Cooking game in clay, in coals and campfire ash, in hot land, suitable clay, preparation and baking time of carcasses and meat.

You can bake game in clay on a fire only if you get the right clay. First, several balls should be rolled from clay and put in a bonfire. If balls of clay crumble in a fire, then clay does not fit. If clay balls turned under the influence of fire into strong lumps, such clay can be safely used for culinary purposes. 

Cooking game in clay at the stake, preparation and time for baking carcasses and meat.

Game dishes in clay are best prepared from chicken or wild pigeons. From the meat of large wild animals it is better to make other dishes, because, firstly, it requires a long processing, and secondly, it turns out to be rather dry. For baking in clay, mallard and teal are good, but not duck ducks, because their feather is too dense, and the subcutaneous fat after baking the bird in clay gives the dish a specific unpleasant odor.

. If desired, and the availability of necessary products, you can stuff the bird with animal fat, lard, berries, nuts or fruits. After this, the carcass should be carefully coated with clay with a layer of about 1-2 cm, driving it under the feather.

The bonfire must first burn out, making sure of this, they rake the coals and dig a hole in the ash. In this hole you need to put clay “doll”. Game is baked for a short time, although this will depend on the size of the bird. Grouse must be baked in clay for at least 2 hours, and small bird less than 1 hour. While the bird in clay will be prepared, a small fire can be built from above, supporting it with branches and chips. On this fire and on hot coals, you can cook some other dish at the same time..

When the set time has passed, the clay “doll” needs to be taken out, broken up, and removed along with the feathers. During cooking, they are baked into the clay, so they are easily separated from the meat. If the bird is not quite ready, you can cut the carcass into pieces and lightly fry over the smoldering charcoal grill skewer until an aromatic golden crust forms.

Cooking game in ash and hot earth, preparation and baking time of carcasses and meat.

In this way, you can cook a wide variety of dishes at the stake. To do this, you need aluminum foil. You can cook from the meat of wild animals, but especially tasty dishes are obtained from game birds. The carcass of a small or medium bird must first be cut in half, then grated with salt, wrapped in thin slices of pork fat and wrapped in 2-3 layers of foil. For reliability, the resulting bundle can be pulled with a strong thread or wire (not copper), and then buried in ash and covered with charcoal.

The baking time may vary depending on the size of the game. For example, a half of a woodcock can be baked for 10-15 minutes, another bird requires a longer treatment. You can determine the readiness of a dish by checking the condition of the foil: if brown spots appear on it, then the dish begins to burn. At the same time as cooking game in foil, you can cook other dishes. In field conditions it is so convenient to bake potatoes and toast bread. All this will be a good addition to the finished game..

Small and medium feathered game can be cooked whole carcass in the hot earth under a fire. To do this, pre-salted carcass should be salted, greased on the outside with fat, wrapped with maple, burdock or water lily leaves, which will be at hand, and tied with wire, strong thread or fresh bast. Maple leaves give game meat a sweetish flavor and make it softer. They dig a hole in the ground. There you need to put the carcass, cover it with earth and tamp. The bulk layer of the earth should not exceed 2-3 cm. After that, a bonfire is made over the buried game. In this way, you can bake medium-sized game (hazel grouse, wild pigeon) for about 1 hour.

Based on materials from the book “Fishing and Hunting Cuisine. Bowler, bonfire and night sky “.
Nesterova A.

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