Comfortable bunker-hole for survival during power supply

The global “event.”
It is necessary for the global catastrophe. For 65 thousand dollars, the Watertown Daily Times.

Earlier it was reported that the British authorities were trading in shelters. True, it was the Winston Churchill. This is a metro station, which was not necessary in the 1930s. It is a scraper. The truth is this pleasure is worth three million dollars.

Well, turnkey bunkers for end customers, according to their individual wishes.

Comfortable underground residential Atlas bunker

To get inside, you must descend through a narrow hatch up the steep stairs.

Life of a large family. It is a bedroom and a living room.

Under the floor there are water reserves, a battery of powerful batteries, It becomes unsuitable for breathing. It can be installed in the comfort of the room.

If the client wants to increase the area, she wants to increase the area.

And now a small tour in the video format:

A source

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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