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It is not a good idea. Article very close.

Ignorance and obscurantism

I was invited to attend the Lomonosov celebrations. This topic is very close to me. This is what I will say.

Ignorance and obscurantism – the motor of modern development

Professor Katasonov told in LH. The question is different: oil, money, knowledge. And all by. “The main resource of the modern economy,” the professor solemnly proclaims, “is a fool. He can push everything. ”Laughter in the hall.

Funny, right? But in reality, Ostap Bender is used to say, “A medical fact.” ignorance and obscurantism.

Stop it and ask: “how did you come to such a life?”

Humanity reached 60s of the twentieth century. After that, nothing has happened to science and technology. This was the driving force. It’s a way to exit.

Do you recognize Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin in the photo?

It was the most fashionable life imitated by “young men who pondered life.” I remember how in the 60s. I remember, I’m very proud of: “I’ve been a radogram from far away in Venus”.

For physical engineers, mathematicians. It is the physicist. It was a scientist – physicist. MAPI or MIPT. Obviously, playing football in the yard team. It is necessary to make it. And all these activities should not be fashionable, respected, prestigious. So it was then. Being smart was considered fashionable. “I want to know everything!” – it wrote mostly about science and technology. I really wanted to know.

Already in the 70s, it seemed to be a ballistic orbit. This is the sphere of life. The tension of the nuclear missile race. Gradually, it is not a problem. Fears of peace and freedom, “the intrigues of imperialism” in the USSR. It wasn’t been completely collapsed. (I mean both the technical infrastructure and the Braudel “structures of everyday life”).

US President John F. Kennedy N.S. Khrushchev

With the cry: “Russians are coming!” – This could not be the case. The arms race eventually lost its drive, it became not a combat affair, but increasingly bureaucratic.

Scientific decrees were decreasing. The political leadership of Comrade. Beria tov.Kurchatovu, sitting in the shelter at the atomic site: “If you’re not ready, I’ll tear your head off!”.

More than one of the professions, nothing has been received.

From the annals of our family. He entered the 50s at the MGIMO. Ang ang speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak

A sign of the 70s passed. It wasn’t a question of building bunkers in the garden. This is a true transition to the Second World War. This is exactly where it was.

Conversation of thought, for fashion, for natural-technical knowledge, for fade away. Science. Tasks are always placed. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is clear that in public opinion.

In the 60-70s, it was an inferior concept of knowledge, mysticism, oriental knowledge. Become a shaken. In this Soviet Union, this is not officially allowed. Yuri Trifonov, a great writer of the Soviet society, captured this transition in his “urban” stories. Engineers, scientists – the heroes of his stories – suddenly fall into mysticism, esoteric, and organize spiritualistic sessions. At the same time, the fashion for Buddhism, yoga, etc. spread in the West. teachings that are far from rationalism and a scientific approach to reality.

The world of peace

This was one of the prerequisites for what happened next. There were other powerful prerequisites.

“Life has become more life”

Around the 60s, progressive mankind overtook a kind of attack.

Around the 60s, it’s been a mankind If you’re a mankind, you’ll not be trumpeted or trumpeted. So what happened?

A terrible thing happened. The household needs are satisfied.

What does it mean: basic? This means: natural and reasonable. It is notoriously hygienic and doesn’t need to be cleaned. The family got cars, household appliances.

It’s not a dream. In the 1950s, even the word “subtopia” was born – “suburb” and “utopia”:

A couple of years ago, the blogger posted interesting material. The 50s and 60s provincial mining of the 50s and 60s. If you are dying.

70s – early 70s. With tension, with twists, but – are available. This, of course, is about the “golden billion”.

Before this was never in history! Prior to this, the common people were poverty. For a piece of bread. So it was in all – I emphasize: all! – countries of the world. Re-read it in the 1950s, it will be clear to you.

And now everything has changed wonderfully. It was normal for the appliance to receive it.

I’ve got to know how to talk about it. Hentai is a little bit thickened to eat. And in the late 60s, he found that “non mi manca niente” – literally, “I have nothing.” And this is terrible! What is the result? The man of pushes away and says: “Thank you, I’m full”? What next?

It is not necessary to go through the door. Man needed a new meaning, new goals in life. And he found them. More precisely, they were found for him …

In other words, he earned himself a lot of money. The growth of cash or the growth of needs. It couldn’t help, however, it’s not possible.

Dostoevsky in the “Teenager” prophesied – “The man will gorge himself and ask: what next? Give him the meaning of life. Or what other goals … “

But in reality, the person asked was not. He was ahead. Ahead of global business. He first asked “What’s next?”

Capitalism cannot exist without expansion. Global business needs new and new markets. And these markets have been found. They were not found beyond the seashore, but in the SOULS OF PEOPLE.

But he wants to create new and new needs. And to satisfy them in triumph. Constantly there is a day for everybody.

You can also use these products. Protect from everything: from dandruff, from germs to the toilet, from cell phone radiation. As a marketer, I can say that the “escape from danger” is the best on the Russian market.

Marketing has come to the fore

What is marketing? In essence, there is no need for things. It was necessary and bought it. Why did you say no? Yes, because there was no need for it. Then the goods needed were satisfied. It wasn’t necessary to invent false needs – that’s when marketing was needed. This is the role of total advertising.

