Cooking cereals from crackers, fish, baked potatoes, meat and mushrooms on the hike, simple camping recipes.

Making porridge from rusks is very simple. Pour a little water into a bowl with white crackers and heat at the stake to make the crackers soft and warm. Then add oil and mix. 

Cooking porridge, fish, baked potatoes, meat and mushrooms on the hike, simple camping recipes.

Cold crumb porridge recipe.

Such porridge is prepared in the absence of a bonfire from crumb crumbs mixed in condensed milk with the addition of cocoa.

the ash will warm up well and accumulate, it is necessary to move the burning wood aside, quickly make a small depression, pour hot ash into it, lay the potatoes and cover it with ash, and then the burning heads. Potatoes are baked for 20-25 minutes. There is another, less well-known way. Pure dry sand is poured into a large tin can or bucket, the potatoes are buried in it and the bucket is covered with hot coals. After about an hour, the potatoes are ready.

Cooking baked eggs in campfire ash.

Eggs are pre-washed, wiped dry and buried in a not very hot ash (70-80 degrees), otherwise they will burst.

Baked fish recipe in ash.

The cleaned and gutted fish is washed in cold water, salted inside and out, cut large into two parts along the ridge and greased with oil on the inside, wrapped in two layers of parchment moistened with water on both sides (if there is no parchment, you can wrap it in green leaves ), and put in a rather hot ash. After 15-20 minutes they take out, check the readiness with a fork. In non-hot ash, large fish is baked for 40-50 minutes.

Cooking fish baked in the ground.

Having cleaned of scales and entrails, the fish is rubbed with salt, greased with fat, wrapped in a clean rag well soaked with vegetable oil, tied with twine or bast and buried in a small pit (the size of a fish) so that the ground layer is no thicker than three fingers. They tamp the earth and light a fire on this spot. In an hour, the fish will be ready.

Clay fried fish recipe.

The prepared fish is rubbed with salt inside and out, coated with oil, wrapped in maple leaves. Then in a clean rag, soaked in vegetable oil, tied with twine. Coat with clay and put in hot ash. From time to time, carefully turn over. Readiness of fish can be determined by cracking clay.

Cooking boiled fish with garlic.

Peeled fish (any small), put onions in a pot, pour water, hang over a fire and bring to a boil. Then remove it, add salt, bay leaf, allspice to the broth and bring to a boil again. Clean pike, pike perch or perch from scales, entrails and gills, grate with salt, cut into large pieces, lower into a pot and cook until cooked. Grind finely chopped garlic with salt, put in a mug, pour in broth, mix well and pour pieces of cooked fish with this mixture.

Cooking a simple lamb kebab.

Wash the lamb, cut into slices and put in vinegar for 10-12 hours. Then string on a skewer (ramrod, wire, stick), alternating pieces of meat with slices of onions, salt, sprinkle with pepper and fry over the coals, pouring meat for juiciness with vinegar in which it was soaked. Stops for skewers are stones, driftwood, turf. Periodically, the skewer must be rotated so that the pieces are fried evenly from all sides. Ready kebab is served by sprinkling with finely chopped dill and parsley or with tomatoes. If there is no lamb, you can use other meat.

Simple mushroom kebab recipe.

On thin twigs, peeled from the bark, string hats of porcini mushrooms, russula, boletus, boletus, not pressing them tightly to each other, lightly salt and fry the fading fire on the coals.

Fried Mushroom Recipe.

To clear, wash, scald mushrooms with hot water and to dry. Cut into large slices, salt and fry on all sides in a heated skillet in oil. After that, sprinkle with flour and fry again. For 2 kg of fresh mushrooms, 15-20 tablespoons of flour, 8-10 tablespoons of oil. You can fry mushrooms with potatoes by laying them 10-15 minutes before the mushrooms are ready.

Mushroom Stew Recipe.

Sprinkle washed, coarsely chopped fresh mushrooms with flour and simmer until tender in butter, adding a little water, salt and pepper (the sauce should not be very thick).

Dandelion Leaf Salad Recipe.

Hold the leaves of dandelions for 30 minutes in cold salted water, then chop. Finely chop green onion and parsley. Mix everything, season with sunflower oil, salt, add table vinegar to taste, sprinkle with chopped dill.

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