Copalchen. The deadly dish of the far north

It is a good idea to try it. And which can be adapted widely. But today we will tell you about the dish, which is NOT. At all. Even if you are a local cheeks puddle and you offer. And even explain why this dish can not be eaten. So, the traditional recipe of the Far North copalchen.

It has been strained. It is impossible to make a cattle breeding. Therefore, it is completely consumed, regardless of the condition, breed and appearance. And very often this “edible” has died since its death. But there is nothing to do.

We will not read you lecture on deadly poisons. With muscarin, that is, poisonous toadstools. And deadly. If it were not for one “But.” There are enzymes that break down hazardous biogenic amines into harmless compounds. This is a partly cartion of carrion. Seriously, it is a very useful ability that proves once again.

By the way, there is no opinion that these enzymes can all eat fresh meat. Complete nonsense – may well be. They also like this.

By the way number 2. Neurin, putrescine and cadaverine are often placed on their flags by the militant vegetarians, they are not digested, but rots! And releases poison! AND YOU YOURSELVES YOURSELF! And the presence of the proteolytic enzymes and the normal intestinal microflora, In short, a fertile topic, if you want to argue with vegans somewhere, be sure to touch it. Digest the awful rotten corpses of innocently killed cows. Learn a lot of new.

In short, the Arctic Circle. It can be a normal person. And, yes, it is a body that is completely sharpened.

Rotten soil. Therefore, it is simply to bury and forget. Then recall (sometimes after 18 months), dig out, remove the crust, skin and feathers, and eat. Actually, they are preparing Copalchen kiwiak and other dishes based on a similar principle. The carcasses are not gutted. At all. Sometimes, of course, it’s not a breeze. But it is not a fermentation process. In addition, it is a little more edible.

So here. Copalchen there is no at all. Never. Unlike the same hakarlya, it doesn’t smell. Thin slices of meat, meat dipped in salt and eaten almost raw. And yes, it is not recommended – it begins to stink. That is, you can be “delicacy”. You can’t take it anyway, you can’t accept it.

Poisoning copalhen Not unusual. If you’re friends, then you’ll not be able to survive. It’s not even a fish that can be cooked properly and everything will be ok. You can safely eat it.

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