Cooking and eating snakes for food

Never play “Edible – not edible” with the Chinese

If you want to do that, you can’t get it. It was not considered as food before. For example, snake meat in food.

Any snake is a whole meat hose. Absolutely any – poisonous, not poisonous, sea, land. This is, of course, the hose of course. There are only two problems.

Point of view snake meat in food – It is clearly not the fangs with poison. So it is a spear and a knife, it is dangerous to hunt it. It is necessary to make it possible, however, that it has been the case for the jaws of these reptiles.

The second problem is the small bones. Much more than in the bony varieties of fish. And even a little baking does not help much of course, it becomes easier. This is the path to the broth.

And by the way, there is also a third problem – you may be allergic to snake meat, like any protein at all.

So what to do? Again, contact the Chinese, “how.” Or by yourself recalling such a traditional dish khe. If you want to be bored, then if you want to. He also copes with an unpleasant smell perfectly. Here is the question of specific quantity.

Further recipe of one of our readers. It is a recipe for poisonous snakes.

Snake khe

We cut off the snake head. We pierce from anal to the head. We remove the interior. Remove the skin. Chop with an hatchet 2 cm (one and a half fingers). Large shred onions. Add pepper peas, slightly pounded jeera. Table vinegar (it almost dissolves small bones), of course apple is best, we dilute one part water into two parts of vinegar. Fill and stir at intervals of about 15-20 minutes. After 3-4 hours you can eat. But better in the morning.

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