Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife: Folding Iron

You know, there are different knives. And it’s not about the differences folding / not folding, not in the type of blade or lock. As the heading of the ru-knife community says: The knife is not a plate with a sharp edge. And so it is.

Knives – they are basically different, there are cutters, there are crowbars, hunting, tactical. There are universal, come with a narrow specialization. And there are … Such as Pocket bushman. Folding piece of reinforcement.

The fact is that as is known this is the work of the company Cold steel. And sometimes I get the feeling that they are trying with their knives to refute the truism in truth: “A folding knife always loses its awkwardness in strength.”

From here their fierce locks and handles are taken, which under load break less often than blades. Love for the brutal torture of knives in demonstration videos.

I really love repeating that same Recon1 – this is a pocket scrap. But from the moment it comes to hand Pocket bushman, it becomes clear that any other construction is a compromise. And precisely Bushman and is what is fully entitled to be called pocket scrap. You just need to have a bigger pocket.

Traditional TTX:

  • Blade: CTS BD1
  • Hardness: 55-57 HRC
  • Blade Profile: Clip Point / Bowie
  • Cutting edge: Plain
  • Blade cross section: Hollow Grind
  • Blade coating: Satin finish
  • Handle: 420С (note, as the handle is a solid piece of knife steel)
  • Lock: Ram Safe ™ lock
  • Blade length: 115 mm.
  • Knife length: 264 mm.
  • Length in folded position: 149 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 3 mm.
  • Weight: 190 gr.

Pay attention – on the one hand the knife is rather big for a folding. Although again, put next Spartan or Rajah II, and it turns out that Pocket bushman pretty compact. But in the usual format, it is large. At the same time, it is lighter and more compact than a fixed one of similar size. By possibilities, he is not so inferior to the usual fix. Yes, of course, no matter how strong the knot between the blade and the handle is, it will always remain the weakest part of the design, so I would not tyrannish the knife to bend, but on the other hand, how often do you have to give such severe lateral loads? And if the answer is often enough, then folding, whatever it is, is not your choice.

But otherwise, any work for which the bivouac knife is intended, he will perform with ease. Need to chop? Cut? Picking? Stroke? Yes, as many times as you like. The main thing that you can not be afraid to break a knife. The only video that Pocket bushman managed to break, concerns not broken blade, or axial. It touches a broken lock spring. Ram lock. Notice that it was not the lock that broke, but simply because of the construction’s incompleteness, one strong person was able to turn the lock spring. And this is the only case related to the old version of the knife (the video itself is dated March 2009).

Since then, no data on how to break the knife. No, I understand that they probably broke, just did not talk about it. But the same Recon tanto broken much more broken Recon1 not something unusual (although it cannot be said that they break through one). But Pocket bushman practically does not break. Of course, now we are waiting for some exciting expectations, since I got the knife not from the classic 4116 Krupps and with a new CTS BD1. And as for me, any global change of steel (and now CS changing steel on all of their knives) carries certain risks. Besides Code4 I already had claims on the gland (fortunately easily fixed).

But honestly I don’t think that Cold steel would risk everything by putting knives positioned as unkillable and multifunctional untested steel, without preliminary tests and checks.

And while the knife turned out really multifunctional. A long blade with descents from the butt makes it suitable for household needs. Cut vegetables, bread, meat. And it is to cut, not break. Still, a butt of 3 millimeters is the optimal size for a knife that wants to be at least somewhat economical. Naturally, this works with the proper selection of steel, but I do not think that CS here was wrong. Yes, of course in the beginning there may be mistakes and miscalculations, as it was at one time with AUS8 (the result is now a popular meme among those who have never held knives from CS, it’s a victim’s cry that AUS8 from CS – this clay is not the best durability).

And given that knife retained its budget, and even with a new steel costs no more than 4,500 rubles (you can find cheaper and the real price range for it is 3900-4500 rubles), then at the moment, if you suddenly need a folding knife with an exorbitant margin of safety, it will be the only right choice. And I would say that it is superior in strength to more expensive knives, as from CS, and from other manufacturers.

Special offer for readers – you can buy this knife from an authorized dealer in Russia, with the promotional code “LASTDAY” for a 10% discount

However, let’s be honest. At the moment, alternatives CS in their segment no. We are just not used to the dollar at 65-70. As when it got used to the dollar for a long time at 35. But even with the current rate, the cost of a knife is more than low. Moreover, it can perform a huge number of functions, in some situations replacing other marching tools (for example, an ax). And while maintaining the full functionality of the knife (that is, cutting the products will not be a problem). Yes, of course, so far there are questions about how the new steel will behave under load, how difficult it will be to correct it (the same CTS-XHP It is easy enough to rule on a diamond from Lanski).

This is not a fashionable now tactical knife. You cannot close it with one hand, moreover, for those who first encountered this knife, the box contains detailed instructions on how to open and close it. It opens hard with one hand. He is merciless to a hand without a glove. But it is precisely that working tool, simple and very reliable.

Wolf ops

Steel arms

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