“Code of Honor”

If you turn to history, discipline in military ranks was introduced under Peter I. By his decree was compiled “Youth honest mirror, or Indications for everyday life. “The source was various Russian texts and translated texts, including by Karion Istomin. When Peter was releasedMilitary charter“Where the rules of construction were spelled military, relationship of ranks, proper order in armies and military duties.

Documents not related to front order, about of honor and conscience actually was not. Only in 1904, the captain Kulchinsky V.M. compiled “Tips for the young an officer“From which the collection below is taken Code of Honor.

Code of honor of the Russian officer

  1. Do not promise.
  2. Keep it simple with worth, without fatovstva.
  3. Where it ends in dignity and cult begins.
  4. Do not write rash letters and reports rashly
  5. Less tell me you will regret. Remember: my tongue is my enemy.
  6. Do not kutis – you will compromise yourself.
  7. Do not rush to talk on short day with a man who has not learned enough.
  8. Avoid cash bills with mates. Money always spoils the relationship.
  9. Do not take into account, said, ridicule, said after. What often happens on public streets. Be above it. Go away – you get rid of the scandal.
  10. If you can’t.
  11. Do not neglect anyone’s advice – listen. Right, follow it or not, you for you. This art is no less than giving good advice to one.
  12. Strength officer not in gusts, but in unbreakable calm.
  13. Take care of you women who she is.
  14. You live your mind and live with the mind.
  15. It is a secret.
  16. Be always on guard and do not dissolve.
  17. On public masquerades officers not accepted to dance.
  18. The arguments are hard.
  19. Speaking, avoiding your voice.
  20. If you haven’t been a society, you can’t Paying attention to those present or the hosts. No need to talk, and you are not obligated to anything.
  21. Nothing teaches This is one of the main means of self-education. Only the one who does nothing is mistaken.
  22. When two people quarrel, both are always to blame.
  23. Authority is acquired by knowledge and services. It is important that you are not respected. Where there is fear, there is no doubt, there is no love, or hatred.
  24. There is nothing worse than indecision. Better worse than hesitation or inaction. You will not return the missed moment.
  25. It is a more powerful one.
  26. The best part of courage is caution.
  27. The strongest misconceptions are those that have no doubt.
  28. A humble man who is not one who is indifferent to praises, but who is one who is attentive to blame.
  29. Not knowing a lot.
  30. Soul to God, heart to woman, duty to Fatherland, honor – to anyone!

Photo Gos.Arhiva RF. The exhibitionPhoto Gos.Arhiva RF. The exhibition “Look into the eyes of war. Photographs and documents”

“Code of Honor”

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