Communication style when looking for work and potential employers.

The style of communication when looking for work is an important factor. Because if you come to work in a drunken smoke, with an unbuttoned, sorry, fly, smelling of vodka, garlic and spending the night in a stable, I’m afraid you will be refused. Hence the elementary advice. Wash yourself. Shave. Comb your hair. Stroke. Brush your teeth. 

Job Search Communication Style and Potential Employers.

You smile in vain, considering that this goes without saying. American business schools that taught our future directors of the joint venture began their courses for the Russian side with the phrase “It’s better to wash every day, and not once a week.” Better for business. Therefore, do not neglect hygiene. This also affects the success of employment. Dress strictly, preferring the classic style. Less jewelry and cosmetics. Unless, of course, you are not hired to work in a brothel. Ideally, spy on the style of clothing and the behavior of the organization (company) in which you are hired. And in general, try to learn more about its traditions. Do not forget to bring a notebook, pen…

, does not suit you. Even if you are promised interviews, contests, free training, diplomas and the like tinsel as an additional bait. It’s better to cross out such ads right away. Well, or immediately ask about the type and price of the goods. And choose the one that you really will be able to sell through friends, relatives or at the nearest spontaneous market.

Other, more rare and therefore more realistic ads do not let the fog in, but offer to sell the goods. In very small batches. But it’s concrete. Here, first of all, you need to make sure that the goods are not left, not stolen, not rotten, etc. In order not to be in that trade transaction with the buyer extreme. And for this it is necessary to have certificates, permits, the right to trade, etc., for the product accompanying papers, depending on the type of product and place of sale. What exactly is better to know in advance in the nearest administration, and not to listen to the employer’s assurances that there’s nothing to worry about, everyone is trading like that.

It is better not to take on the sale of doubtful goods. Because dissatisfied customers will beat you, and not your owner, unattainable for them. Personally, I would take only the goods that I’m ready to buy myself. I know dozens of cases where people, trading in goods, have fallen into histories that have a criminal continuation. Someone undertook to transport from convoy A to clause B some convolutions in which explosives actually turned out to be. Someone in a strictly defined place and strictly defined people sold cigarettes or cough pills, not realizing that he was distributing drugs. Rather, not wanting to guess, mesmerized by the amount of money diverting to him personally.

Then, when the investigation began and it suddenly became clear that a seven-year imprisonment in distant Siberian regions was shining for the retail sale of pills, sellers began to repent. And to calculate how much money they received for each year of imprisonment. It turned out very little. And who prevented them from starting calculations earlier? What, retail is not suitable? Then we turn to the newspapers again. Announcements of study with subsequent employment. It is tempting to get a new profession and immediately get a well-paid job. True, a lot of money needs to be paid for study. But they, as the advertisement assures, will return in a month of work. Or maybe they won’t return…

Personally, I advise you not to trust the courses that promise to make you a qualified specialist in two or three weeks. Even if a special technique is used there with hypnosis, witchcraft, and white and black magic. It is impossible to teach programming or a foreign language in three weeks. Or in three months. Why then do people study at institutes for five years? All would go to crash courses. Moreover, note that accelerated training programs almost never offer to master specific specialties. No one advertises ten-day training for a car driver, an electric locomotive driver, an airplane pilot, or even a gas welder.

Because students can very quickly bring teachers to clean water by sending a couple of dozen passers-by, passengers, or blowing up an acetylene balloon. Teach the English language, where certainly there will be no deaths, and ignorance of the language can be attributed to the negligence of the student. As for the subsequent after training employment, it is most often just an advertising gimmick that attracts the attention and cash of simpletons. Before you believe in guaranteed employment, you will be asked to show agreements with the relevant organizations where you will be employed.

And only then make your money in cash. If you have them extra. No, courses are not suitable. Then open the newspapers again. The most interesting ads that offer a specific, with strictly defined parameters work. Drivers category. Or programmers who know how to work. Accountants with at least experience. Masons. And it is very desirable indicating the payment. In this case, it is clear that the place is not fake and the employer does not want to talk with hundreds of applicants who have read the advertisement, for which he clearly indicates which employee he wants to have. Such ads are most realistic. True, money also offers realistic, not five hundred dollars a week work. But better, as they say, a tit in their hands than a flock of swans in strangers.

On such job ads, you can call safely. However, for others, those about which I spoke above, too. If you know how to protect your interests and not wait for free favors from the employer. In addition to the passive use of the media, that is, reading ads, the same ads can be given. About myself. With a list of your strengths and a suitable job. Unlimited newspapers in free publications. And if for money, then only in highly specialized, sent to the enterprises of your work profile. In this case, there is a much greater chance that your ad will catch the eye of the employer..

In conclusion, I recommend all the information that you have accumulated in notebooks during the job search period, not to be thrown into the trash, but transferred to other needy people. Lost relatives, acquaintances, neighbors. Or give it to the unemployed on the stock exchange. It will no longer be useful to you, since the situation on the labor market is changing very quickly. And at the next dismissal you will have to start all over again. True, it’s already less painful, along the well-trodden path of job search.

Job search in public organizations.

Most of all, they can be useful to people belonging to a particular category of socially protected citizens: people with disabilities, participants in wars and armed conflicts, liquidators of industrial accidents, etc. You can learn about them by calling the city administration or by contacting the departments of justice that know about them because they are being registered. Or even easier talking to people like you. With fellow sufferers. And then go to the set address with a request for help and work. Only a very persistent request.

All these public organizations and foundations can, and by and large are required, to provide free assistance to their wards. For which they are endowed with financial and other benefits. They should collect a databank that facilitates the search for work, provide legal support, and at best organize their own job-creating enterprises. If they don’t do this, if they don’t want to know the people entrusted to their cares, it means that this is not a public, but a purely commercial organization, which should be covered immediately by the same disabled people or liquidators.

For example, by writing a complaint to local authorities. People who do not belong to any foundations have the right to create their own public organization. Even if there are only a few people. And already acting on behalf of this organization, to demand assistance from the authorities. One person is always much weaker than several. Especially those few who also have print.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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