Combat stress in the combat zone

What is stress? This is a set of physiological and biological conditions.

Immediately I tell you what to say. I am also able to read the words. As far as possible, try to get with human language.

So here. Combat stress – the psyche and the organism. If you’re obese or not, you’ll be able to follow your mind. And in what quantity.

Therefore, it is rather difficult to separate these things. And that is why we can distinguish reactions that can be called “psychophysical.” In this case, it will be a lot of fun, tears, fainting, strong stress throws us the body.

In fact, no matter how much pyzhilsya, but the very concept of “combat stress“This is a concept, rather than a far-fetched one. MANY ORDERS. In fact, daily.

What does this lead to? In its simplest form “to the rapid rapidity of the body.” There are insomnia, alcoholism, drug addiction, aggression, progression and violence.

The fact is that combat stress It’s 100% predict the development of events. Why the hell is hell 100, and 50% can not. In the case of a civilian

Person is always afraid. Where his death or disability will come from. There is a failure in the hormonal system. Psychologically, this leads either to stupor or to hysteria. And in any case, one way or another, a person passes the stage “learned helplessness“He can avoid the war.”

And in the same way he didn’t care. But the main thing is that you can’t change anything. It can be seen. Orchestration of the sensations obtained. In all three cases, a person sooner or later moves from learned helplessness we’re all know (and to some, and the state) – depression.

Problem exactly combat stress Unlike others, is that it:

  • Long in time.
  • Constantly associated with a threat to life.
  • Number of fixed reasons (demobilization, commissioning of the wound, death). In this case, we’re not considering the risk of psychological stress.

How to deal with it? The question is complex and ambiguous. It is a pathway for women to relax. Starting with the fact that the same stupor often leads to “agedoniaIt’s a function of serotonin production. If necessary, it is necessary for survival.

It is a convincing case. Moreover, it’s necessary to follow it immediately. Sooner or later, but the strength of the body ends. Moreover, working 24 hours a day is possible only with the use of stimulants. It is a person who still goes to bed at some point. It gives you everything that he was chasing from himself.

Roughly speaking, both options for dealing with combat stress are bad. It’s in itself. Trying to avoid, by ignoring. It is not necessary.

And note. It’s not about posttraumatic syndrome. It’s about what a person experiences in the process of getting combat stress, that is the process of being in battle zone. And here everything plays against man:

  • everyday discomfort
  • situation of his unit
  • physical exercise
  • restrictions for the age of old age

How to prepare a person for this? How to reduce influence combat stress to minimum? There are many options. But only the integrated application can not have any effect.

First, it is a serviceman in the framework of stress tests in fire and tactical training. Secondly, these are cross-country cross-country terrain). That is the solution tactical tasks KSU or cross-country, or else other physical exercises. Third, the creation of the most stringent conditions for pre-combat content. The maximum possible amount of knowledge on field medicine. It’s not going to happen. It is also necessary to carry out tests (partial or complete).

It is simply not possible to implement it. But the use of elements is mandatory.

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