Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

Coyote hunting is quite common in North America as hunters seek to catch the coyote to use their skin. The animal is like a dog, omnivorous and smaller than a wolf, since it weighs up to 50 pounds.

The coyote can be problematic in urbanized areas, as it is known that they attack and kill cattle. Unlike deer or other wild animals, the coyote can become a plague or annoyance, so there are very few limitations in relation to the actual hunting of them. Of those limitations that exist, it is your job to find out what the laws are in your area regarding the hunting of coyotes and it is also your responsibility to fulfill them.

When they hunt coyotes, they are always encouraged to behave responsibly and hunt the animal in an ethical manner. To that end, if you follow the coyote hunting tips here, you can ensure an easy and safe hunt.

Find out regulations

When you want to learn to hunt coyotes, you must learn all the steps necessary to prepare for the real hunt. If you have never hunted before, you may be surprised at the amount of planning that goes into hunting to always set foot in nature.

First, you will have to learn the regulations for hunting in your city and state; You will need a hunting license and you may have to take hunting courses before you can qualify for the license. It is important to remember that the laws on hunting coyotes will vary from state to state. These laws usually define the right time to hunt and the possible restrictions of weapons or the number of deaths that you can kill.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

For example, from July 15 to April 15 in Michigan, you can catch a coyote only when you are using a predator or a game call. If you use the call, your arrow may be marked (ready for the draw) or your firearm loaded. During daylight hours, you can use a central fire rifle for hunting while in a shotgun area. In contrast, from September 15 to October 14, you can kill a coyote on private land if it is an act of pest control.

Hunting regulations will also define where you can hunt, in which area area hunting is appropriate, and the time of day when hunters can hunt coyotes. Failure to comply with established regulations can result in significant fines and other legal ramifications.

If you have questions about which locations are safe and legal or hunting, visit the online hunting sites locator of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which allows you to search by state, zip code and game type. If you have trouble finding information about hunting laws in your area, contact your local Department of Environmental Conservation for more information.

Preparation for hunting

Preparing for the hunt is an exciting drop of the behavior typical of the animal, the habitat and the typical places where the animal is found. The coyote is common throughout Central America and North America. They are social animals and tend to run in packages, but you can also find them in nature alone. The typical habitats of a coyote are usually in nature, but there are certain cities that deal with the invasion of the coyotes as they get closer and closer to the urbanized areas.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

Common reasons for coyotes include:

  • Dense and dense forested areas
  • Pastures
  • Metropolitan areas
  • Prairies
  • Locations with large amount of small game (which serves as a food source for the animal)
  • Nearby riverbeds, streams bordered by paintbrushes, open fields and forests
  • On farm land (ask permission from the farm owner to hunt the land first)

Note: No matter which area you choose, tell someone where you will hunt just to be sure.

Food and water

Take a water and food source with you, and be sure to bring both extras. If you end up injured, lost or in an emergency situation, you will have enough to stop you until help arrives. Be sure to bring foods that can last without refrigeration and that provide a large amount of protein, such as jelly, seeds, nuts, granola and dried fruit mix.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

In lei to bring water, at least bring a Lifestraw so you can filter a source of water to drink.

Pack a backpack

Carry a bag with you on your tour so you can carry everything you need with you and easily. Add water to your food, a first aid kit that can provide emergency supplies if you need them, and pack matches, a lighter or other means to start a fire. Also bring some fire (dry lint works perfectly) and store it in a plastic bag for storage.


Your weapon will be defined by local regulations. In many cases, you can hunt with a shotgun, such as a 12 gauge or a .22 caliber rifle where allowed.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

Sometimes you can also hunt with a bow and arrow. Make sure you have a weapon that works well and has enough ammunition.

The best equipment to use

In addition to the traditional hunting equipment, which includes your weapon, ammunition, compass, flashlight, knife, fire lighter, first aid kit, hunting attire and other hunting paraphernalia, there are some additional equipment items that you can use to make the search for the coyote. successful.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

Below is a short list of some of the things that can help you find and kill a coyote:

