Compact automatic charger ATABA AT-998 for Ni-Cd and Ni-Mn rechargeable batteries AA and AAA, with auto-adapter, LCD display, discharge, charge, battery level control function, review.

The ATABA AT-998 charger was purchased when the question arose about charging AA and AAA batteries for various electronic mobile devices and gadgets. When you have to carry or carry many different electronic devices when hiking or traveling, the question inevitably and naturally arises of providing them with batteries. Indeed, for example, it will be very unpleasant when you need to photograph something, and the batteries or batteries in the camera are completely exhausted. 

ATABA AT-998 Compact Automatic Battery Charger for Ni-Cd and Ni-Mn AA and AAA batteries, with auto adapter, LCD display, discharge, charge, battery level monitoring function, overview.

All commonly used devices: a Canon Power Shot A1200 camera, a Garmin Dakota 20 GPS receiver, a small Tecsun R-909 multi-channel radio, Fenix ​​LD09 and LD10 flashlights are powered by AA batteries. A four-diode camping lamp and a keychain from the car’s alarm from batteries or AAA batteries. The ancient Nokia 1100 mobile phone, which is still used only because it can work for weeks without recharging, a smartphone and a video camera, is somewhat distinguished from the general line. They work from the original batteries, but the process of charging them is also solved positively..

As you can see, with the unification and interchangeability of batteries, this is more or less normal. And of course, it’s clear that you won’t get enough of simple AA and AAA batteries for all of these devices, a very large number will have to be carried or carried with you. Therefore, it was logical to replace them with batteries of the same formats, in our case Eneloop AA and AAA, which, in addition to many of their positive qualities, also provide high performance even at low temperatures, up to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

With the purchase of the battery, the question arose of choosing and purchasing a universal charger for AA and AAA, which could work both from a regular 220 Volt network and from a 12 volt car network. Additional requirements for it were as follows: four battery slots, multi-channel, that is, the ability to charge both one and several batteries, simultaneous charging of different types of batteries (AA and AAA). At least a minimal indication of the charge process, and of course, low cost. As a result of a short selection, the ATABA AT-998 compact automatic charger was purchased for Ni-Cd / Ni-Mn AA / AAA batteries, with an auto adapter, an LCD display, the function of discharging (zeroing memory), charge and monitoring the battery level.

Compact automatic charger ATABA AT-998 for Ni-Cd and Ni-Mn rechargeable batteries AA and AAA, with auto-adapter, LCD display, discharge, charge, battery level control function, review.

ATABA AT-998 Battery Charger General Features.

Supply voltage: 230 V 50 Hz. or 12 V of a direct current.
Power Consumption: 5.6 W max.
Type of rechargeable battery: Ni-Cd, Ni-Mn.
Number of charge channels: 4 (AA, AAA).
Charge current: AA channel 1.4 V. 1000 mA, AAA channel 1.4 V. 500 mA.
Discharge current: 170mA.
Additionally: protection against overheating of the battery and the charger itself, battery discharge function, battery monitoring and testing system.

The presence of a car adapter for operation from the car’s cigarette lighter socket, for charging a battery from 12 V DC, is also good because it allows the ATABA AT-998 to work from the Goal Zero Nomad 7 solar panel through its standard 12 V output. It helps a lot and is useful for hiking. The ATABA AT-998 charger has four battery slots and is a four-channel charger. Both on channel AA, and channel AAA. Thus, it can simultaneously charge four different in its parameters battery. Different sizes (AA or AAA), capacity and chemical system (Ni-Cd or Ni-Mn).

General ATABA AT-998 Charger Operation Algorithm.

1. Charge with a current of 1000 mA for AA batteries or a current of 500 mA for AAA batteries, then supporting a charge mode to compensate for self-discharge with a current of 30 mA.
2. If the Discharge button is pressed, then: pre-discharge the batteries with a current of 170 mA, then charge with a current of 1000 mA for AA batteries or a current of 500 mA for AAA batteries. Further, a supporting charge mode for compensating self-discharge with a current of 30 mA.

Indication of modes in the ATABA AT-998 charger.

The indicator lights on the panel indicate operating modes. The red color is the battery charge. Yellow discharge. The green end of the battery charge process (cyclic charge mode). The LCD displays (for each channel separately):

1. Battery level indication.
2. Indication of the operation (charge or discharge).
3. Displays information about the unsuitability of the battery for further use. After testing the battery, the built-in controller concludes that the battery is suitable for further use. If it is not suitable, then the display shows BAD and the charging process for this element will be stopped.
4. At the end of the charge process (for each element separately), the inscription OK is displayed, which means that the charge process for this element is successfully completed.

Charge AA and AAA batteries with the ATABA AT-998 Battery Charger.

ATABA AT-998 is fully automatic. Therefore, you do not need to count the charge time and turn off the batteries yourself. All this will be done by electronics, which at the end of the charging process will give a warning signal. The indicator lights up in green and OK appears on the LCD. If the batteries are left in the ATABA AT-998 charger connected to the network after the end of the charge, then nothing bad will happen. They will be in standby mode and simply recharged with low currents to compensate for self-discharge. Therefore, at any time when they are needed, they will be 100% charged.

The charging time depends primarily on the capacity of the battery itself and is, for example, for an Eneloop AA 2000 mAH Ni-Mn battery about three and a half hours (from a 220 V network). This is if you do not previously use the built-in discharge function. The ATABA AT-998 is equipped with a built-in Discharge function for batteries, which is activated by pressing the Discharge button.

When performing a discharge, the device first completely discharges the installed batteries, and then begins to automatically charge them. The ATABA AT-998 has an internal battery monitoring and testing system that checks the batteries installed in it for suitability for use. If the battery is not suitable, then the inscription BAD lights up on the LCD above this element and the discharge and charge functions will not be available for it.

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