Combat stress. Aspects of formation

Cover the whole question. It doesn’t know about. Well, so on.

What combat stress, or foreign “Combat stress”? This is a combination of factors that can be taken into account.

What exactly affects a person in this situation?

1. Physical activity

One of the primary factors is that it affects your physical form. If it is, then it is good, if it is not, then it is bad, if you think it’s a good idea.

It makes it a little bit more than that to go on it. immediately turns out to be unsatisfactory. There are many reasons for this. The heat is one thing. Complete set of equipment and equipment (including weapons and ammunition), is somewhat different. Yes, what is there to run. Many can pull up. At least 1 time. “At least Razik?” Acquires a completely different different tonality.

It is not a problem. The DB (combat) zone is a place where it is, in addition to a change in motivation (more on this below), there is also a strongly modified landscape and atmosphere. Moreover, we’re not so much a part of the air. This is only an alternatively gifted citizens ’request. Endurance breathing apparatus in conditions of oxygen deficiency, in the course of few. It is not possible to use it, but it’s not a matter of course. airways

Therefore, there is no doubt that you need to train for the general programs (if you need to be trained), he will “die” 5-10 minutes later Actually, it’s for 5-10 minutes. It was strongly recommended that they not shake. 5-10 minutes a fighter will be able to shoot.

No wonder, by the way, in the west itself. “Stress test” It is interpreted and implemented as an elementary program combining rifle and physical training. That is, made 10 “walker” shuttle run, collected ten rounds – hit 5 targets. Made KSU, hit the target. Of course, there is a distortion, but there’s a lot more

This situation was the result of a situation in the area of ​​combat energy generated by the physical activity of the enemy.

2. The activity of the enemy

The fact that the enemy is somewhere – we all know. It is a quiet pool without devils. The inferiority is found at the most inconvenient moment. It’s a very abstract and non-specific concept. It is not expressed in any way. That is, 50 infantry divisions and 10 tank divisions – it sounds scary, but abstract. It is a scary. It’s possible that it’s possible to use it. But you can kill a Kalashnikov with a machine gun.

It is very difficult to imitate a real battle. Is not possible. It is possible that it will be possible to complete the situation, it will be possible to complete the situation. ) it is impossible to understand and penetrate. It is the most difficult moment to imitate. It doesn’t give up. It is not a case that you can’t come back. And even then –

And now he’s out
In the coffin lies.
Maybe dead
Maybe he pretended.
(c) Trofim “Song of Lenin”

And, as already mentioned, to create this understanding is very difficult. If you are a child, it’s not a problem. organs will be regenerated. It is not a trick, it’s a bit like a warrior ’’ will be allowed. As well as reporters. Do not operate. This is not a case of course.

In addition, there is a difference between the preparation and the reality. This is not a specific case for training for a couple of years. Therefore, there is no need for a warrior’s brain reacts.

Here comes the anal pain feeling of stress and pattern break. If you’re not sure, you’ll still be able to make it.

3. Inappropriate training

Already in one subtitle, you can begin to meditate. But the fact remains. It’s not what they’re looking for, but the armies are outdated. Why? Yes, because the world is no longer at war. Second World War. And those who are fighting in the old fashion way (albeit not with that scope):

  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Philippines
  • Africa (not all)
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Mexico

It’s a funky way to make it. armed forces as a whole. Program of britain stress training SAS and SBS, for Marin. About the rest and say nothing. In the US, the situation is no better, except that they have special forces. Therefore, a limited segment of the military. About mother-motherland in general, you can sadly remain silent, give up and start packing your bags.

But, returning to the preparation. The problem is that most armies and their command are conceptually not ready for a modern war. No, not that … Hackers! And the UAV. But we’ll talk about this sometime later. So, no matter how much you’re losing, it’s not over the globe ”, which was from 39 to 45 last century. “It’s a bit of a mess,” a “low profile.”

In such a war, no massive stress training fuck well, that’s not needed at all. The ammunition will be taken into place and it will be carried into place. It is enough to make it. Either he will survive, or not – not to guess.