  • Binoculars: Bushnell manufactures roof prism binoculars that are both fog and waterproof. The price has a cost between $ 75.90 and $ 254.89, depending on whether you purchase the set of 8 x 42 mm or 10 x 42 mm. The binoculars are purged with nitrogen and sealed with an O-ring so you never have to worry about fog blocking your view. The relief of the eyes is comfortable and measures 17 mm. You get 10 times the magnification and a target diameter of 42 mm.
  • Lure: There are many decoys that you can buy that will work well to attract the coyote. One of those items is the lure of the MOJO puppy dog. Mojo Outdoors manufactures the decoy. The unit costs between $ 32.20 and $ 49.99. The decoy looks like a small dog in distress and emits sounds that will attract the coyote to him. The tail of the lure also moves and the unit works with four double A batteries.
  • Bait: Canine Candy by Mark and June is one of the many forms of bait you can use to attract coyotes. The sweet sweet lure is a good alternative for the hunter who normally uses decoys based on glands. The sweet lure could help the animal distrust less. The Canine Candy lure is good in all areas in cold or warm climates.
  • Wind tester: Coyotes have a very sensitive sense of smell, so covering your own scent is essential for a successful hunt. You will find a product like Primos Wind Checker affordable as an option for odor control. With a price between $ 3.39 and $ 5.17, the product is a small price to pay for a successful coyote hunt.

Noise control

If you hunt alone or enter the forest with a game, you will have to settle quickly in your hunting place. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can sit down and be quiet. Coyotes have exceptional vision and hearing and, if they are not used to the presence of humans, they are likely to keep their distance when you arrive. You should stay as calm as possible from the moment you arrive at your hunting destination.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

Consider the following measures to ensure a better hunting environment:

For the bow and arrow hunter, use sound damping tools to help keep your shot as quiet as possible. It is impossible to make a shot that is perfectly silent, but can control much of the vibration when the arrow is released using a high-quality sound dampening equipment.

Five items that you can add to your bow and arrow for a quieter shot include:

  • Fleece silencing tape
  • LimbSaver silencers to silence the vibration of the upper and lower extremities
  • String silencer
  • Change the cable protection for an aftermarket item

Other rules to follow before arriving at your hunting place:

  • When you arrive at the site, unpack the vehicle quickly and silently. Close all doors and / or the trunk of the vehicle very quietly so as not to scare nearby coyotes.
  • When you use a gun, make sure you do not hit the gun with anything.
  • When you hunt with others, keep talking to the minimum and when you do, do it only in a low voice.
  • Make sure you have the odor block activated: if you have not applied it before arriving at your hunting location, put it on once it reaches its place. If possible, try to go to your hunting place while it is downwind so that its smell does not travel.
  • Settle in your location and remain silent. You must sit quietly for at least 15 minutes before making an effort to attract coyotes by using a call mechanism.

Choice of calls

While sitting quietly during the fifteen minute period before using a call, be sure to keep your eyes open. Look in all directions to see if you notice any movement: coyotes can often mix with the environment with relative eyes, so you should be alert and looking for minimal movements. Below are some of the best coyote calls you can try:

The ICOtec GC300

The ICOtec GC300 is an electronic gaming call device. The unit costs between $ 46.41 and $ 79.99. The call is made of plastic, and makes up to 12 calls from different animals. The unit comes with a remote control that controls the volume of the device.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

The Icotec 300 can play two calls at a time and the remote control has a range of 300 yards. Calls made by the device include:

  • Jack Rabbit Anguish
  • Gray Fox Distress
  • Fawn Distress
  • Coyote Pup Angustia
  • Cotton tail distress
  • Adult Bobcat
  • Relief woodpecker
  • Anguish of the baby of the raccoon
  • Crow’s anguish
  • Coyote male
  • Howling coyote
  • Coyote Female

Do you like this amazing product? Then you can check its price here.

Cotton Tail Predator Distress Call

Knight and Hale make the distress call for cottontail predators and the unit costs between $ 5.52 and $ 14.00. It measures 7.8 inches by 3.8 inches by 1.5 inches and weighs about 1.6 ounces so it is lightweight and portable. The unit makes calls to foxes, wild cats and coyotes.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

Additional features include:

  • Easy disassembly
  • Reed locks in place thanks to the redesigned sound plate, reed and wedge.
  • Exceptional lure for predators.
  • Excellent volume and sound quality.
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling and use.

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Call Predator Heckl’n Howler

Knight and Hale also make the call of Heckl’n Howler Coyote; The unit costs between $ 10.75 and $ 19.99. The unit is very easy to use; the hunter only needs to blow air into the blasting chamber to make it work. It measures two inches by four inches by 13 inches and weighs 0.8 ounces.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

Additional features include:

  • The ability to make coyote sounds, yips and realistic barks.
  • Exceptional volume
  • Robust design
  • Easy to carry and incredibly easy to use
  • Elegant design
  • Durable part
  • Hunting advice

If you think that this product could be useful for you, you can check the price here.

Hunting tips and tricks.

