Cold Sores Remedies: Best Natural Treatments

Cold Sores Remedies: Best Natural Treatments

A common viral infection caused by the herpes simplex virus or HSV, canker sores are an unwanted vision on anyone’s face. They also usually appear at the most unfortunate times, sometimes before a big day at the office or a big day in your life, such as weddings or a big date. Cold sores, or febrile blisters, as they are sometimes called, usually appear around the mouth and lip area and are characterized as inflamed and reddened blisters.

When observing its progression, mouth ulcers begin as a slight discomfort around the lips and mouth, which gradually appear as small, liquid, white blisters before ripening into painful, swollen, red blisters. These ulcers will break or burst after a couple of days, oozing the clear liquid inside and then they close or crust over the sore that lasts a few days or weeks.

The pain caused by cold sores varies from person to person, from ant bite levels to the extent of dividing your head. The external appearance of cold sores often causes people to confuse them with canker sores, which are a completely different type of ulcer on the skin. Canker sores and canker sores actually share the same preliminary symptoms, but the cause and manner of treatment and preventive measures are very different.

Differences between canker and cold sores.

Canker sores and mouth ulcers have the same symptoms, making it difficult to know which is which. Both will have the same burning sensation around the mouth and the pain that accompanies this sensation. Differentiating them is easy enough, as long as you understand where the differences are.

The first difference is the location; Mouth sores often appear around the sides of the mouth and lips, while mouth sores usually appear inside the lip and rarely appear outside. The second difference is the cause; Mouth ulcers, as mentioned above, are caused by the herpes simplex virus I, mouth sores, on the other hand, can be caused by anything from hormones to environmental conditions. Some tales of wives point to fever, kissing an infected person and unhealthy oral hygiene (the latter is probably true in most cases).

The overall appearance once they mature is possibly the most revealing of all the differences. Canker sores are red, fluid-filled blisters that are often grouped into groups, while canker sores are open with several central colors (red to yellow to gray) with a red border and can appear alone or in groups.

Canker sores, unlike mouth ulcers, are not contagious, either, because they are not caused by a virus. This difference, in particular, belies the popular myth that mouth ulcers are infectious.


As discussed, oral ulcers are caused by the HSV-1 virus or in rare cases the HSV-2 variant. But how is this transmitted from one patient to another?

The virus often enters the body through open wounds around the mouth or through the transmission of saliva, usually during intense kissing. In general, cold sores infect the mouth, but can also enter the body through other means such as sharing utensils, unsterilized medical equipment, kissing, touching the saliva of an infected person and oral sex, especially if the other person has Genital herpes. which exhibits the same symptom and appearance although in another area of ​​the body.

Probably, the most common way to transmit the infection is to touch it, especially if the infected person has just touched their blisters before touching you.

The infection does not always occur immediately, in most cases, the blisters remain inactive for a long time, but once they occur, they do so in a very painful way. These pain-filled outbreaks are usually caused by several factors such as intense stress, relationship problems, fatigue, injuries, even hormonal changes and menstruation.

Cold Sores Remedies: Best Natural Treatments

However, not all people who get the herpes simplex virus have a cold sore; Some lucky people get the lazy and inactive type that never breaks but that will always be present in their present. Outbreaks of cold sores can be recurrent for most people, from two to three times a year, while some just experience an outbreak and that’s it.

Probably the most unfortunate part of contracting the herpes simplex virus is that once you have it, you will always have it. There are several remedies for HSV in the market, both natural and synthetic, but they only treat cold sores and offer no guarantee of preventing the reappearance of blister outbreaks.

Quick solutions: home remedies for cold sores.

Mouth ulcers last for about two weeks in most people, and although the virus that causes them may not heal, there are several ways to treat blisters. Some of these can be done safely at home with proper guidance, of course. Here are some fragments of home remedies:

When you feel a slight burning sensation around the lips, put ice immediately to prevent further inflammation and clean it too. Be sure to press the ice on the blisters whenever you can and rub the resulting water with sanitary wipes or cotton swabs.

