Cloud Forecasting

The barometer is of course very interesting, but it is not too high. If you are the clouds … forecast the weather for a period of almost a few days. But first things first.

Let’s start with the definitions and visual demonstrations:

Appearance and classification

Spindrift clouds. Looks like thin threads, elongated ridges or swinging feathers.

Circumulus. “Lamb”. Small globular clouds, lined up, sometimes resembling ripples in the water.

Cirro-layered. Remind uniform whitish shroud.

Stratus rain. Solid dark gray layer and single inhomogeneities

Cumulus. Large gray cloud conglomerates

Layered. Remind fog, only in the middle layers

Heap bright white outlined clouds with a clear vertical component

Cumulonimbus. Powerful, large, sometimes merging into a continuous dark mass of clouds

They are of no particular interest.

But how can you forecast the weather? For a long time, we’ve been developing a large number of observations. to predict the weather with great precision. So.

Stable good weather

  • There are no clouds. Stable wind, high temperature. This, as a rule, denotes the anticyclone region.
  • Single cumulus clouds that appear after sunrise and almost disappear before sunset. The clouds do not merge. The base is flat, the tip is convex.
  • There are single cumulus on the upper layers, various types of cirrus clouds.
  • Cumulus clouds. It means that they do not change.

Weather deterioration

  • Cirrus clouds in one direction. The next day a light drizzle is possible.
  • Cirrus clouds,
  • It is a possible sign of a thunderstorm.
  • A warm cloud cover over the sun. It may rain in a day.
  • Cirrocumulus clouds resembling ripples are a possible sign of a thunderstorm.

Weather improvement

  • Small cumulus clouds break away from solid mass.
  • Low wind direction.
  • Cumulus clouds have a clear shape and neat edges.
  • When it is rains, clouds of individual shafts.
  • In the cold season, the clouds are pulled out into bands – warming is possible soon.

Depending on the terrain, other signs may appear. For example, if you’re a little bit slow If you’re not in the coastal areas, then it’s not necessary. Helpful observations of observations.

Not very nice, right?

As you see predict weather by clouds simple enough. But, unfortunately, it has been somewhat simplified. However, they provide quite a high probability of a correct prediction. If you want to be able to make it up, you can’t make it up.

Cloud Forecasting

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