Each hunter, whether a neophyte or an adept, can benefit from some coyote hunting advice. Hunting is a process that requires training and skill, and with more experience, you become better. With some good advice, you can add these tricks to your arsenal of hunting knowledge and improve the likelihood of such an important death. Here are some basic tips to facilitate hunting.

Consider your position in the landscape.

When hunting coyote it is a good idea to always keep the sun on your back. With the Sun in the background, it will be much harder for the coyote to see it because the animal will have trouble seeing when looking towards the Sun. This is even more true if there is fresh snow on the ground, which reflects the sunlight.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

The only time this technique will turn out negative is if you have skylined. When your body is easily seen against the horizon, a coyote can locate it too easily and this will hinder your hunting.

Consider the speed of your movements.

When you move to your hunting place, do it slowly and make as little noise as possible. Keep your gestures quick and short. Brevity is the key. Once you get to your place, do your best not to make moves until you are ready to take out your weapon or make a call.

Benefit from the hidden vehicle.

Just as you must close the doors and trunk area silently upon arrival, you can benefit from hiding your vehicle at a certain distance from your hunting destination. It is better that the coyotes do not see anything out of the ordinary than the intense brightness and the sun reflected on the outside of their vehicle. If you choose to park at a distance from your hunting destination and walk on foot, you can make much less noise when entering the hot hunting area.

The ethical killing

No matter what kind of animal you are hunting, if you are a good hunter, you will make every effort to make the ethical shot. What is ethical shooting? It’s when you make a deadly shot on the first try. This prevents the animal from suffering unnecessarily.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

Ethical death is also beneficial for you when you plan to skin the coyote for the fur coat. A bullet hole or arrow does much less damage than two, three, four or five strokes. Also, when you are successful on the first try, you do not have to worry about having to follow a blood trail for miles only to end up losing the animal, the kill and the skin you were looking for in the first place.

When making an ethical killing, it will target vital organs such as the lungs or the heart of the animal. When you hunt a coyote, you will aim more forward at the animal’s torso. The heart of the coyote is placed inside the small torso and slightly forward compared to the front legs of the coyote. In contrast, the animal’s lungs are just behind and above the heart: it is likely that a bullet or wide head shot in this triangular area on the front of the coyote ends in a single shot of death.

Once you have made your shot, you must determine if the animal is dead or not. Be very careful when walking on an injured coyote as it may not be dead yet. Look to see if the animal is making any movement or breathing. If the animal is still alive, your next step is to remove the animal from its suffering at the end of the killing. You can cut the coyote’s throat if it is safe to do so and you know what you are doing or you can unload a single shot into the animal’s head.

Field dress

Once you have made the kill successfully, you must dress up your kill immediately afterwards. The longer the death, the more likely it is to attract bacteria. By acting immediately, it makes it much easier to preserve your death. The skinning process must occur quickly to guarantee the quality of the skin. If you are hunting during the winter, the cold weather favors you, as it will slow down the decomposition process.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

When it is dressing other animals, it will gut it, it will remove all its internal organs, but when a coyote hunts, many hunters will simply go directly to the skin of the animal and leave the rest of the corpse for its elimination. There are two ways to skin a coyote, the classic one with a knife and the modern one using an air compressor to separate the skin from the body of the coyote.

It is easier if the coyote hangs upside down if you are going to skin him in the classic way. The fur is cut around each ankle and the hunter makes a cut from the bottom of the coyote to the back of each leg to the section where the ankle is cut. Once it is cut, the fur can be removed from the body slowly until it is completely removed.

Other hunters prefer to make a small slit in each ankle and use an air compressor to blow air into the coyote. The pressurized air forces the skin to separate from the coyote’s flesh. The skin is removed with considerable ease. Once this process is complete, the coyote’s skin is approached and stretched so that it has time to dry naturally. The rest of the prey is discarded as soon as possible so that it does not attract bacteria, start to smell or draw wild animals.

In conclusion

When coyote hunting in North America it is worth being fully prepared for the task that is coming. The whole hunting trip is much more fun when you know what you are bringing, how to explore your prey and how to bring down the prey once you find it in the hunting environment. Coyotes have fewer restrictions on how many you can kill and how often you can hunt. This makes the coyote an animal that is well hunted and coveted for its fur.

Coyote Hunting: Tips & Tricks That Will Give You The Advantage

While complying with local laws regarding coyote hunting in your state, you will discover that coyote hunting can be rewarding, exciting, fun and challenging. Remember, the crook does not call the coyote for nothing: you have to be prepared for the coyote and keep your eyes open. You never know when the coyote can enter the perimeter of his hunting place.


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