Cold Steel 27 TLT Recon 1 Tanto. Reliable and not killed knife

Cold Steel 27 TLT Recon 1. Praises. Own history. Overview

Although it is meaningless to talk about this knife, because the number of reviews and reviews is such that the series is surveyed, examined, licked and cursed from all sides. Moreover, the series itself is not new, so those people who have this knife have / had a huge amount. But I can not speak out about this. All the same, the knife that had been in my pocket for five years, and thanks to the “renewal” I hope to stay there again.

Actually the knife itself, like the Recon series itself, is familiar to almost all lovers and owners of knives. If only because about myself Cold steel everybody knows. Well, about their reputation, the manufacturers of mass “crowds” also know everything. What is the average folding knife from CS? it AUS-8 in good performance, not perekalennaya, well holding lateral loads, not too vykraivshayasya (instead, “wrinkled”, which is good for a knife used in the field).

Easy to sharpen, while pretty well holding sharpening. At all Cold Stilovskaya AUS-8, as for me, it is much better than the counterparts from CRKT (they have it forever perekalennaya so that sharpening a chore) or SOG (sort of like sharpening well, but for some reason fragile). So, CS has somehow managed to make it so that their version turned out to be very balanced. And keeps the edge for a long time, and not brittle, and sharpened without long foul language.

My story Cold Steel Recon Tanto

Now a little personal story. I first encountered CS Recon back in the days when it was not with the current branded tri-ad-lock with an old access-lock. And then it was the castle that saddened me the most. I don’t know why, but I don’t have any confidence in Akzis. I trust liner locks more than them, and I don’t trust liners to everyone. But the blade was already impressed. On the old version of the Recon, there was not an ordinary American Tanto-type blade, but a spear-like version. It looked stern and brutal, but of course the lock let down.

And then, after some time, I came across the well-known videos of the CS themselves, which they make about their knives. Well, you remember, tests of locks under weights, tests for closability of locks, bending, and so on. And in this roller, I noticed that the knives had a lock. Actually, they finally. left the godless akzis and went on to the unchanged tri-ad-lok. After some time, Favorite Woman gave me just such a knife for my birthday. It was five and a half years ago …

Five years (no less) the knife was with me everywhere. In the forest, in the country, in training, on hikes, at work … The earth was dug, branches and trees were cut (trees), picked out, cut, cut.

What they just did. And he was with me everywhere. And he is still alive. And it still works (I’ll talk about the details later). And the only thing that began to disturb me five years later was the concern that the “grandfather was old,” and in life he had inherited. But I really didn’t want to break a knife or otherwise disable it. I am very warm and sometimes I treat knives humanely (I don’t always treat people like that, to be honest).

And then the crisis-shmizis, the dollar went up. And if all these problems Recon 1 cost sane money (about four thousand), then at some point it began to cost 10-11 altogether. By autumn, the price fell to about 7-8 thousand. But the toad still crushed. A working knife, on the pocket, God forbid it breaks or the sadness of misfortune will be lost. And I took the old man with me less and less. And then it happened by chance, but it turned out that exactly the same knife was just a new one. So, one might say, the old friend is back in a new guise.

Some technical features of Recon Tanto knife

Blade material Aus 8
Hardness (Hrc) 58-59
Blade profile type Tanto
Type of cutting edge Plain
Type of treatment or blade coating EDP
Handle material G-10
Type of knife lock Tri-ad-lock
Blade length 10 cm
Knife length 23.5 cm
Blade width 3 cm
Length in folded position 13.5 cm
Butt thickness 3 mm
Weight 150 gr

That is, it is a scrap. Normal such folding scrap. Big and weighty. No, of course there is also the XL version (there will be an opportunity, I will buy it), but this is already a pocket ax. Standard version, it is still a knife. And the knife is incredibly reliable. Yes, I know that the same Vinninulya on hard-uzu knife gave the slack on the lock and the tip of the blade, but still, you must even “rape” the knife with the mind. If you set yourself the task to kill, then you can shake anything, even a piece of rail. My knife chased and strained very strongly and actively, but it was always reasonable. It is understandable, a favorite knife, constantly wearable, and not so cheap to break, you could easily buy another one. Therefore, the same cutting and other extreme work were done deliberately and carefully, and I did not try to cut nails. This is me to the fact that if the knife is not fake and is operated with intelligence and understanding, it will serve for many years.