Cold Sores Remedies: Best Natural Treatments

Never hide cold sores with makeup. Some of the chemical agents in most makeup aggravate cold sores, making it worse and even spreading the blisters further.

Once the fever blisters form around your mouth, immediately pull out your current toothbrush and replace it once the blisters dry and heal. Dental hygienists even suggest that you change your toothbrush every day, as long as you have cold sores. The reason behind such expensive advice is that toothbrushes come in close contact with the infection and help spread the infection from one side to the other, even to the inside of the mouth. This is especially true for blisters that have burst and the clear liquid is freely exuding.

It is also recommended that the area around the mouth ulcer be kept hydrated, since the dry skin around the infection helps to spread it. Moisten the area with lip balm, cold creams, Vaseline and / or anesthetic ointments. The latter not only keeps the area hydrated, but also helps keep it clean and disinfected.

When going outside, especially during the summer, always apply a lip balm that has sunscreen on the lips and also use a face lock. This will help maintain moisture and prevent the sun from irritating the infection.

Cold Sores Remedies: Best Natural Treatments

If the pain causes severe discomfort or has become unbearable, take painkillers to treat the pain. You can choose to use topical creams or you can consult your doctor about the best analgesic for your biological makeup. You can try aspirin, mefenamic acid, and so on, but always seek advice, since some contain ingredients that can cause more harm than cure.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to treat cold sores. This integral chemical solution disinfects, accelerates the healing process and dries the skin around the blister, preventing it from spreading. This compound should be used with caution since too much can cause burns and discoloration.

For best results, soak a cotton ball in a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide for about 30 seconds and then press the cotton ball over the infected area. This will hurt as much as the cold pain but this will happen. Press for a minute or so and then apply it around the cold sore before leaving it alone for 5 minutes or more. Once the 5 minutes have passed, rinse the area with running water.

Cold Sores Remedies: Best Natural Treatments

Adjust your position to sleep too. For canker sores that have sprouted, the fluid inside continuously flowing and sleeping on your back will increase the chances of fluids entering the mouth. Stack your pillows so that you end up in a semi-vertical sleeping position, so that the fluids have to flow down. Put a tissue or a paper towel around your neck to absorb any fluid that does there.

The most important home remedy for cold sores is not to touch it, especially once the blisters have burst. The liquid that comes out will be put in your hands and anything else you touch. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after touching the cold sore. If there is no soap and water available, you can use hand sanitizers and sanitary napkins.

Natural remedies for this annoying problem.

Apart from the home remedies mentioned above, you can also use natural remedies to cure these painful blisters. The solutions listed below are organic, easy to prepare and ensure that chemicals can not make the infection worse.

Lip balms It helps to moisturize the cold sores and the lemon lip balms are much better. Studies have shown that lemon balm contains herbal properties that accelerate the healing process in 2 to 4 days. The active ingredient here is eugenol and can soothe the muscles, numb the tissues and, most importantly, kill the bacteria that are usually around the wounds and blisters. The lemon lip balms also contain tannins that have antiviral properties and other enzymes that relieve pain and burning sensation.

You can choose to buy lip balms prepared in herbal stores and traditional medicine stores, but you can also do Natural lemon-based remedy for cold sores Using common household ingredients such as milk, lemon juice and salt. To prepare the treatment, mix a teaspoon of lemon juice, a splash of milk and a little salt. The mixture should be dense enough to roll it into a small, salty ball. Once the consistency is fine and the mixture has been rolled up, rub it in the sore at least once a day.

Repeat until the cold pain has dried. The mixture can last the entire treatment, as long as it is stored inside the refrigerator. If there is a buildup of mold or dirt, immediately pull the ball and create a new one.

In addition to the lemon-milk-salt ball, applying gel or aloe vera extract in the blister, after the ball of salt relieves the burning sensation and relieves any persistent pain. Aloe vera extract has been considered one of the most effective natural remedies for any skin problem, from sunburn to chickenpox and cold sores.

