Combat knives of elite units of the Russian army

The military sometimes joke that the best knife – this pistol. It is a fact that there is no need for physical training.

We present you the best Russian combat knives – those that are in service.


Universal knife for marines. It’s not a problem.

It can be used as a toolkit. It is hardly possible to consider this knife.


The knife is made by order of Moscow Sobr AiR company from the city of Zlatoust. There are three options – combat knife, award combat knife and civilian modification. The photo below shows the combat version. It’s not for the combat one.

DV-1 and DV-2

Knives DV-1 and DV-2, differing only with the soldiers Far eastern special forces. Their names also speak DV it “Far Eastern”. These are massive camping knives.

The photo above shows the knife DV-1 with a spear blade and additional sharpening on the butt. Made-to-order walnut steel guard and pommel of the same material. The knife DV-1 all-metal shank, passing through the sheath.

The DV-2 version shows the export version of the knife from a limited edition of the material used. It is only made up of walnut. The first glance, the knife makes an impression of its size. The blade is 235 mm. To protect against corrosion and prevent unmasking, a matte black coating is applied to the blade. Descents from half a clique, even with a solid thickness of 5.8 mm, provide a good cut. There is no wedge, which is used for cutting bones. The interceptor has a line between the index finger and the middle finger. It is a grip that helps you to get better.

DV-2 has a double-sided guard that perfectly protects the arm. Oval cross-section. Ends for a traumatic purposes. The tops are put on the shank and tightened on it with a flat nut. It is a design of the two layers of thick leather, interconnected by rivets. Suspension vertical, with a strap, securely fixing the handle.


The Melita-K series has been designed and manufactured by the company, since it has been producing high-quality knives. “Punishers” are available in two versions – “WIPP-1“And”Maestro“In addition, there are modifications to the material of the handle (typesetting leather, rubber or craton).”WIPP-1“Differs in the root part of the serritory sharpening” and “Maestro”anti-glare, black or camouflage).

Garda double sided. Wide blade It is convenient for digging and losing water. The cutting edge of the cutting edge has been selected. It is a leather case for you. Knife “WIPP-1Officially adopted.


HCH Knives “Vityaz HCH“,”Vityaz NM“,”Vityaz“Developed by order of the president”BKB Vityaz»Hero of Russia S.I. Lysyuk for equipping units special purpose. It is a small blade with a narrow blade, which makes it possible to keep it.


Knife “Antiterror” designed for the security of the FSB of Russia. It makes it possible to maximize the properties of the blade. If you are on the cutting edge, you’re keeping the linear dimensions. Reinforced the back of the blade. This is a standard ergonomic guard.


Combat knives series “Katran»Different type of blade and handle material. Knives series “Katran“It has a double-sided guard and metal tops. It depends on the modification.Katran-1“underwater combat knife. Sharpening underwater combat knife. Sharpening underwater combat knife. Sharpening underwater combat knife. Rubber handle.

Katran-1-S“- MF. Anti-glare treatment of metal parts. The handle is made of leather. Leather sheath with plastic liner.”Katran-2“- hunting knife with a one-and-a-half sharpening. On the butt sharpening has an angle, designed for felling. Anti-glare treatment. The handle is made of leather. The sheath is leather.”Katran-45“- combat knife. Exclusive, custom-made model 45th Airborne Regiment. Anti-reflective coating. The handle is made of leather. Leather sheath. There is an option with camouflage coating of metal parts.


Battle Dagger “Shaytan“Developed in 2001 by the security department MIA RT. Combat dagger “Shaitan” is available in leather and skeletal type (“Shaitan-m“). Serreitor. Serreitor. Serreitor. Serreitor. It is a design of the wrinkle.Shaitan-m»Can be used as a throwing knife, withstanding up to 3000 shots. Handle from typeset leather All metal parts have anti-glare treatment.


Knife “Akela»Custom-made Sobr as “policemanknife. It is a small size, where the application is impossible. The knife is a double-edged type knife, the blade has an anti-reflective coating (black chrome). The handle is made of MBS rubber, conveniently lies in the hand. Under the lanyard.

Smersh 5

Knife “Smersh 5“- classic combat knife. The prototype of this knife was used during the Second World War (HP-43). The blade has a high penetrating power. It doesn’t need to be able to slide away during the stroke. It is designed for cutting down hard objects.


The sample units are shown in the FSB. Knife “Gurza” is a narrow blade with a one-and-a-half sharpening. Sharpening is done with a serrayator. It is also used as a substitute for saws.


Combat knife “Cobra»Custom-made SOBR MIA RF. This is a small dagger with a narrow blade and a two-sided, anatomically comfortable guard. “Cobra“Where it is a serious weapon that allows solving missions in crowded places where the use of firearms. It is a dagger grip.

Explosive technician

This big and powerful knife with 180 mm blade, custom-designed demining units FSB. “Explosive technician“Was created survival knife and engineering tool. Currently officially accepted for supply. The blade is symmetrical, with a small serrer. The wooden handle has a steel top.

Dagger of the Financial Intelligence of Russia

Dagger made from AiR (Chrysostom), it retains all the features of a classic dagger – a double-edged blade, a symmetrical guard and a handle. It has been noted that it has been the case for the department. It was a small batch of batch report for the employees. The guard is made of stainless steel.


The abbreviation “OC” stands for “TsKIB Weapon”. The OZ-04 has been in the late 80s and has been in the early 1990s. The thickness of the butt is 7 mm. The blade has a small bevel in the front. It is a small wrinkle. Handle handle handle symmet symmet made made symmet

Iron scabbard riveted from two halves. In them, the blade is held by a spring-loaded plate, like AK bayone-knives. It is a leather loop. There are several ways to fit your skin.

Combat knives of elite units of the Russian army

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