Cold Steel Code 4 Tanto. Polite gray knife

We continue a series of reviews of knives (three more in line). And today we will talk again about Cold steel.

About my love for Cold Steel Recon1 you know. For its format – reliable field folding – it is almost perfect. Yes, this is not a city EDC knife. First, he is still healthy, and secondly, he really scares people. And there is no grace in it a bit. Because of this, he looks much worse than many of his classmates and neighbors in size. This is played by the black blade and the harsh handle. But by itself knife very good – reliable, durable, allows you to do things for which not every fixed will be decided. But the appearance just discourages any desire to carry him in the city.

And here Cold steel makes a gift to all lovers of urban knives. A series appears Code 4. Essentially its the same Recon1 series, but in a very cultural performance.

Cold Steel Code 4

According to the tradition of TTX.

  • Blade: CTS-XHP Powder Steel
  • Hardness: 60-61 (Hrc)
  • Blade Type: American Tanto
  • Cutting edge: Plain
  • Blade cross section: Hollow Grind
  • Blade processing: High Satin finish
  • Handle Material: Anodized Aluminum Alloy (6061 T-6 Aluminum)
  • Knife Lock Type: Tri-Ad-Lock
  • Blade length: 89 mm.
  • Knife length: 217 mm.
  • Length in folded position: 128 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 3.5 mm.
  • Weight: 124 gr.

Start with the fact that Cld Steel Code 4 This is a centimeter shorter than the usual Recon. That is, 5 mm shorter than the handle and 5 mm shorter than the blade. Despite the fact that the change in size is very small (I would say that by CS standards, the minimum) knife immediately began to be perceived as significantly more compact.

Then, all the elements of the design, which were black on the Recon-series, began to shine. AND knife Immediately began to look much easier. This is despite the fact that blade thickness both knives are the same. But at the same time the blade, the key of the lock (by the way, the same austere and unkillable tri-ad-lock) and the clip shone with a pleasant metallic luster. The same applies to the axial screw and the screws securing the pads and bushings.

But the most important thing that radically changes the perception knife in hand – this is a handle. And here Cold steel On the one hand, they were expected (they are not fond of making a garden), on the other hand, suddenly (for they do not often work with this material). In short, they put anodized aluminum alloy 6061 T-6 Aluminum on the handle.

To be clear, this is the same material from which most normal tactical pens are now made. That is, there is no doubt about the strength of the material. And at the same time they decided not to paint it in any way, but they managed it by anodizing alone. As a result, the handle Cold Steel Code 4 turned noble monotonous gray. In principle, you can leave it this way, but if anything, there is a lot of room for customization of the handle.

As for the knife steel …

Yes, I have a knife with a new steel CTX-HSP. In connection with the change of steel Cold steel the knife community is beating in ecstatic hysterics. So far I have no imputed experience knife operation. And the main difference for me so far has been expressed in the change in price (it has significantly increased). Honestly, I was quite happy and AUS8, despite the fact that she is very fond of scolding. But I remind you – I have the first Recon1 for 5 years did not show any lousy features AUS8. I have no complaints about steel or painting.

Apparently, I somehow do not use the knife. Well, okay, now there will be experience with the new steel. In five years we compare the results.

And in the end knife started to look very different. On the one hand, the output turned out to be practically the same scrap as Recon1. But at the same time in the format of a completely non-aggressive and not terrible urban EDC knife. That is, against the background of “older brother” Cold Steel Code 4 looks quite calm, would not say that peacefully.

True, one funny moment is connected with the handle. If you remember, then on Recon1 the handle is made of G10, without any metal inserts, and there are no problems with this material. In reality, it is easier to break a blade than a handle (if we are not talking about directed attempts to break). And y Code 4 the handle leaves the feeling that in case of an overload it is the handle that will surrender earlier. On the other hand, let’s be honest – how often do we load city ​​edc knife so much so that he has to endure the load on the fracture / bend? Although, of course, the situation itself is funny.

And regarding Recon Code 4 there is another purely urban feature. It opens very easily. Actually, knife Easily opened with a push with force for a peg (and at the same time no backlashes). In addition, it flips very easily, without any effort. It is clear that Recon1 You can flip, but it requires much more effort. That is, it is certainly not as easy as on the same TiLite, but still with Recon1 incomparable.

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The result is that Cold Steel has finally turned out knife, which you can with a clear conscience hang on your pocket in the city, without fear of frightening others, taking it in hand. With all this knife retained a certain “lomovity”, although, as I said above, as for me, now the handle is clearly weaker than the blade. But, in principle, in the version city ​​knife Code 4 for me is definitely preferable to the same Recon1. Now the brutal black knife will roll with me to work and into the woods, and Cold Steel Code 4 will be a cultural companion on calm days.

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