Compass for survival kit, recommendations for choosing a compass for survival kits and kits.

The compass is the main tool for orientation and should preferably be in each set or set of survival, regardless of the size of which this set is planned. 

Compass for survival kit, compass recommendations for survival kits and kits.

Field compass can be used to.

Orienteering maps.
Azimuth and azimuth motion definitions.
Reverse azimuth movements while avoiding obstacles.
Determination of the height or length of the slope.
Slope Slope Definitions.
Definitions of a point of standing on a map with a reference point of azimuths to landmarks.
Local time definitions in the absence of hours.

Now on sale a huge selection of compasses of various designs and varieties. Many of them are equipped with special devices for a certain type of orientation and additional functions. But perhaps the most practical will be a simple liquid compass. The swing (decay) time of the pointer in such a compass is minimal, and besides, such a compass is more convenient to use on the go.

A digital scale glowing in the dark with a division price of no more than 3 degrees, if necessary, will greatly facilitate the work with the map and the movement in azimuths on the ground. But such compasses are large in size and will not fit in every survival kit. For very small-sized sets, a small compass without a digital scale is suitable with case sizes from 10 mm in diameter. For example, Sun’s Grade product line, Suunto’s Clipper model, Silva’s Metro model. However, due to the lack of a normal scale with divisions, such compasses are only suitable for determining the general direction.

, the compass is only a tool to achieve a specific goal and, accordingly, it must be repeatedly used beforehand, so that the necessary skills and dexterity appear when working with it.

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