Civilian Rifle Training: Traumatic Pistol

Today we will talk about civilian arrow. Immediately determine the geography. It’s about city ​​self defense. If only because the pistol is not the main weapon outside the city. There are shotguns, carbines, canes, if something happens.

The main working distance for training is 1-3-5 meters. Why these distances? More than 5 meters situation city ​​self defense suggests hard. Let me remind you, we are talking about civil arrow, not a bodyguard. It is difficult to imagine a self-defense in a city. If you’re not so much more than 5 meters. Especially considering that we have both self defense weapon are coming traumatic pistols, do not belong. It has been found that it is not a problem.

“What will you do with your rubber band?”

As a result, it is necessary to reduce the distance. The shots on the shotgun are among those who want to come.

Here, by the way, it immediately covers the moment of specialists in civilian rifle training. The shooter himself. For example, it’s not necessary to ensure that it can even reach the distance of 5 meters. If you want to get up with a knife. And then there is the question of suffering more? It is a rainy day. In addition, it can simply hang on. The dead man.

Why shoot civilian shooter must learn first in motion.

Well, okay, the main points are clarified, now about the boring shooter.

Basic exercises

1. Static shooting

Practicing accurate shooting from a standing position. It is a simple way to accurately.

The next step is to add a standard for a while. The scheme used in IDPA, under the clothes.

  • Testing a single shot at a single target.
  • Working out a pair of shots at one target.
  • Testing a series of shots at a single target.

All this is done on time. Accurately specify the temporal standards “by eye” is difficult. But I insist on 1-1.5 seconds for the first shot. It is logical to add 0.3-0.5 seconds for each next shot. I remind you the target. But the time frame, of course, requires consideration in more detail and in practice.

Shooting at specific points on the target. That is, working out aimed fire with different tasks: to destroy, to prevent. Working distance: 1-3-5 meters. Shooting is from a static position.

Shooting at a group of targets, with perfecting shooting for destruction. Working distance: 1-3-5 meters. Shooting from a static position. The shooter increases shooter. At the initial stage, only targets are hit. After all the shooter.

It is necessary to make the assessment of the situation. That is, according to the remoteness form itself.

Similarly, after confident working out firing at destruction, according to a similar scheme, we work shooting “to prevent”.

He begins to shoot in motion.

2. Dynamic shooting

Primarily, the shooter must be trained to operate a pistol in motion. That is, it is not about shooting, but about “bachelor” weapons in motion. The game is quite simple: a shot from the opponent.

Conditional shot in motion, The shooter begins to train with a loaded weapon.

It is a shooter. target destruction (from one to three) in motion. Movement, in this case, means shifting away from the enemy with the adoption. protective rack with weapons.

The shooter begins to work on the principle of “turmoil”. It is when the shooter is located. The situation has been worked out in the mode. basic stress test. In the future, the component of the workouts must be supplemented by the corresponding sound to the work out situation.

Also need to work out the data shooting exercises in conditions of inadequate illumination.

Again, it’s not a matter of practice;


It’s not the case that it’s not the case.

  • Removing the pistol from the holster
  • First / second shot from the chest.
  • From the position of the virtually formed rack.

So the shooter gets fire skill and defeat the target. What gives him the advantage in speed of hitting targets.

Special attention when preparing civilian arrow must be given to the following points:

  • Rack. Unlike combat and sports stanchion, civilian shooter it will be the first time when it comes to your personal physical characteristics. This is not the principal factor.
  • In the process of extracting weapons and firing.
  • Ways to resist the seizure of attacking personal weapons civilian arrow. In this case, it can be seen as a matter of fact. This is a type of training for shooter owns.
  • High-speed reloading weapons. In this situation, it is a person who is able to change the store. It wasn’t the problem of the situation. In short, he most likely pi *** c.

Improve the skills and increase the effectiveness in the course of training civilian arrow must workout in the following variations:

  • Fire fighting in a confined space: Porch, Room, Corridor.
  • Fire Elevator, Car.

In this case, it is possible to use it.

The shooter can be improved. psychological stability in a stressful situation.

It is a selection of equipment for everyday wear, which makes it possible to provide maximum comfort. In fact, it’s not a county tool.

It is imperative to consider the protection of their own homes. If it is necessary, it will be as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are a few options, with a fingerprint, fingerprint, contactless or contact key card.

It’s a real challenge. Well, let him act as effectively as possible in the process.

P.S. I remind you, in this case we are talking about pistols and traumatic weapons. Carabiners and other lengths should not be considered separately.

Training civilian shooters: Work with a traumatic gun

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