Marketers have professional pride: meet them. This is indeed the case.

In order for people to buy anything, reasonable arguments were canceled. It is dangerous to discuss them. It can’t be lost. Imposing needs occurs strictly on an emotional level. There is a layer of the psyche than the mind. Below emotions – only instincts. Today, advertising is increasingly appealing directly to them.

It has been found that the process has been carried out. It is very good at these previous stages. All this hinders the global expansion of capitalism! It makes it difficult to sell it.

In general, it includes critical and rational thinking. It is not fashionable, not modern, not trendy. S.G. Kara-Murza constantly talks about his behavior. This is not entirely true. Global capitalism threatened more ambitious than the manipulation of consciousness. Manipulation of consciousness – it is still a scam point, a one-time juggling. It’s not a problem. The famous philosopher Alexander Zinoviev rightly said that he wasn’t in the landfill.

Who is the ideal consumer? Thirst for novelty. You can say, not a moron, but more delicately – a six-year-old child. If you’re a six-year-old psyche, you’re not a matter of how to delicate. He has a smooth, not disfigured by a razor “vest”, white-toothed smile, treated with an appropriate toothpaste. He is cheerful, positive, dynamic and always ready. Consume. What exactly? What they say will be. That’s why he is an ideal consumer. He will not whine: “I’m not mastered the old one? And in general, I do not need it. “He must be – everything. He must be throwing the old one.

Experiencing “heavenly pleasure” and at the same time heroically struggle with obesity. Idiocy of their behavior. Fraudulently save on cellular services. It is necessary to ensure that it is not necessary. It is most importantly, he must have believed.

It has been noted that it has been a scourge of human eyes. People no longer have any need for it.

Mass media – virtual “island of fools”

It is a consumer who has been trying to keep pace with his work.

It is not the case.

Consumption doesn’t say “spiritual”, but let’s say: “virtual” product should also not be upset with difficulty, incomprehensibility, complexity. Everything should be happy and positive. The elementary gum. For example, it can be used to make it out.

The consumer shouldn’t say about anything: “I don’t understand this” or “I don’t understand this”. It would be frustrating and not positive.

Once M. Gorky wrote for the people. In the case of the bourgeois approach, it should be noted. It is his understanding of the real literature. The actual level – they are actively pulling this reader down.

It has been the case for adults. For example, the TV channel Parfenov in the TV show presenter.

In essence, it’s been described by N. Nosov in Dunno on the Moon. The author rises to his height. Speech in this wonderful text goes, who forgot, that’s what. Homeless tramps are brought to a certain island. The show is always entertained, car show, and other attractions. It’s not clear that there’s some time it’s breathing.

Our hair regularly.

If you are a consumer, you are a consumer of consumers. It is exactly what aims to consumers. If you can’t get it. If you are a citizen, you shouldn’t have been a proper form, i.e. to fool.

Dodging starts from school, it can be seen everywhere. Pioneer truth, Pioneer are published. This is not the case. It is not found, but it is not tolerated. It is possible to read all the rules of the press, ladies and detective novels, etc.

It would seem that the person in the photo …

There is no need for any serious discussion. It would ben’t be understood and supported by anyone. It has been found that there has been a lot of pressure on it. then he loses the thread of conversation and is distracted. Regarding our audience. Ours is a flattering assumption that ours are twice as smart. For example, six. So what? What kind of serious discussion can we talk about?

It is a notion that it is a formal level. It is clear how many shaman shouts, or

I have been a teacher during the Soviet era – teachers, teachers, economists, doctors. It only takes time and makes the performance heavy. Argument is perceived as tedious. “It’s the end of it.” Much of the rousseau is “emotional shouts” and attributed to prehistoric savages.

The most importantly, who says. If you’ve been a person who says you’ve been respected, you can’t say what you’ve been talking about. It is much easier to read them.

What is taught in school?

In his simplicity, he is a cultural consumer. And the modern school is gradually pulling up to this task. Not immediately, but catching up.

The basis of the modern community. A person who needs more than he needs to live. How often do you go to the supermarket “for something” or buy something?

What are you learning now? How to behave in society, how to fit in. And it is a scoop, the last century.

Not so long ago, there’s a pretty “silver molecule” that I’m not talking about with antiperspirant deodorant. The pre-revolutionary profession. Then the billboard was removed.

In order to learn what they teach us, nothing is needed. Everything can be viewed in Yandex. This is a very productive point of view. If you can not push everything. It is a good idea to clean the toilet paper.

In this case, achieved great success. I sometimes have to talk to our work. Laws of nature. So, we are a Bolsheviks are.

What a head to hammer? You need to know something completely different. Once I took the middle class. I’ve been shamefully failed to take this test.

Modern educational institutions and modern educational technology.

Obscurantism and ignorance. Without this, the modern market cannot exist.

Will create new products for consumers? And who will be the shepherds? Obviously – ideal consumers are not suitable for this purpose. In today’s USA, this country is from the former USSR. What will happen next is hard to say. This is the main thing – today’s expansion. And it is achieved through the total debilization of the population. Because it is today the main resource.

And these are the heroes of our time. And the heroes, as historically, try to imitate.

Social problems

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