Clothing for tourism: types, features of choice and recommendations

A hike is a great way to spend time with friends and pleasure, with friends, the second half, family or just a pleasant company. And so that the impressions of the event were not clouded by wet feet, darting noses and high temperature, it is necessary to choose the right clothes. Both basic requirements relate to moisture: clothing must remove it from the body and prevent its accumulation. In addition, all worn clothing items are divided into categories: base, insulation and outer layers. In addition, additional elements are required, which are also placed in a separate category.

  • Base layer of clothing
  • 2Insulating clothing layer
  • 3Protective top coat
  • 4Additional clothes

Base layer of clothing

When choosing a hiking wardrobe, first of all you need to take into account the time of the year, the climatic characteristics of the area and the weather forecast for the time of the trip. In other words, you need to find out whether it will be warm there either cool, damp or dry. Starting from this, you can begin to build a basic wardrobe.

So, if the trip falls on warm clear days, it is obvious that warmed linen and thick clothes designed to retain heat as efficiently as possible, it is better to postpone for another time. If cold and dank winds are expected, it is impossible to do without good thermal underwear. And the more severe the conditions of being in nature are expected, the denser it should be.

A small hint: thermal underwear can be found in the departments that fall into the category “Sportswear”.

Greater attention is required by the choice of fabric. Clothes made of cotton are swept away immediately. The fact is that this fabric has a strong absorbency. As a result, all the sweat secreted by the body will not leave the body. Wet clothing in conjunction with the wind can give an unpleasant surprise in the form of a cold.

Special synthetic materials that have the ability to drain moisture from the body are much better suited. High-quality sportswear is made of such materials, and a mark with this information can be found on the label.

Tip: To prevent the appearance of corns and make the trip as comfortable as possible, you must first wear thin synthetic socks, and on top – thick wool.

Insulating clothing layer

The main rule: dress in layers. During the day, the temperature level can vary significantly, so it is important to be able, being sufficiently warmed in the morning, at lunchtime to remove something from the clothes. Thus, overcooling and overheating will be eliminated.

Fabric is still preferred with the ability of moisture removal. In addition, the fabric must also keep warm. Perfectly copes with both tasks polyester fleece, silk, goose down.

Important! Down should be dry to maintain its lightness.

It is recommended to wear T-shirts and shorts for a hike in warm weather, and to protect yourself from insect bites and contact with poisonous plants – jackets, shirts, pants from the most light and “breathing” fabrics. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of overheating of the body.

Accordingly, hikes in cold conditions require heavy clothing that has maximum heat retention abilities. However, it should be as light in weight as possible.

Protective top coat

Protective hiking clothing performs two main functions:

  • water repellent;

  • warming

A versatile option that solves both problems at once, will be a jacket with an upper water-repellent layer and an additional fleece lining. The main layer will save from a little rain, and protect the lining from the cold. Ideal if the lining is removable. This jacket can be used for hiking in the warm season, and in the cold.

If this option could not be found, you should look for a good windbreaker, also able to protect against precipitation and low wind. But to withstand low temperatures, you will need to buy another jacket.

In addition, you need to pay attention to whether the outerwear “breathes”. Someone fears that if outerwear is characterized as breathable, it will not be able to effectively protect from wind and rain. However, it is not. A feature of such jackets is that the fabric from which they are made is covered with small pores. The pore sizes are perfectly aligned and allow for the effective evacuation of the body to the outside, while preventing the penetration of external droplets of moisture inside. Thus, thermoregulation is performed.

Jacket for a hike – not a cheap pleasure. However, this is the item of clothing, which just can not save. The cost of the jacket can also be affected by additional elements, such as a hood, pockets, an abundance of locks and buttons. But they are not useless, avid travelers appreciate these little things.

Extra clothes

The category of additional clothing includes various accessories, without which it is impossible to do. Here they are:

  • Headdress. In cold or heat, the head should always be protected. A warm hat will save you from overcooling and frostbite of the ears, and a cap, hat, or scarf – from sunstroke.

  • Gloves. In the cold season in the campaign can not do without gloves. And it is desirable that they not only warm, but also have water-repellent properties.

  • Backpack. What a hike without a backpack? The longer the journey, the more you need a backpack. If the trip is short and occurs in the warm season, then you can easily get along with the belt bag.

Also included in this category are hiking shoes. You can not go to the usual sneakers or ballet shoes. For hiking you need special shoes. Ideal for special tourist boots. They allow the foot to take the most comfortable position, protect feet from snake bites, and water-repellent options also keep feet dry and warm.

Tip: if you are going to climb the cliffs or any other activity that requires maximum flexibility of your feet, it is better to give preference not to boots, but to hiking boots.

And finally, do not forget to drink plenty of water, as the body will lose a large amount of fluid from the sweat.

The article was prepared with the support of the manufacturer of sportswear Shilko

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