Concealable weapons: 5 insidious questions to the gun owner

Concealable weapons created a situation around himself is very difficult. At least because in general the use of weapons for self-defense, permitted in some countries, will be considered illegal by others. One of the reasons – the very fact of such an application often creates difficulties for law enforcement officers in the management of a criminal case and the application of laws. And you know perfectly well under whom the laws are now written.

Nevertheless, the possible benefits of concealed carrying of weapons clearly outweigh the numerous risks associated with it. That’s just before you finally make a decision, the future owner of the gun must honestly answer himself a few important and even insidious questions.

Are you ready to change habits?

Concealable weapons – This is not “Guys, I bought a hidden holster, check it out! I will attach it, and no one will know that I have a trunk. ” At least because even the most successful model can still be noticed by chance if you do not watch your movements or unsuccessfully pick up clothes.

A trivial example – newcomers are purely reflexively trying to keep their hand closer to the holster. Including when walking. And the trained eye is very easy to notice. And what is the meaning of hidden wearing of weapons, if those around him guess?

Did you understand the legal side of the issue?

When it comes to weapons, any violation of the established legal norms is fraught with enormous problems. So for a start, at least figure out whether it is permissible in your country a weapon of concealed carrying.

In the same United States with this is especially difficult, because in each state at this point look differently. And a random trip to a friend for the weekend can end in disastrously simply because you did not understand the intricacies of the weapons laws. However, the hidden carrying of weapons is hidden because no one should know about him, even the police, right? If everything is done carefully, then no one will notice, and you will have an extra trump card up your sleeve. And don’t care about the laws, right? No not like this. Because the very principle of survival means not to create problems for yourself out of the blue due to accidents. A violation of weapon laws can lead to such problems, which does not seem to be enough.

Do you have a defensive plan A?

Just because use of concealed weapons – This is B.’s plan. And, to be honest, not even B, but some of the much more distant letters, because a sane person will not start shooting if the situation can be avoided in other ways.

Yes, everything is not so simple – only with experience comes an understanding when it is better to use the skills of “ed ** inga”, when – to hand-to-hand and use non-lethal weapons of self-defense, and when it is better to immediately grab the pistol. It is necessary to learn and work out regularly. But in any case, the first line of defense should be situational awareness and sound caution.

Are you sure about your gear?

And it’s not just about the gun, but about everything else. Including backup means of self-defense. If you do not know how to use banal pepper spray, then defensive tactics should not include its use. If you are struggling to cope with the basic skills of hidden wearing, it is better not to suffer and do everything openly, but within the law. Or, until blue in the face, work off your skills, wear a holster and learn to shoot a pistol.

How often are you ready to train?

Generally, training is not only shooting a pistol, but also getting used to wearing a hidden holster, being able to navigate the situation, and also bringing all these skills to a state of reflexes. Which, alas, eventually fade away. And here it is all individually. Some argue that it is enough for them every six months to go to the shooting range, shoot a few shops, and then go home – and they are always ready to act decisively, bravely and skillfully. They lie. More precisely, they can be sure that they can, but in practice – this is complete nonsense.

The best way to perfection is to refresh mechanical memory almost every week. So take a sober look at yourself and decide how often you need to take a weapon in your hands, so as not to lose the skill.


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