Compass and map orientation

An experienced survivalist knows what the race is about. What for? Not so go astray. These tools are easy to use. Their operation does not require any special skills. Assigning a map of

Linear landmarks on the map

Landmarks, various types of roads, glades, etc. If you’re looking for a map of the world, you’ll find yourself on the map.

Compass and map orientation

Compass is a tool for calculating the cardinal points. If you are one. The arrow will begin to oscillate and eventually stop in the north.

If you are a face up to the north, you’re there? The scale of the compass. Next, place a map relative to the horizon.

To find yourself on the map, there are several ways to calculate.

Own location on the map

Local Items

Of course, there is a landmark on the map. It could be anything: a river, a swamp, a lake, a clearing, etc. Mark your reference point.

Nearby objects

It would be impossible to find independently. Having found any significant landmark.

Distance measurement

Traveling along landmarks (along the river, road, path, along a river, etc.) or traveling along a straight line. It is simply the landmarks. Starting from any object marked on the map (for example, a bridge or a riverbed), you consider pairs of your steps. Your location is calculated from the map.

Comparison of terrain on the map

Comparison of the map. It is a landlord and vice versa. It is a thorough study of the planned route, a pattern that can be changed, a clear eye, etc.

Before you go hiking, you should carefully consider the smallest details. Discuss the route with participants. Map of the route.

Not only the landmarks on the route, but also the nearby sites (within radius of sight) are mapped. Do not neglect even the most insignificant detail at first glance. Once you’re settled, you can go for a good mood, inspiration and new sensations.

Well, good luck, gentlemen vyzhivashchiki!

Orientation: compass and map &# 8212; essential tools

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