Cooking recipes for camping

To maintain an optimal body condition. Therefore, it is important to make the hike itself. Of course, in cooking, as such, there is no particular difficulty. However, there have been no significant time savings, it has been possible to improve the quality of the finished product. The general principles are quite simple.

The first thing you should know about. It is much better absorbed by the body. You can eat soups or porridges. The second is the dishes. It is undesirable to taste its properties. And now more about the preparation of main dishes.


There are two options – either it is vegetarian, or standard, from canned food. It can be used for all types of products. And in the torus – forty minutes. When cooking soup pasta and various cereals are widely used. There are several subtleties. For no more than 15 minutes. It can be taken more than 1 hour. Barley, which is presoaked for two hours. Cold water and cook for at least 40 minutes. The optimum concentration of soup when using croup is usually obtained by calculating 1 teaspoon per liter. Otherwise, it’s not very tasty. Spices (bay leaf, pepper, etc.) are laid at the final stage.


Everything is simple. Either cook or bake in the ashes. Cooking time depends on the condition of the tubers. For example; This will save a lot of nutrients. Cold water and cook 40 minutes. For baked potatoes, a large amount of ash is extremely important. It will provide a small brushwood, it can give a large amount of non-combustible residue. The tube can be maintained over small amounts, it can be maintained over time, You can additionally wrap each one up with it. Plus, there will be fewer problems with scrubbing ash.

A fish

As a rule, do not take raw fish with them. And why, if it is often possible to simply catch it in the nearby lake or river. Option two – either fry or make ear. It makes no difference. In both cases, it’s necessary to remove the gills and thoroughly rinse both outside and inside. In this case, the fish should be cleaned. In the ear, after the potatoes and cereals are cooked. Any seasoning it to the end.


It is fragile, it can quickly deteriorate, weigh a lot. No wonder they are usually replaced with egg powder. But experienced tourists and here found a way out. Fragile – after wrapping a napkin. So they will not beat each other. You can also use the pimply film. It is still a smarter – napkin. It is safe to take care of the shell.


It is not recommended to take a boiled sausage on a camping trip, it starts to deteriorate very quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to eat it. It is desirable, at the same time, having been processed with high temperatures. An option would be the so-called “sausage kebab”. As the skewers it is best to choose the willow, pine, birch or bird cherry. They even give a sausage a special pleasant flavor.


Absolutely indispensable thing for the tourist. It weighs a little, tasty, toning. Moreover, it can be easily found. Rainbow leaves and cherries. John’s wort will also make it healthy. There is a lot more interesting.

Here, in fact, it is a wisdom of cooking in camping conditions. Well, if you come up with something else, just make sure you’re looking for something!


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