A little retreat in the lyrics. Why options Tanto? Well, firstly, I like it so much more, and secondly … And secondly, how about you firstly? In fact, I just like this form because of the absolutely brutal cut (due to the transition between the Republic of Kazakhstan) and the absolutely demonic piercing ability. What is shown in the rollers with punching hoods, packs of leather / cardboard / plywood, is the holy truth. And with options with a blade Tanto with a power injection is much better than the versions with the classic Bowie blade. This is due to the fact that on Tanto blades there is stupidly more iron, and the point is simply much more massive than in other variants.

But you should understand that if you walked with a classic on a belt / pocket for many years, and then suddenly decided to change roles and took an AT blade, you will have to spend some time getting used to it. As for injections, and to cut.

What would be clear what is what in the world of tanto

The reason is that despite the fact that AT is just a stylized variation of the classic Tanto (which is not much different from the usual drop point), the straight lines of the RK and the angular edge (which comes at a rather obtuse angle for knives of classic forms) imprint on features of treatment. No, it is clear that according to the classic wisdom “foolishness and hell can be broken”, with all this, due to the design of the blade, he forgives a lot of mistakes in operation and use. But if to reduce to simple things, I like AT blades mainly for brutal cuts, and for the fact that if you apply more power you can pierce almost everything that you may need to pierce.

Review Cold Steel 27 TLT Recon 1 Tanto

Well, okay, back to the knife. Despite the fact that Recon – This is a canonical scrap, he has one strange solution. This is the lack of metal liners in stick. That is, imbued: on this bandura, which can cut down a tree, the handle is just a G-10. I really do not know where CS takes it, but there are cases when this handle broke units. In addition to the G-10, there is only a spacer of 66th aluminum in the handle (“do you need to break” marks? The same as on “tactical knobs”), and an AUS-8 lock element. It is ridiculous, but it is much easier to break the blade itself than the handle that deliberately delivers.

By the blade

Blade AT (American tanto) is severe, brutal, rezuch and piervuchu. With a butt of 3 millimeters, it allows you to cut down trees, bones, pick out manholes, saw off bolt heads. With all this, because of the concave descents and quite decent sharpening, it cuts very soulfully. He shaves out of the box (if someone is important and interesting suddenly), and thanks to good processing, the steel is easily corrected, ground and sharpened.

And in principle, for such a bandura knife is very convenient. Moreover, the forethought is as severe as the knife itself is. For example, a notch on the handle is such that the knife slides neither in hands nor in gloves, and regardless of whether dry hands / gloves or wet.


About her in general mostly swear, but I like it. The knife goes deep in the pocket. Yes, in the first place, the clip is tightly felt, and together with the notch on the handle it actively fights with the material of the pants. So for example, any x / b is destroyed by this couple with such intensity that you are amazed. What is characteristic, there is no such relation to mixed fabrics. Although it is possible, if you hang it on a pocket from a shitty blender, you will destroy it. What is characteristic is that the clip is not replaceable, but replaceable. That is, the bundle includes another clip, under the left pocket.

Blade coating

The coating on the blade is very high quality. It is clear that if you start intensively opening them with canned meat and other canned food, then the coating will peel off. And it peels off so interestingly that it begins to form a feeling that the blade is not painted with paint, but is covered with some kind of “anti-gravity”. There are rumors about the fact that this is some kind of Teflon, I can’t say anything for sure, but judging by the way the coating comes off, it may very well be. At the same time, please note, I remind you, the knife has been actively working for 5 years (!!!), while the coating, though worn out, didn’t all go away. This is despite the fact that they were chasing him, as I said, very thorough.

Knife ergonomics

Separately, I want to say about ergonomics. To begin with, we repeat, this is scrap. That is, not for the faint of heart and body. And in principle, the same three-ad-lok thing itself is pretty tight. So get ready for the fact that in order to quickly open the knife, and then close it with one hand (just one) will have to practice and get used to. On the other hand, as soon as you train, there will be no problems with him in principle. What would have been easier with the disclosure, you can adjust the peg (a trifle, but nice).

