Conflict ways to resolve a conflict

Not all conflicts can be resolved only by assault. Sometimes it’s possible that you’re even dying.


  • Scandal
  • Insult
  • Word weapon
  • Curb irritation
  • Admitting wrong
  • Vengeance


and the stupid is irritable and arrogant.

Proverbs Solomon’s Book (14:16)

The clash of interests of people is inevitable. In general, there is no conflict or conflict. This is a place under the sun. It’s not a person.

For many minor skirmishes are completely useless. If you are not clear of its consequences. It is dangerous to make enemies even if they seem insignificant. Neighboring teenagers offended by you can junk garbage in your mailbox or even burn your door. The person is insulted. It is always necessary to disregard it.

There are people stupid, selfish, aggressive. If you want to get a little bit of it, you can’t make it. . You can still get it. It gives rise to it. But you shouldn’t have to avoid conflicts. It is not a risk to take too much risk. Not every conflict leads to serious injuries, in time.


Scandal (hassle) is of several types:

  1. When achieve some kind of action;
  2. When they want to just spoil someone’s mood;
  3. When they want to take out the anger, “discharge” is still on someone.

Take a look at the scandal. If you’re a clash, you’re silently. This sounds regrettable, but in scandals, you also need to exercise regularly. Otherwise, it will be shaking, or even it will be shaking.

The following is recommended:

  • Keep calm and firm;
  • Take your case of witnesses and physical evidence;
  • Remember who did what and said, who saw and heard;
  • Do not shout, do not utult, do not utter, vague and, most importantly, criminal threats, do not speak contemptuously;
  • He is talking to you;
  • Do not touch him, do not enclose him;
  • Trying to reassure the enemy with this, for example, a replica: “Let’s not get it caught up in insults, without understanding what’s wrong”;
  • Under circumstances;
  • Clarify what you pursue;
  • Do not argue; do not require an apology; If you’re not guilty of something, you’ll be guilty of something;
  • If it turns out that both parties are guilty, offer a compromise;
  • Unless absolutely necessary, do not use physical violence;
  • Little bit more. by you will surely take revenge from you;
  • If you want to get a little bit of it, you can’t get it. ;
  • Subsequently, the prosecutor’s office,

You should always try to achieve your goals by negotiation (even if you are confident). Show, find out your interests, explain yours. Parties. Do not order, do not criticize. Make a compliment. Imagine. Give your opponent the opportunity to save face.


Your reaction to insults should not be determined by the circumstances. It was one of the occasional public health. If you respond to an insult with the same, you will receive more information. You’ll have the answer.

In any society, there is a large proportion of inferior personalities who are distinguished by increased excitability and / or disregard for other people’s interests. It is useless to bring you up. They understand only the language of force. But you can fight them. If your opportunities are insignificant, then you can’t go to your body. It is necessary to ensure that it is necessary to ensure that it is necessary. You can also make it clear.

Word weapon

The word is difficult to use. In a word, you can strike a painful blow more than a fist. It is important that he can speak in a conflict. It is still necessary to make it. Insults, threats, boasting, exhortations, appeals to others for help. If you want to make a difference, you need to advance and memorize. It is not necessary to “scum”, “shit”, etc. Such words as “geek”, “insignificance”, “imbecile”, “it can be“ From the same I hear ”scheme. If you say, “Shut your mouth, moron! ”, They can answer,“ The ironic definitions: “You’re not asking for an activist!”. They are not irrecoverable flaws:

  • “You, fat, not pyzhsya, and the stomach will burst!”
  • “You, skinny, do not twitch, otherwise you will break in half!”
  • “You, little one, go to the gym.
  • “Are you broad-shouldered, tired of the bunk?”
  • “Old man, you should go and think about your soul!”
  • “Boy, you’d better have learned the lessons!”

It is never threaten. Say “I will kill” only when this tool in self-defense. This is a reminder of your possible revenge. Tell me about it in the following terms:

  • “I am terribly vindictive”;
  • “Next time I will not be alone”;
  • “You did it without thinking about the consequences”;
  • “Now I will always be behind your back”;
  • “Bear in mind that you have to pay for everything”;
  • “You will regret it many more times”; etc.

Your own feeling of annoyance.

Curb irritation

Human quarrels would not have lasted so long
If all the fault was on one side.

Laroshfuko. “Maxims” (496).

Do not rush to make it. What is a sign of neurasthenia? In the room, go for a walk. It is important that the body is spent on the body. By all means avoid quarrels at work. If you want, you can pay tribute to the offender. Or you can’t, or he probably will. It is better to get rid of his presence: go somewhere for business. If you want to get away from it, you can’t hear it.

Do not get excited, do not get excited, do not get your patience burst noisily. Let your anger be only external. Focus on avoiding screaming and insults. For example, about self-organization (if it is difficult to contain irritation); It’s a convenient way to communicate; fool this will be your opponent (fool life will punish without your participation); about something extraneous and pleasant.

If you are a man of any kind, it is not a problem.

Admitting wrong

Since it’s happening, it’s not true. This is not a significant benefit. If you want to follow your mind or not. you are out of fear of such an insignificant opponent; If you can’t get it, you can’t get it.


For you in retribution life.

Quran (2: 175)

The crime must be punished. It’s not a problem. Nevertheless, it should be avoided. It will be a mitigating circumstance that you will fall into lynch. From the moral point of view, there are three types of response to damage:

  1. An eye for an eye;
  2. To strike two blows;
  3. Hit the right cheek to substitute the left.

Do you have to be flexible in your choice of response? That is, to proceed. If you are not incorrigibly vicious, you can’t be mistaken. It can be a question. If you want to keep your reputation.

Wait six months with a punishment so that your opponent does not connect his troubles with you. It makes it possible to anticipate of retribution. It’s not a problem. It is not your activities, such as: building up muscles, training, and more. It’s a challenge to make it. as a person who will have more opportunities than you. It is a scam.

It is a good idea to use it. For some of your enemies, painful punishment will be the news of your successes. This will be the case. In this case, you can’t make it any longer. If you’re not

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book The Art of Survival

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