Civilian weapons: hoplofoby versus common sense

Mixed with hysterical emotions, continues. That is, between supporters of facilitating the legal procedure for obtaining civilian firearms, and hoplofobi. And the controversy is also escalated. But if you don’t help you to avoid mass slaughter? Great question.

It has been noted that the tenants of the tenants out of 10. Schools, university campuses, government offices. It is a place where it couldn’t control the whole territory.

Territory of civilian weapons. No, it will not. Therefore, to prevent armed slaughter, even if it is close, will not. Because they respected hoplofobs with these very “gan-free” zones they “handcuffed” him personally.

And break it out. Where is the concept of a civilian weapon? By the way, over 13 million licenses have been issued in the USA. And in 6 states for this, even the license is no longer needed. Of course, where it is safer – in any of the many “gan-free” zones, it becomes more and more.

This is where you can do the most damage. It is there. Yet such a bad place. It was a chance that it would make it possible to get there. Only completely frostbitten psychos.

It is a paradox for the citizens who have been able to take care of .

It will be up to the number of “gan-free” zones.

It is a shouting louder and presses on the emotions. And at hoplofobov it turns out perfectly. In addition, they are not limited to anysense. And someone will surely not accept them. However, this is a problem of peace and confrontation between supporters and opponents of civilian weapons.

Darren LaSorte
Lobbyist of the National Rifle Association of the USA (NRA).

Editor’s Note: With our American comrades. Shake a whisker But, unfortunately, we have not so many chances for that. And say nothing.

Although it is trying to stop trying. He has no idea that she has been able to push him through the … In the US, this is much easier. Especially now, when Republicans inadequate are in power with all of us.

Civilian weapons: hoplofoby versus common sense

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