Ergonomically handle not perfect, but very good. Of the jambs there are not enough cuts under the thumb. And on the G-10, these notches (very large) are there, but there is no lock. And this is probably the only thing that is missing and what you can find fault with. Otherwise, an amazing thing, in my hand (far from being the largest) it lays down almost ideally, regardless of whether I am wearing gloves. At the same time, the subfinger grooves form something similar to a guard, that is, the fingers do not jump out of them in any situation (I did not succeed).

Well, before the praise ode at the end (and I praise, praise and I will praise this knife), as promised, a little from the history of the first knife. As I said, the knife is 5 years old. And the knife was with me during these five years everywhere. Starting from domestic needs, where he showed himself to be a harsh “kosterub” and proved that, given the skills and habits, it is very convenient for them to carve meat. He constantly worked in the country (and later in the house) as an ax (yes, he chopped wood and cut trees on the site). All five Christmas trees were processed by him.

They cut down the roots, by the way, here I must say that you can swear at AUS-8 as much as you like, but the blade withstood blows on the tucked stones, hesitated and practically did not allow holes. He pulled tucked up and interested pebbles from the coastal sand. With it, arrowheads were picked out of planks and stumps (the tip did not break, and did not even deform). Of course, no damage was done, but straight arms and a set Lansky always saved the day. at the same time, the knife fell, both in the closed and in the open position.

“Bathed.” Once for 3 days I lay in the snow (the tragedy was massive, I thought I had lost it, but no), while there was only a trace of rust on one of the bushes, the blade was not injured.

Yes, they took care of the knife, well, it is normal, if you value a thing you try to follow it. The photo shows how the paint peeled off. Strong? Yes. Critical? Honestly, not really. The truth is that the paint is strangely peeled off from the clip, and from its outside, which, if rubbed, is not much, and about the jacket. Here of course is a mystery.

The coating on the handle in about a year and a half was “ground” and became much softer and much less tenacious. At the same time, she lost her tenacity only in a wet hand, in gloves (and I in them 90% of the time on the street) the knife still does not slip.

During the operation, the knife was disassembled and cleaned several times. It’s nice that despite the operating conditions, the knife does not accumulate dirt in itself. Clean it easily and lightly. What is interesting, his washers are different. One bronze, the other fluoroplastic. By the way, after the first assembly / disassembly, the knife worked for half a year without a fluoroplastic washer (the fakir was drunk). I noticed this completely by chance when I discovered a restless puck and began to remember with whom she could be.

Special offer for readers – you can buy this knife from an authorized dealer in Russia, with the promotional code “LASTDAY” for a 10% discount

With all this, the knife worked without complaints and had no consequences for itself. In principle, over time, exactly one problem appeared – at closing it began to jam blade lock. That is, he did not break, he just began to wedge a little, and he had to be brought with his finger. But this is the only thing that got out in 5 years of operation. While the knife should just be disassembled and cleaned, and I think the problem will go away (the problem is that I did not regret the last time when disassembling the red thread retainer, and I don’t have any idea how to disassemble the knife now). That is, the knife can still be exploited, but I was taken by the throat of paranoia, and the fear of the fact that I am exhausted by the knife and break it. And there was no replacement for him.

What do we have at the exit? Well, firstly, I am satisfied. The old man got a replacement veteran, I’m a new good knife. The second is kosher and naughty scrap. Answer the question of whether to use it as EDC, I can not answer. This is a personal choice for everyone.

But as for me, for a city knife it is large and heavy, and it requires a lot of habits. On the other hand, I need just such a knife at the site. Reliable and unkillable.

In principle, the same Cold steel there is a series Code4, which essence is the same Recon, only in a more noble form (aluminum on the handle, polished blade, mi-mi-mi, zhu-zhu-zhu). Well, again, I do not yet have a Mini-Recon (with a blade of 7 centimeters), which can itself become just an urban version of the Recon series for EDC.


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