distant descendant. He, armed to the teeth with such tools that we never dreamed of, examined the ancient AK-47 artifact. He does not even understand how this weapon can kill. But there is information that for some reason such “artifacts” have riveted tens of millions.

It was believed that “weapon cultureIt is impossible to comprehend without possessing the object of this very culture For example, why in the US, the population of “weapons and cultural”? Yes, everything is simple. For each resident – five trunks. And on the nuclear briefcase. Well, suppose. Do you have a harp at home? Or harpsichord? Nope Alas, the road to classical music is closed to you. You do not know how to rewrite “Dzhokonda” – you will never learn to draw, you can not even take up the brush.

By the way, it is very funny, and at the same time, phrases about high weapons culture in the USA or Switzerland sound ridiculous. Not that, they say, in Russia. The modern history of America somehow totals half a millennium, there has not yet been a foot of a European, when all of Russia fought off numerous enemies with arms.

And let’s consider professions where firearms are a professional tool? Maybe they are all the polls elected, with the barrel in their hands, they showed up at the draft registration office, and in the first months of their service at the first machine gun they shot off the resource? And “there are such animals in the construction battalion that they don’t even give them machine guns at all.”

And now we will open for you a terrible secret!

There is no particular weapon cultures, available only to initiates. Absolutely not. This is all hoplofobskie notions. There is a usual primordial tail COMMON SENSE.

Love and respect for weapons in a sane person brought up for thousands of years. It is already literally inscribed in DNA. This is not to delete. There are two pistols in front of the yard boy. One, toy, he will pick up and will rush around the yard, portraying a brave cowboy, “shooting” all enemies left and right. And when he takes a real gun … He will completely change. He knows that it is a deadly weapon. And be careful.

So turn on the mind, be friends with common sense – and everything will be fine.

P.S. Of course, there are instances that will complete all imaginable and inconceivable training and weapon security for the most licensed instructors, but they will still stand under an arrow, swim for buoys, look into the barrel of a loaded pistol, drop weapons wherever they are, etc. . Common sense is missing.

P.P.S. And if you still hear a song about the absence of weapons culture in our country, you shouldn’t listen to this nonsense.

Author Andrei Lomovtsev

Civilian Firearms: Weapons Culture

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