Confrontation technology “Window Overtona”

What is technology “Overton Window”?

The Overtona The “beauty” of this technology is that it works. Usually, its meaning is revealed. In this case, the impact on the subconscious occurs.

I would describe main leverage on humans in this way:

  1. Tolerance.
  2. Euphemism.
  3. Belonging to the pack.
  4. The illusion of authority.
  5. Legitimate means right.

Maslow’s pyramid.

Here is the “Maslow Pyramid”.

  1. Physiological needs: hunger, thirst, sexual desire, etc.
  2. For fear of failure and fear of failure.
  3. The need for accessories and love.
  4. Need for respect: success, approval, recognition.
  5. Cognitive needs: to know, be able to explore.
  6. Aesthetic needs: harmony, order, beauty.
  7. The goal of their own personality.

If you are not satisfied, you need to be sure that you need it.

  • Tolerance, even the most disgusting opinions in everyday life. Most interestingly, in addition to tolerance, there is one more definition – voluntary suffering suffering. It is this definition. It agrees to aggression and our contender with our opponent.
  • Euphemism It is an indispensable component to overcome internal resistance. It’s not worth it. For example, the word “Pederast” (from the other, Greek. ???? – “child”, “boy”, and ??????? – “loving”, that is, “loving boys”) comes the neutral word “gay.” “My friend is gay” and “My friend is a pederast” have a completely different emotional load.
  • Belonging to a flock It is a set of needs. It means that each person speaks in public. If you have experience, think about it, please. If you are a woman, you’ll be able to make the best of your choice. In this case, it is important to speak of disagreement without using it. Personally, I rarely met people capable of such actions.
  • The illusion of authority again it is imposed from outside. There is a chill of disagreement, “Authority”. Moreover, the authority itself. It was not the case that we’ve taken it that way. Recently, for the “Authority” is not even personalities. Increasingly, we hear – “scientists discovered …., psychologists say …., the side said …”, etc.
  • Legality is the rule of accepting alien norms.From now on, I’m not agreeing with me “. Thus, compensating for something that’s not peculiar to my personality. I blame others for backwardness or provocation, that is within me. The famous psychiatrist KG Jung is a fanaticism. It is not a hint of resentment. The conviction of the conviction of others. Legality gives every right to do so.

Implications of the Overtona Window Technology

This is a person who loses harmony, receiving no end of internal disputes. If you’re a person happy. Of the desired vector of development.

After all, you’re forced to maintain your illusions. People are losing touch with their roots and culture. In other words, a person turns out to be a tumbleweed, becoming more dry.

We can find you in developed countries. Feelier, people paying for comfort with humanity.

He has a lot of fun to do. He was still struggling. In this case, permanent employment for 12 hours a day alienated from his family. The woman feels that she’s not so daring to reproach, that she’s not so much. Children became the cynical egoists. If you’re a little bit long, you’ve been in a 2-room apartment , spending together weekends holidays and vacations.

In his case, he was replaced by a vigor. It is not a matter of mandatory attributes. The goal is that the goal comes when it comes to them.

Confrontation technology “Window Overtona”

First of all, you can be “normal”. At that moment, when the “individual” is replaced by the “normal”, we automatically transfer it. At best, we’ll be comfortable for you. It is the culture of the individuality. This is a world heritage of life. I love you to follow them.

Concept tolerance you need to protect your borders. For example, it’s possible that they’re willing to accept the rules of the Slavs.

WITH euphemisms highlighting the true meaning of information. If this is a “picture” of the TV, then try to repeat it. If this is a person who argues with him, then rephrase his words without resorting to euphemisms. It works very soberingly even for the person himself. For example, if you’re aware of what you’ve asked for? What do you think? “

WITH belonging to a pack difficult to fight, and not necessary. It is important to understand where it’s possible. For example: “It is a woman who wants to go on a journey.” suitable for our society to become part of our culture ”.

Authoritative opinion, In most cases, it can be credited without credit.

For example, if you’re thinking about what you’re talking about. If your neighbor says the same thing? If the authority becomes the “Captain of Evidence”, then Repeat with a clever look? If you, however, you have heard it yourself. He wants to earn your money.

Is it worth legality take as higher recognition? I have an unequivocal answer. I will add only my observation of my caring for people. I specifically picked up a non-political example. The public sector wages fell sharply compared to food prices. Show the report border guards. It is clear that people go to work. They acted differently – in the instructions. It would seem – great! People finally do what is required of them. Only the queues at the borders increased 6 times. It turns out that it’s not possible to follow the rule of law.

It has been decided that it will be possible to use it for each individual. “Over all,” overtones, “You’re personally obligated to remain human.” A person is able to find a solution to any problem. It is a common idea. “

Author: Evgeny Khavrenko

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