So, you can’t continue to train the trainers. The wars have changed after it, while far from everyone understood. “The paratroopers on the Champs Elysees” and “the tanks on Unter den Linden”. Moreover, if he had not changed, it would have been half the problem. But he didn’t understand the same way.

It wasn’t the fact that it wasn’t the end of the world. It was the fact that it was not a problem. Very local and very cautious (only under your responsibility). It is very different from war in reality. It’s a bit different. Unfortunately, he has been brazenly missed, and continue to “prepare for the last war.” Which, by the way, confirmed the situation with the downed Su-24.

It was a scandal to the commanders, officers, and privates. That is, those who make the victory in the field. It has been diligently correcting it for the past 10 years. Moreover, it doesn’t work ”, it’s clear that it’s not a problem. Take away the US Air Force pilots. It is a fact that it has been the case. But there is no need for conversations.

It is a fact that it’s not a problem. What do we get at the output? A circus with horses and feathered hedgehogs. It is not necessary, but it’s not necessary. The result, as usual, is obvious.

4. skill mismatch

It is not so good. But not to mention it is impossible. It is a graft of the race. Moreover, rifle training. It is clear that there is a possibility that he will be able to make it. ), I’m not sure that I’ve been able to make it anymore.

If you are an extractor, it is not a problem. It can be understood that it can be understood by the “adaptive tactical scheme”. This is the case for the fighter. of the situation in practice.

It is a rule of thumb to memorize the schemes. In case of their health careers, it’s not a problem. effectively survive in battle.

5. Lack of specialized training

Yes Yes Yes. This is what we’ve called for. stress tests.

About what is stress test, Let’s talk separately. But there is no need for super elites. Moreover, there is no understanding that there is “Stress test”. Someone drives to the vehicle, someone drives to it, it comes to something else … There is no complex. On the whole, there is no understanding stress test It is a fact that you can use it. , and all other pleasures).

At the same time comes to idiocy. He advised you to take a look at the CSC invites Poles from GROM, It was more than just that.

There is no uniform system of training for stress programs. It can be solved by the department.

Although you could start with a simple thing. It is a parachute that doesn’t have to be “a delivery vehicle”. If you are in the mud. No, they explain. It is the same time as the relationship between the two countries …

For some reason, we can consider (3), and everything will be fine. It’s even deadly dangerous. This is what we most approach. It is enough to tell you there.

So, it suffices to mention that. Do not need anything else. And then only because the “didy fought.” This is a result that has been given in the world. And in modern conditions, arguments like “better than none” seem to us weighty.

6. Global psychological climate

Perhaps this part is the shortest and most abstract. And besides, it refers to the “civilized” humanity. He only remains a good psychologist. Because otherwise – no way.

Life is greatly overestimated. Each person is perceived as something great, high, and unique. It’s a funky way to travel around the puddles. The fact that it is a person’s life.

It is not our profile. The problem of combat stress trying not to talk. Humbly hush up. For those who had to fight, they were needed at all times. This is the “warriors” of the civilized person.

He says that he is from all the sides of the game. This is not the case for expressing aggression (where it is natural for humans). And then he comes to the army, where is the assault rifle / machine gun / grenade launcher / rifle and they say – KILL! He, of course, will kill. If you want to live. But then he will spread it until the end of ages. Characteristically, this is the typical urban condition of prosperous families. It is up to you to know how to do it. there is no such problem, there is no such problem.


We will offer a simple thing. Imagine a guy 18 years old. With the gun in the middle of the battle. On all items of the above items. That is, it is just a take. Clear where it comes from combat stress? Personally, we are very clear. We hope you do too. Then he wants to live, but he also wants to do business. And he is not allowed to do this. Elementary knowledge and skills.

Do I need to change something? 4 points out of 6 are necessary. You can’t do anything with humanity as a whole. But otherwise the situation needs to be changed. Otherwise … Who has the experience, remember yourself. Togo, at the very beginning. And if there is no experience, then just put yourself or your child in this place. And think, where does this very same come from? combat stress.

Wolf ops

Combat stress. Aspects of formation

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