Convoy and elimination of the GTA gang

No matter how hard you put the screws on, no matter how much you blow up the staff of law enforcement agencies, how not to prohibit legal firearms, but the criminal world will still present surprises. With the help of illegal firearms, of course. Here and the current situation would rather fit the criminal scenes from the nineties, rather than modern Russia. In short, members gta gangs, the motorists who were killed on the highway for the purpose of robbery attacked a police convoy accompanying them and seized weapons. And not just anywhere, but right in the building of the Moscow Regional Court. And now the details.

So. year 2012. Someone Ibaidullo Subkhanov decided that the traditional ways of earning money are clearly ineffective. Therefore, he created an absolutely win-win scheme. A classic ambush takes place on a remote road. With spikes, arms, almost anti-tank hedgehogs. Cars slow down, drivers are shot, robbed corpses, equipment is stolen and sold. All this happened on the territory of the Moscow region, where the people, you know, are better off. Most often – on the highway M-4 “Don”. And from 2012 to 2014 there were a number of successful attacks – about 17 corpses appeared in the case. So what’s up with gta gangs (as the journalists christened them, for the tactics of the action, similar to the methods of the heroes of this computer game) went well. For the time being.

Ibaidullo Subkhanov, the leader of the GTA gangIbaidullo Subkhanov, the leader of the GTA gang

However, our police are also not in vain for salary. Gang gta nevertheless, it was neutralized, most of the current members were captured, and 5 people – at the dacha of a relative of the former prosecutor Alexei Staroverov. Who knew perfectly well who provided shelter. The capture was of high quality – special forces, shooting, at least one corpse. In short, an organized criminal group with all the resulting articles. So numerous (9 people, mostly illegal immigrants from neighboring countries, countrymen of Subkhanov) participants gta gangs was awaiting trial. Where they began to periodically carry under escort.

So, the situation. August 1, 2017. Elevator, 5 criminals who killed people just like that and who have nothing to lose, 2 escorts with service weapons, one of which is a woman. What could go SO? Not surprisingly, the bandits attacked the escort and took away their weapons. It is surprising that they did not kill anyone. Well, the subsequent exchange of fire with the fighters of the Rosguards put everything in its place – three of them were shot on the spot, two were seriously injured and taken to hospital. There are no injuries among the employees of the Rosguard. The escorts escaped with grievous bodily harm.

By the way. And why do we even cover this news? We seem to be not engaged in criminal chronicles. And because all this perfectly corresponds to the situation with civilian weapons in Russia. When the bandits have it, but the victims do not. But as soon as the aggressor is faced with prepared and armed resistance, the situation changes to the exact opposite. Seriously, the bandits DO NOT COUNT that their victims will defend themselves. They clearly know that the owners legal hunting weapons are unlikely to carry it with you in the car. A banal concealed pistol for self-defense, we are still rare. And there are practically no chances to run into the second option, which means there is nothing to fear.

It is unlikely, of course, the situation will soon change. Nevertheless, sane people are slowly beginning to realize the need for permission to a full-fledged weapon for self-defense. And the more we will have – the more chances we have to achieve something.


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