For cold sores, you have the option of buying gels made from aloe or you can take an aloe leaf; the more succulent, the better, remove the outer layer and apply the fleshy part directly on the cold sore. You can repeat the process as needed, but it is recommended to do it at least once a day.

If you do not have lemon and salt available but have access to Milk, You can still use it by soaking a cotton ball in a spoonful of milk and rubbing it directly on the cold sore. Canker sores can also be treated with vanilla extract, but be sure to use the natural vanilla extract and not the synthetic one that is often used in baking cakes and desserts. The best way to use vanilla is when you have that burning sensation around the mouth. Soak a cotton ball in a small amount of extract and apply it directly to the cold sore.

Since the vanilla extract is considered to be alcohol-based, it is very likely that the virus will find it difficult to wreak havoc once the extract has been applied. The extract should be applied at least four times a day and doing so will reduce the number of days of infection by more than half.

Some experts testify the benefits of camomile tea in the treatment of cold sores. A natural enzyme called bisabolol, which is also an alcohol, is extracted by letting the chamomile tea soak. Once you are ready to drink, let the hot chamomile tea remain around the fever blisters. The discarded chamomile tea bag will also have bisabolol and can also be used to treat cold sores. Only apply it directly once it cools. However, do not pack the bags again as they have become infected.

Cold Sores Remedies: Best Natural Treatments

Herbalists and practitioners of traditional medicine also have their own list of herbs that alleviate one or more of the effects caused by cold sores. Herbal teas Like peppermint oil, lavender oil and lemon balm oil are applied to canker sores to treat the infection and help to moisturize the blisters. The wart of San Juan and the witch hazel are also used, as well as the aloe gel, as already mentioned. The root of Echinacea has also been widely used, since extracts of the Echinacea root have antiviral properties.

Did you know that Licorice can be used to treat cold sores.? Yes, that licorice. Although you may want to take precautions regarding the place where licorice was made, some companies have replaced licorice powder with sugar extracts and will not help with cold sores.

If the candy is not available at your location, you can make your own licorice ointment. This ointment is not made for consumption, so be sure to do it in a cool, dry place. For the ointment, you will need approximately one tablespoon of licorice root extract or powder and half a teaspoon of clean water.

You can also use 2 teaspoons of Vaseline instead of water if you wish. In small increments, add the two ingredients together, mixing them until you get a consistency similar to most ointments. Apply it in the blisters as needed. As an additional benefit, Vaseline adds its own healing properties to the mix, which increases the potency of this ointment.

As with most ailments, natural and home remedies would not be as effective if you do not constantly provide nutrition to your body. Eat as much as you can to speed up the healing process, but be sure to avoid acidic foods such as citrus fruits and tomatoes. Also dishes with vinegar or other similar ingredients should be avoided to prevent further infection.

It is recommended that you eat foods rich in lysine, an amino acid that blocks another amino acid called arginine that promotes the growth of viral infections. Meats, poultry, fish and beans are some of the types of foods that are rich in lysine but low in arginine. In addition to eating foods rich in lysine, you should also avoid foods that are rich in arginine, such as nuts, chocolate, seeds and whole grains.


There is no standard procedure or behavior that totally prevents the transmission of the herpes simplex virus, but we can always do something about what triggers the adverse reactions. Stress can be managed through many ways, as well as fatigue. Most of the time, fatigue and stress disappear after a good night’s sleep and a day of relaxation.

Cold Sores Remedies: Best Natural Treatments

If possible, avoid kissing someone with cold sores and avoid sharing utensils or personal hygiene items with them. Oral sex is a big no-no, especially if the other person has genital herpes; just reassure them that everything will return to normal as soon as their pains are healed.

Food supplements and multivitamins also play an important role in the prevention of cold sores. Choose those that are rich in vitamins C and E, as they help stimulate our immune system. Always wash your hands even if you do not feel sick; Frequent hand washing is one of the best preventive measures for any contagious disease.


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