Cooking cereals and other dishes in a thermos in a field and camping conditions. The ratio of cereals and water.

Thermos is one of the ingenious inventions of mankind. It is not even clear why we do not use thermoses more often. After all, they could save most of the energy and time spent by us on cooking. In any case, sometimes on foot or by car, or in another situation. For example, in a train, when it’s problematic to boil water yourself, it will be possible and very reasonable to find boiling water and cook porridge in a thermos. 

Cooking cereals and other dishes in a thermos in a field and camping conditions. The ratio of cereals and water.

For example, rice usually needs to be cooked for about 15-20 minutes, sometimes more, but you can fill it in a thermos, pour boiling water over it and leave it for several hours or overnight, and the dish will be ready. So, the same rice will cook slower, but by the time the next meal comes, it will certainly be ready. At the same time, for example, a marching gas burner will work only about 5 minutes, only to bring the water to a boil.

Thermos retains heat well for a fairly long time, sometimes up to a day. During this time, almost any cereal has time to fully boil, and it has been scientifically proven that the lower the temperature of cooking, the less vitamins and other useful substances are destroyed. Therefore, cooking in a thermos not only saves fuel, but also benefits health.

Cooking cereals and other dishes in a thermos in a field and camping conditions. The ratio of cereals and water.
cooking will be difficult or simply impossible; food can be prepared in advance in thermoses. One with coffee or tea, and the other with porridge, meat and vegetables, which will provide you with hot food for at least one day. For convenience, you can buy 2-3 thermoses and use them constantly. With a narrow neck for coffee or tea, wide for different dishes.

The most practical stainless steel thermoses. Thermoses with glass flasks of course keep heat better, but they easily break if accidentally dropped, which will sooner or later happen. Experiment with a thermos, it can be used not only for making porridge, but also for cooking any other dishes. Soups, vegetables, fish and much more can be prepared in a thermos without any changes in recipes. Only the cooking time increases. We can assume that the boiling hour on fire is equivalent to 4-5 hours of languishing in a slowly cooling thermos.

It will be very convenient not to waste time cooking in the morning, but just unscrew the lid of the thermos and immediately get a tasty and hot dish. To do this, just do not be too lazy to charge a thermos in the evening. Pour cereal or cereal into it and brew it with hot water. At the same time, it will be necessary to light a gas or alcohol burner only in order to boil water.

The ratio of cereals and water for making porridge in a thermos.

The ratio of water to the amount of cereal usually depends on the size and shape of the thermos itself and is determined experimentally. You can use both whole grain and ground into cereal. If you want to get porridge with a consistency of mashed potatoes, then grind the cereal into powder. The initial data, so that there is something to start from, are as follows (cereal: water):

Buckwheat – 1: 2
Steamed Rice – 1: 2-3
Plain Rice – 1: 4-5
Oatmeal – 1: 3
Ground Corn – 1: 4-5
Wheat groats – 1: 2-3
Whole Grain of Wheat – 1: 2
Whole grain rye – 1: 2
Millet – 1: 2-3

Pour the cereal into a wide-necked thermos, add salt and spices to taste, pour boiling water. Depending on the desire to get friable or liquid porridge, as well as on the moisture content in the grain, adjust the amount of water to your liking. Mix thoroughly and tighten the lid tightly. After 4-5 hours, porridge in a thermos will be ready.

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