Combat knives of the whole world

Special services all over the world solve the same tasks with practically the same methods, only using different inventory. This inventory, of course, must be of high quality, reliable and good, good for the army and special services do not feel sorry for anything (they are not ordinary citizens, unnecessary teachers and useless doctors), including knives. Yes, in our advanced time, they are still effectively used by all special services, all of a sudden someone needs to be slaughtered or cut something. So we looked at the most famous.

Ontario MK 3 Navy Knife (US Navy SEAL, USA)

This knife Included in the standard equipment of the American “Fur Seal”. Compact, with a 6-inch blade, simple as a stick, it has long proved its effectiveness, versatility and reliability. Stably fulfills the obligations imposed on him: he will slaughter, and he will open canned food if necessary. However, many “seals” prefer to choose their own “dagger” to their liking, which does not detract from the merits Ontario.

Fairbairn-Sykes (SAS, United Kingdom)

Thing legendary, proven over many decades. Veteran of the Second World War, almost the same age Special Air Service (SAS) which destroyed their enemies Her Majesty since the times when the “Desert Fox” played naughty in North Africa, Marshal Rommel. Actually, this knife is considered to be as elite as the SAS. Suppose that he looks like a decorative dagger and does not possess the features of an aggressive alligator inherent in modern combat knives, but over many years of service he has proven to be effective.

Everything other knives, seeing this brave veteran, they give him the honor, for they know that, despite his advanced years, he is able to kick some asses. Americans tried to make their own version Fairbairn-sykes for Oss, predecessor of the CIA, but somehow it did not happen. It can be said that this is the Beatles in the world of knives.

Glauca B1 (GIGN, France)

Elite anti-terrorism unit French Gendarmerie (GIGN), having re-thought and looking forever at the hateful glance at the successful creation of their English colleagues, it came to the conclusion that simplicity is not always good. To fight terrorists, a brave gendarme needs a dagger, which performs several functions at once. That’s why GIGN together with Extrema ratio developed a kind of multitul to fight the enemies of the Republic B1 Glauca. Along with a 115-mm blade, the knife is equipped with a cullet and a rearranged clip for carrying on a belt or pocket. By the way, this is the first folding knife in the world with a “fixed” blade.

WING-Tactic (GIGN, France)

Another weapon glorious french gendarmes for GIGN enjoys not only difficult B1 Glauca. There is a simpler: 11-inch knife, without broken glass and other gadgets. The usual sting, but extremely effective in certain situations.

Karambit (Joint Task Force 2, Canada)

They unfortunately hunted for Serb snipers. In 2004, the United States gave the division the prestigious President Unit Citation award. They took part in many foreign operations, they made computer games and made films about them. The whole Western world writes with boiling water from them, although, in fact, all their successful operations are joint tasks with the special forces of the United States and Her Majesty. They have tainted themselves by working with Albanian separatists, by the war in Iraq.

But in their homeland they are admired. And despite this popularity, little is known about them. And it is rumored that at least some of them like to use Karambit (or two at once) in battle. The ideal and convenient weapon for self-defense, although it is quite difficult for them to disarm. No matter when you have two curved blades in your hands at once.

Kukri (Gurkha Brigade, Nepal)

it centuries-old weapon was iconically associated with the Gurkha brigade for many decades. The unique design allows the owner of the kukri to simultaneously cut and prick an opponent as quickly as possible, and causing maximum damage. However, only lazy people didn’t talk about kukri. By the way, about the Gurkha brigade. It consists of Nepalese soldiers serving in the British army. It is rather difficult to qualify: 28,000 people apply for 200 places for recruits. But more about them can be found here.

Strider SMF (USMC, USA)

In 2003 in US Marine Corps a squad was created to fight global terrorism. It was decided that the fighters needed new knives, so to speak, appropriate to the specifics of the squad. The result was Strider smf – a compact folding knife with a titanium case, over which neither mechanical damage, nor weather conditions, nor time have power. A very good knife indeed.

Ari B’Lilah (YAMAM, Israel)

Counter-Terrorism Division, which, in fact, is in a state of eternal war, we need not just a knife, but a real weapon of mass destruction. Ari B’Lilah was created with the help of YAMAM, a unit that deals with everything: from the release of hostages to the capture of disadvantaged persons. For them it was important to use a knife was simple and effective. Jewish counter-terrorists have many challenges to solve, and so far Ari B’Lilah copes.

Ballistic knife

Ballistic knife – this is a knife with a detachable blade, which is mounted in the handle and “shoots” under the action of a gas, gunpowder or spring. Generally, about ballistic knives write a lot and every nonsense. Especially like to write about the fact that they are actively used by our special forces. Actually this knife – This is a semi-mythical weapon of special forces and spies, which throws the blade over enormous distances due to the energy of the mainspring, hidden in the handle. There were legends that such a miracle breaks through the concrete wall at a distance of 10 meters, but this is a bullshit.

In close combat, the ballistic knife produces penetrating wounds to a depth sufficient to destroy vital organs, which is fatal. But the effectiveness of such weapons is rather doubtful – the blade can not get into a vital organ, moreover, fatal injuries to the heart area, which left the victim for 10-15 seconds of targeted activity, are described. Wounds to the liver or lungs are even slower, and ballistic knife similar design by definition disposable (in combat). There is no talk about 5-7 meters and even more so about breaking through a concrete wall from a distance of 10 meters. That’s it.

In the arsenal of the special forces of the USSR and Russia, contrary to rumors, ballistic knives never existed and were never made for the needs of special forces. The reason for this is their short range of effective shooting, low reliability and insecurity in handling. By the way, our special forces knives choose for themselves. And hardly any of them will choose such an unstable toy.

Antiterror (Security forces of the FSB, Russia)

Russian gunsmiths for their glorious history they have made quite a few good knives: both “Shaitans”, and “Knights”, and “Wag-3”. But in this compilation we decided to include, perhaps, one of the most famous domestic “works” with the saying name “Antiterror”. This knife is designed and manufactured for the power units of the Federal Security Service of Russia. A heavy combat knife with a blade of a petal shape, which allows maximum use of the working area of ​​the blade and increases its cutting properties. Knife – to kill. Cuts from 160mm are deep and deadly, so think about why you need it. If you go to the boar, then fine.

Steel arms

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