Conducting regular training

Deep night; and you suddenly hear it! On the floor below; You have seconds to answer the questions:

  • What are you going to do?
  • What will your children do?
  • How is your wife going to respond to the threat?

Well, if you don’t have a little dim. Unfortunately, the guy who just broke in

Periodically carry out routine teachings – training disasters.

I couldn’t say how much to check how much. It comes down to two things: planning and training!

Editor’s Note. The author is an American. So he gives his advice, based on the American life and potential dangers. But it gives it a lot of advice.

Building a cataclysms

The first step in the planning process is figuring out what you are actually planning! It is actually preparing for the threat.

Make a list of the most probable threats, that you may encounter based on:

  • you have happened in your area;
  • statistics of your geographic location;
  • you must be a good look at.

Based on the list of identified threats plans:

  1. Evacuation plan from home. This is a basic plan; it includes planning for a fire, earthquake, or home invasion.
  2. Escape plan. This plan takes your evacuation plan to the next level. It can be taken away from you, maybe even the country.
  3. Plan to return home. If you work far away from home, or even go to a local grocery store, you can go away from home.
  4. Communication plan. Presumably during the BP, most of the communication channels will disappear. Therefore, it is necessary to contact those you love.

Conducting regular safety training in case of emergency

After you have made your plans, you need to check how they work, actually. Where are your plans? safety training.

This training should not be taken into account. You can start with.

In the house

When it comes to the most likely threats, fires are at the top of each list. Every year, there are more than three thousand people who have been injured!

If you have children, then you are probably already very familiar with fire drills – so if there is one child-schoolboy, it is already a great start!

When you conduct exercises for the first time, everyone should know about it. Calmly and deliberately!

After the exercises, you need to know how to act. surprise teachings – early in the morning It is a real fire!

Points that must be included in your workout:

  • Alarm and shout: “We are burning, we are burning!”. Noise, which will produce a real fire!
  • According to your evacuation plan, it’s necessary to meet your children’s needs (usually somewhere near the house).
  • It is a hot fire. If you’re having a little house building, you can buy a fire escape.
  • Train grab something to cover your mouth!
  • It makes it possible for you to get out of the house.

It is much easier to live. So they mainly have their own houses – ed.

Disaster Survival Training: Tornadoes and Earthquakes

Making plans training exercises not too different from fireproof. It is your goal.

Points that must be included in the teachings:

  • Make sure that the teachings are realistic. Try to simulate things that can happen during a power supply. If you’re in the middle of a natural disaster;
  • check all escape routes. Make sure everyone is familiar with evacuation plan, get it in the plan;
  • If you are using your mobile phone;
  • check it away from home;
  • make sure you are taken during the BP. It would make it possible for you to, without any anything.

Practicing shooting and action in aggressive attacks

The crime is still growing. Understanding your ability to protect yourself during the aggressive attack.

Things to include in your list:

  • explain the situation is dangerous. Clo clo clo clo clo clo clo clo clo clo clo Read this article next time; you can use during the exercise;
  • remember how the sounds of shots sound. This is especially important for schoolchildren – they might not have heard the real shots. The sound is in reality;
  • consider shopping conduct exercises. In public places, emergency exits and escape routes. Talk to your family?
  • explain the difference between cover and disguise. Meanwhile, it’s a huge difference. It would be possible to escape at the right time;
  • There are no questions about how to train.

Intrusion Instruction

According to the FBI, more than one million homes are being robbed year after year. When it comes to crime, a person can face.

  • There must be a signal. It is time to act. It can be a lonely alarm
  • There must be a way to a safe place. A safe room for each room. It is especially important to ensure that you can’t keep up with it.
  • Situations. It’s not a problem. Children need to be able to learn how to call you.

During BP, even the best plans can fail. Because of the nature of the most disasters, there will be a significant chance. Holding training exercises can help you identify problems before they actually become problems.

Source – Preparedness Drills: Conducting Routine Emergency Drills & Disaster Training

How to be prepared:

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