Cold Steel Recon Tanto San Mai III. King of Kings. King of kings

Generally with a review Recon tanto from CS there is one problem. About him so much has been written, so much has been taken. And in general, there is so much information on this knife that it is very difficult to say something new about it.

TTH CS Recon Tanto San Mai III

  • Blade: VG-1 San-Mai® (VG-1 / Laminated 420J2 – 3 layers of steel)
  • Hardness: 58-59 (Hrc)
  • Design: Full Tang
  • Handle Material: Kray-Ex ™
  • Sheath Material: Secure-Ex Plastic.
  • Blade length: 177 mm.
  • Knife length: 298 mm.
  • Blade width: 30 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 5.8 mm.
  • Weight: 249 gr.

The fact is that Cold steel It turned out almost perfectly balanced knife. From the aggregate price / quality / reliability / convenience of competitors he probably does not have. That is, understand correctly. There is an Exntrema Ratio with a price like for a piece of Boeing and a very controversial N690 (I’m telling you like the person who broke the Golem). There are knives of a close price category, such as the SOG Tsunami, which start losing from convenience, and end with reliability (for withstanding the load Recona Tsunami is not very successful).

Other options do not occur to me. In principle, we can recall the same Glock (the most beloved and massive army knife) or Fallkniven, much loved by tourists. But Glock clean merges Recon tanto on reliability and durability. Fallkniven is, in principle, comparable in strength, but next to it, it lacks dimensions to, for example, fulfill the role of an ax.

Recon tanto maybe all. And cut, and hack, and prick and plane. And at the same time it does not cause any inconvenience at all, regardless of the size of the processing object. That is, how to cut a twig, and cut down a tree. The process will vary in time.

AND knife turned out beautiful. Really beautiful in its brutality and simplicity. Predatory blade. In addition to purely practical aspects, I just love how this type of blade looks. Concave descents, although they are a minus of the structure (I would rather have suffered more weight), potentially weaken the structure, but the information that someone consciously broke this knife, not. More precisely Recon‘S broken many. But look under what circumstances happened?

The knife was subjected to such lateral loads that even look scary. They “crushed” stones. And it was the same psychopath that broke the lock at Pocket Bushman. But to Recón tanto he broke down while working in a regular mode (and most other knives simply do not live up to such modes) it should be a manufacturing defect. So with concave descents the knife looks very interesting. And even manages to look elegant with all its dimensions.

In this case, ergonomically knife claims to be perfect. Yes, he is big. Yes, it is heavy. Yes, he is not for a small hand. But if you have a hand starting from the middle, then there will be no problems with it. Surprisingly comfortable handle, not only that under any grip, and even with a sane emphasis (while the knife is not cold on the territory of Russia). In addition, the handle is completely slippery. Moreover, it is not very clear by virtue of the material (rubber), or by virtue of the “finishing” of this rubber itself.

As a result, the handle just sticks to the hand, regardless of whether you are in the glove, without it, a wet hand, dry, in oil. Knife equally accurate sitting in hand. At the same time, due to the handle and balancing, the knife simply “dances” amazingly in the hands, that is, changing the grip (if you can) happens almost imperceptibly and easily. And this is at a quarter-kilo knife mass.

The rest of the ergonomics can only remember the hole for the lanyard. Well, yes, this “option” is now at all.

The scabbard is sufficient for these times, but no more. In light of the current trends in the kit, tek-lock is very lacking, to expand the basic wearing capabilities. By themselves, the sheath is very simple, from kondovo, darling CS plastic. The knife sits confidently in them, does not fall out anywhere, does not hang out (secure-ex after all). On the sheath, two rows of slits for narrow straps (or slings) and standard openings for the cord. That is, having a meter and a half or two paracord, knife can be fixed as you like. But still tek-lock is needed.

The basic design of the scabbard is supplemented by a height-adjustable suspension on the belt. Although there are not so many adjustments, there are actually only two levels with a difference of a centimeter. That is, anybody will have to think out something. The basic kit, of course, is simple and reliable, but clearly insufficient, given the technical capabilities of the knife and its widest profile.

Well, a little more on the profile of a knife. This is originally combat knife. That is one of the first and main tasks is carving on people. There is a very important and pleasant moment. Tanto big and very powerful. If you have a skill, then chop off your fingers on the swath, or grab a wrist, or inflict a severe cutting wound – as a nefig it will be easy to do. Well, if you suddenly want to wear it like knife for protection yourself loved one, it’s very likely that when you demonstrate it to your opponent, you will face the fact that your opponent doesn’t want to escalate the conflict and chooses to find someone more sane and calm.

As for the piercing possibilities, it’s enough to watch any video Cold steel to understand that, apart from the armor panel, nothing is protecting against this cleaver. Kevlar, mail, thick and thick clothes – it’s all garbage nothing. What is what is not. And given the size of the knife, you can pick out from any kind of “packaging”.

And in principle, this could be finished. Because the review is sadly less than completely. And all because of the fact that Recon tanto already said everything and everything.

But! One moment is.

The fact is that I managed to get not ordinary Recon, which recently comes with AUS8, and in a magnificent, and completely luxurious performance San mai iii. This is premium in the best sense of the word. Yes, of course there is in this the magic of “Made in Japan”, which in fact has to do with the current Japanese steels and technologies (but not with the times that legends tell). But in fact there is something to be proud of.

“San Mai” means “three layers.” This term is used to describe traditional laminated blades used for the Japanese sword and daggers. The similar structure of the blade is very important because it combines different steel grades into one blade. In the center is high carbon VG-1 hard steel between 420J2 steel with lower carbon content. The cutting edge of the blade must be as hard as possible in order to keep sharpening longer and cut and chop efficiently, but if the whole blade were so hard, the likelihood of damage to the blade with strong lateral loads increases. It is through the two outer layers that additional strength is achieved, while preserving flexibility and stability.

No, I do not want to say that the regular version with AUS8 or more appreciated by Carbon V fans is worse than a package. Not, San mai iii it is more marketing and commerce than a justified necessity. But considering that this is the only way to get Recon tanto performed with a polished blade (even if it is 70% more expensive than a simple black solid piece of iron) … This is elementary – beautiful.

And if black Recon tanto – this is really a harsh military piece of iron, black color, then in the version San mai iii really beautiful features appear in it. For some reason absolutely impractical features like ebony or metal-wire sticks, which in principle are not needed, immediately begin to be invented, nobody does them, but they are regularly thought about. In principle, it is after this option that you begin to understand people who are chasing the Magnum Tanto for completely crazy money (now about 35-40 thousand). And by the way, such people usually already have Recon Tanto San Mai III.

Despite the fact that CS can be blamed for the fact that they make simple and reliable working knives, for pretty sane money (normal Recon tanto now costs about 9-10 thousand). This version of the performance, in spite of the fact that it gives all the possibilities of a magnificent combat and economic knife, also makes it possible to perceive it as something really beautiful. A powerful predatory blade (Lynn Thompson is still a genius, to create a blade of such efficiency and such beauty, you have to be a talent), prominent layers of “laminate”, a sharp transition from blade to handle. But this has its own charm.

Special offer for readers – you can buy this knife from an authorized dealer in Russia, with the promotional code “LASTDAY” for a 10% discount

Agitate for the purchase of it San mai iii version will not. It’s still a matter of income, a question of fanaticism, the question of what exactly is a knife for you. But the fact that recon tanto knife itself is unique in its own way is a fact. And if you need super reliable knife, for quite sane money (getting used to, getting used to the bucks at 65-70) – then this is your option.


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