Cooking steak on the grill or bonfire, the choice of meat for the steak, the degree of frying and classification of readiness of the steak, serving steaks.

A steak is a sliced ​​across the fibers and fried on both sides flat piece of meat, thicket of beef. At first glance, this dish may seem completely straightforward. However, not everyone will be able to cook it well on the grill or bonfire. There are many subtleties in the preparation of a steak, from the right choice of meat to the peculiarities of serving this dish.. 

Cooking steak on the grill or bonfire, the choice of meat for the steak, the degree of frying and classification of the readiness of the steak, serving steaks.

Steaks are considered an American national dish. It was in the United States that the steak culture reached its greatest development. Steaks, as a rule, are prepared from beef, so if they simply say “steak”, then they mean beef steak. Flat pieces of other meat or fish are called steaks conditionally and necessarily with specification of the type of meat..

meat and pressing it, is not blood. The steak reir is grilled for about 4 minutes on each side, and the temperature inside the steak should not exceed 55 degrees.

Medium Rare Steak.

But the steak, fried to the degree of medium rier, has a brown border in the cut, but most of the cut surface is pink, and in the center you can see a reddish-pink patch. The crust of such a steak is hard, but if pressed down, you can feel the soft middle. The medium-sized steak is cooked on the grill for 5 minutes on one side and the other, the internal temperature of the meat reaches 60 degrees.

Medium Steak.

A medium-fried steak, that is, a medium-sized steak, has a wide brown border on the surface of the transverse cut, the center of the cut is pink. The steak is slightly springy when pressed. Fry it for 6 minutes on one side and about 5 minutes on the other. The internal temperature of the medium steak reaches 65 degrees.

Medium Well Steak.

The central part of the cut of the steak of the medium medium roast is painted in light brown or slightly pinkish. Its surface is well-fried, when pressed it is elastic, but hard enough. The temperature inside the piece during frying reaches 70 degrees, fry it for 7 minutes. Then turn over and fry for another 5 minutes on the other side. The average degree of readiness of the steak is suitable for those who consider meat of red or pink color to be unfinished.

Well Dan Steak (Deep Fried Steak).

Well-done steak, prepared at the cut, is completely brown, rather hard. The internal temperature of such a steak reaches 100 degrees, fry it for about 15 minutes, turning over several times.

Steak readiness classifications.

There are classifications of steak readiness, in which two more degrees of cooking are distinguished:

Extra raer or blue. Almost raw meat, the temperature of which does not reach 50 degrees.
Tu Well Dan. Overcooked meat whose internal temperature exceeds 100 degrees.

Both of these degrees of readiness are not popular, and the medium and medium well are considered the universal standard. Cooking times and temperature indicators inside the steaks are indicated for grilling pieces of meat about 2.5 cm thick, provided that the ambient temperature is about 22 degrees.

If the steak has been pre-marinated, if the thickness of a piece of meat is significantly different from the accepted norm, or if the air temperature is significantly different from that indicated, the cooking time should be reduced or increased accordingly.

Features of cooking beef steak on the grill or bonfire.

If the cooking recipe does not indicate how long it takes to grill the steak on each side, then the total time for cooking the steak should be divided into three parts, of which two thirds of the time the steak is fried on one side and one third on the other. To control the accuracy of the degree of frying, it is advisable to use a stylus cooking thermometer.

Turn steaks over with a special spatula, not a fork. When piercing the steak with a fork, tender juice will leak out. The steak can be pre-dried at 60 degrees for about 1 hour. On the dried meat during subsequent frying, a golden crust forms faster. Fresh meat is not suitable for steaks. Ready steak is always hard.

Steak serving.

The finished steak is not served immediately after removing the grill, but is covered with foil and left for several minutes, but not more than 30% of the time during which the meat was cooked on the grill. At this time, the temperature in the middle of a piece of meat rises by several degrees, and the dish reaches the desired degree of readiness.

Based on materials from the book We cook on the grill, grill, in a cauldron. In nature and in the kitchen.
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