Competition Lessons: Practical Shooting and Real Shootout

Author JJ Rakaza

“Practical shooting world of real world …”

This phrase is widespread in the rifle community. I (the author of the article, JJ Racaza – ed.) Personally heard this much more often than we would like. And, at first glance, I agree with her. It is the result of the use of the “real world”.

It is a striking pattern. The goal is to complete one of the most accurate results.

I had the opportunity to contemplate both sides of the “medal”: the sport, and the “fire contact”, I have been shooting for over 22 years. Aftermath of the United States government.

I gained in sports. Four years later, I’m where I’ve come to work in the real field.

I had to go through a large department.

This is how I attended. Instead, I realized that I couldn’t have been a “top world”.

Adaptation to the real world

So, as I, agreeing with the skeptics, still make the last statement?

You can’t be innocent bystanders. It is the competition between the two countries. This is a real life scenario.

Real deadly encounter.

As an experienced shooter, I have a distinct advantage. These are: gun control, shooting and thinking. I learned and practiced these skills during matches and training sessions. I firmly adhere to the old saying:

“In an extreme situation,

If necessary, there is a need to pass qualification tests.

It can be seen when it comes to shooting.

The importance of training

In practice, it is a training course. We always turn out two key points: shooting and gun control.

It is a rule of course, that is, it turns out that it has been a discharged weapon. It is not only saves ammunition, but it also makes it possible for you.

This is a target image.

What is also achieved by “dry” workout. After all, after a few hundred (or thousand) repetitions, you need to get a conscious reflexes.

It is not clear that you can use your equipment (i.e., holsters, shops, ammunition). For your mindset. Me this competition.

It’s every other day when I’m taking it.

It is physically impossible to maintain such intensity in everyday life. But it’s striking that I’m in the world.

A bad plan is better than none

Visualization is something that I often use in competitions. I repeat what I will react. Unlike competitions, there are no variables. It’s not a quicker reaction, but I hope, a quick decision-making process.

About eight years ago I found myself very badly. However, being mentally prepared and knowing my skills, I avoided the fatal finale. You can hope for.

I’m not sure if I’ve gotten my mind? Will I have time to react? I love you to remove the weapon?

It is a car keys. I was trying to get my keys.

I wasn’t worried about the training of the President. Countless times in training. In the end, they laughed nervously and left, telling it.

Skills – the basis of victory

It is an approach to the field of stress state.

It will be a short distance. You can work out high tension. Of course, shooting at paper targets in the real world.

Get rid of your skin. “

This is the case.

And then … The gun, being in my hand, becomes its continuation, and I feel calm and confident. This is a skill that has been given the skills and power scenarios.

About the author: Simon “J.J.” Rakaza

Simon rakaza (Simon “J.J.” Racaza) ranked 2nd (2015) in the world according to the International Pistol Shooting Confederation in the Production class. Three times world champion in open, limited and production classes. He was the instructor at the police academy.

Translator’s Note:
In the article, I’m giving you the phrase “sports shooting”.

For example, the concept refers to bullet shooting (including “sports”). society Dynamo “), competitions (championships, cups and even Championships).

I’m deciding to use the phrase “.

Translation – Yuri Ignatov

Rifle training

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