Coats Airport Jacket. I carry everything with me

Jacket pockets – a very handy thing. But there is no need for it. For example, a spare pair of shoes or a laptop. It becomes a funeral road for you to travel around. . But there is a way out.

More precisely, it may appear. Not so long ago, kickstarter – Airport jacket. This is a very cool design. All pockets can be closed with a zipper and detach if necessary. The coat itself can be shortened by a regular jacket, by undoing extra sections. It is planned in two versions – male and female.

According to the developers, Airport jacket able to hold up to 15 kg of payload. A pair of shoes, a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes. Even in a fully filled form. It is almost not noticeable.

According to the authors Airport jacket, It has been a great deal of effort to keep track of baggage rates at airports. Coat neatly bag When passing through customs, Airport jacket taken out and put on yourself. That is, you have no hand luggage. And when you board the plane, you fold everything back and enjoy the ride. Very nice way to fool the system, yes.

Actually, another use for Airport jacket pockets will hit the legs. Still, 15 kg of weight This is not a good idea. Fortunately, most pockets can simply be unfastened, which, of course, will reduce the functionality of the coat.

In addition, it is impossible to smugglers’ homemade clothes. Otherwise, you will be an ordinary civilian, and not a potential terrorist. AK, by the way, it will not work. But some submachine gun – very much so.

In short. Airport jacket – for funny luggage and hand luggage. If, of course, will be on sale. Some companies have already released such jackets for sale. But they look … sucks. Highly.

Oh yeah, the presentation video.

Coats Airport Jacket. I carry everything with me

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