Cooper’s color code: alert colors

The photo above sol, according to Cooper’s color code, “Orange”, thick shadows, unfamiliar deerted alley, suspicious type,

Vigilance, Vigilance and Vigilance Again in our complex world. Not the only one of course, but extraordinarily important. It’s not necessary. But there is almost no unrealistic task. The body’s resources are depleted very quickly. In this extreme situation.

The solution is simple – switch between different states of readiness. You can relax, and you can relax. And there it is.

In the “yellow” state of readiness, a person is mainly observes, evaluates and builds assumptions. For example, where you first got it.

Risk to danger: Orange

Vigilance. The threat from abstract turns into concrete. It requires certain measures to prevent. Aggressive drunk company, discussing something nearby, rapidly approaching car while you cross the road. Situations in short.

And here already the stressful reaction has gone. But the brain is still working and making decisions. However, previously prepared scripts of behavior.

In the “orange” it can be from 45 minutes to two hours. However, the latter is only for trained individuals.

Risk preparedness: Red

Clash, fight, shootout, fight. Call it what you want. It wasn’t impossible to work. There is a slight increase in the endurance and strength.

The “red” readiness begins to feel aware of what it is about.

Danger to danger: Black

Agony or shock. It is a condition that it is a condition. Consciously control the behavior is impossible. Chances of survival tend to zero.

Important point number 1. You can jump away from the “white” state of readiness to “orange”, or from the “yellow” to “red”. The human psyche is not capable of such changes. So it gets even higher. You may not be here.

Important point number 2. We didn’t just specify how long some phases last. After this time, the psyche automatically switches to a simpler mode. You can’t get it done.

It is a fact that it has been the case. It is the case for the think about it. It is necessary to make a deal with the consequences. And it’s better that you are.

Self defense

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