Combat Stress: Training and Countermeasures

It is a little bit different. He didn’t shoot.

So to speak – stress tests is necessary. Because of the most important thing risk to life. It can be, is not dangerous. Moreover, there is an interesting point – the more combat experience at the fighter, he is more serious about stress tests. It is the world of peace of mind. kill or hurt. The mechanism of transferring real life experience.

This is clearly seen as an experienced instructor. As a poetic citizens like to say – “the look becomes hard”. Man imposes his real experience on a training situation. Therefore, the program of stress tests It is needed not only for the levels, but also for the levels. Process of training real experience.

Stress tests and their benefits

Any stress test case, let’s say a spherical situation in a vacuum.

The first fight is completely different. This is like the first sex. It is a cruel and a categorical form. That is, you are “no”, and she is “yes” and you are right.

You’ll have to know how to … With the jaws of the jungle stress tests – despite all this madhouse. It is important. But it will be the last.

For example: a person was thrown away, stunned, contusilous, and unsuccessfully dropped on the leg … And here he lies. He really doesn’t see a damn thing. Warm water on the second. Hands do not obey. Growing panic, adrenaline drives the blood like mad. Heart scribbling like a machine gun. What happens to him – a person doesn’t understand categorically … In short, in a minute another heart attack and cranks. Sad? Sadly

What really happened?

Well yes man contusion, stunned, threw aside, his leg became very numb from the blow, and he pissed. This is not a blood flowing. And the man still dies.

Why? How so? It is a person who doesn’t know and doesn’t understand. It is a strongest. And man doesn’t know what happens when contusions, man is not ready for the limbs to go numb. And most importantly – it is not a rule for such an adrenaline rush.

Ask – “How to prepare for this?”
I will answer – “And in full – no way.”

It is a question that has been made up of it. stress. Moreover, the stress of uncontrolled. For fucked up, it is absolutely not clear. It is completely incomprehensible, it is completely incomprehensible. joy of the enemy.

It is a person who simply does not understand. This one has been told and explained.

It is clear that stress tests, It can be even more difficult to deal with issues of physiology and body reactions. It will be a bit like that you’ll experience it.

There will be panic, shock, and fear of what happened.

It would be possible for a person to learn more about how to shock. And, perhaps, even without the help of others. You know such a thing – a person who is long and hard, ceases to notice minor injuries, the body condition? This is because experienced man already damage damage already knows. Moreover, even after receiving a serious injury (for example, in the leg), an experienced fighter will continue to fight.

Why? It’s a situation that will worsen. And so, if you want to go back to hospital,

For inexperienced fighter Any scratch is horror and fucked up. Firstly, because he didn’t hit it. And secondly, do not forget – adrenaline increases pain sensations.

That is, on adrenaline bullet scratch or a shard on the side direct hit howitzer projectile. Moreover, it can be a lot of loss, and not just an illusory shock. Given no blood loss

Stress preparation and necessary measures

It is impossible to prepare for a person. Due to the fact that injured in the process of learning no one will. Frivolous there is no sense. On the cut finger splinter, It has been torn off. And it’s a way to give you a lot of room to your imagination.

But despite the fact that it doesn’t need to be. Moreover, it is not a concern. It is ideal for reducing the physiological and hormonal basis. (Yes, yes, yes, yes, and it is not the zephyric vibrations of the soul, but elementary biochemistry.) That is, fighter must understand that fear – This is a natural reaction of the body, but panic – this is already wrong. Because he couldn’t keep himself under control. Fighter it really is.

Types of stress response and overcoming them

It is not clear that it is not a problem. Not long of course, but will continue. Similarly, with other, less fatal (in the instant sense) wounds. However, it can be easily ignored by such a person. As a result, he will die from real blood loss – This is a fact, but the person will very much maintain combat functionality. So sometimes, if that’s not the case, it’s not.

If you stunned and contused, it is an adrenaline surgeon. Calm down a bit.

It will be a secret to many. The mucous membranes swell. therefore, when you’re trying to inhale violently with the nose, you’ll get a wonderful feeling of suffocation. It will not help. Therefore, always advise breathing with your mouth. And at the expense of three. I.e:

– One-two-three, vooooooh. Until it stops fucking breathe !!!
– One-two-three, vyyyydokh. I said – until it stops fucking !!!

It is the most important thing to calm down.

It is also a condition that it is not a problem. their head or psyche, but their organism and hormonal system. Which just need train, and any stressful situation. Honestly, after such explanations it becomes much easier to live.

Removing the stress of another person

In combat conditions it is everyone must be able to. Given that no super skills here are not necessary. The main thing is not to lose your head. And you know, you can’t make it a little bit harder to go, “BREATHE !!!” BREATHES !!! NOSE OF BREATH !!! “. You look at this and think:
– It would be better than just killed, why mock it.

The tips are very simple.

Do not smack. And then straight. Do you want to hit, give a slap. Nothing brings in balance with the middle ear. And in the face just need to pat. This is done so that the blood flow will be reduced to the cheeks and, accordingly, to the head, normalizing the blood flow. You can’t do it. So, if there are no wounds, and there is a shock, I advise you to slap your thigh in addition to the face. Thus, at two “ends” of the body, blood concentration points are formed. And the blood flow is restored faster. The main thing is not to beat the person.

About the command voice “breathe”

No need to shout. The voice should be loud, but monotonous. Breathing through the mouth and inhale and exhale. It is also because of the increase in blood flow. As a result, it sticks out, sticks it together and it becomes impossible to breathe it. Then if you couldn’t be bleed. And he and so fucked.

It is the easiest way to regulate breathing “in manual” mode.

That is, they said loudly and calmly – inhale, waited, counted out loud loud and calm “One-two-three”, then exhale. Repeat until calm down. It is clear that you can spasm it up with each other.

Something like that. Well, okay, the topic is huge, we will continue and develop.

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Stress in combat conditions: aspects of preparation and countermeasures

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