Cossacks and hand-to-hand combat, Cossacks melee weapons, saber and pike possession techniques, combat with a dagger and without weapons, horse fencing, a textbook.

from the right hand in moments when it is practically profitable.


All existing methods of movement are used in dagger combat. The fight on daggers is fought from various positions, but never fought from formations.


An injection from top to bottom, an injection in the right side, an injection in the left side are used. There are no blows in dagger combat. This term refers to an injection..

Prick from above.

The hand rises up, as for a swing when hitting the head with a sword. The bend at the elbow is slightly less, but the shoulder is raised up: with a sharp small movement down with the whole hand and, mainly, with the elbow a conditional injection is applied.

Right side injection.

The hand executes a swing, as for a blow to the opponent’s right side with a sword, the palm is turned down, the swing is large, it is executed with the whole hand. Extending the arm, apply a conditional injection to the right side of the enemy.

Left side injection.

A swing is made in the same way as a sword with a shield, that is, to the right, the palm is turned up. After a swing with the whole hand, an injection is made in the left side.

These three very primitive movements make up the whole complex of methods of attack with a dagger, but you need to learn it with both hands, because if the left hand intercepts the dagger from the right, she will have to perform the same techniques. The basis of the dagger battle is not the injections themselves, but the various movements of the body, which are performed both at the time of the attack and before the attack, with the task of drawing closer and masking.

The most used movements with a swing. Swing for an injection from above is performed with a change from the rack forward, the left leg will be in front, an injection is made with a lunge of the right. A swing for an injection on the left side is performed with a change of stance forward or backward, depending on the distance, the injection itself is performed with an attack of the right. With a run, they jump up, with the task of almost jumping onto the enemy. Leaning with his left hand on his chest or right shoulder, a dagger pricked from above.

Book Contents Cossacks and Hand-to-Hand Fighting.

Melee weapons of the Cossacks.
Chopping weapon.
Piercing weapon.

Saber and Pike Technique.
Masks, gloves and bibs.
Free fight.
Horse Fencing.

Fight with a dagger and without weapons.
Edged weapons bayonet.
Training in the use of bayonet and butt in combat.

Cossacks and hand-to-hand combat, Cossacks melee weapons, saber and pike possession techniques, dagger and unarmed combat, horse fencing, textbook DOWNLOAD the book

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